In California, governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's widely-publicized environmental commitments are under scrutiny following the departure of two top members of the state air-quality board.

Board director Catherine Witherspoon stepped down this week amid allegations Schwarzenegger has repeatedly interfered with attempts to impose emission cuts on industry. Witherspoon's resignation comes just days after Schwarzenegger fired the board's chair, Robert Sawyer. Schwarzenegger said Sawyer failed to impose the emission cuts quickly enough. Sawyer claims the governor was in fact trying to slow him down. Witherspoon said the accusation Sawyer and she were responsible for delaying the emissions cuts is "Orwellian."

Comment July 5th: We covered Schwarzenegger's environmentalism in our Week in Review: Sunday, April 08, 2007 — Saturday, April 14, 2007 in the subsection, "Schwarzenegger the Environmentalist?" Go to that page and use your browser's text- or page-search feature to search on "Schwarzenegger."

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