At least eight people are now in custody in connection with alleged attempted car bombings in London and Glasgow last week.

Five of the suspects are said to either work as doctors or study in medical school. One of the suspects, Jordanian neurosurgeon Mohammed Asha, was arrested along with his wife in Newscastle. On Monday, Asha's father, Abdul Qader Asha, declared his son's innocence and called for his release.

Abdul Qader Asha said, "I am sure Mohammed does not have any links of this nature. Because of his history in Jordan and since he was born, he has not undertaken any kind of activity of this nature."

Comment July 3rd: They are innocent until proven guilty. We also have reasonable grounds to always suspect false-flag operations concerning all such stories. The UK and US have demonstrated track records of false-flag operations. The Empire is now always suspect.

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