Bush marked the Fourth of July holiday with a speech to US soldiers at an airbase in West Virginia.

He warned against a withdrawal from Iraq and said a continued commitment will take more "sacrifice."

Bush said, "We all long for the day when there are far fewer servicemen and women in Iraq. The time will come when Iraq has a stable, self-sustaining government that is an ally against these extremists and killers. That time will come when the Iraqi people will not need the help of 159,000 American troops in their country. Yet withdrawing our troops prematurely, based on politics, not based on the advice of our national military commanders, would not be in our best interests."

Comment July 5th: There's the selfish phrase: "Our best interests."

What are our best interests really? Frankly, unselfishness is in our best interest. By each person serving his or her brothers and sisters (neighbor throughout the world), everyone is served. None is left out or left behind. If we take it further to returning good for evil and to loving those who call us enemy, even though we hate the iniquity in anyone, if we give and share with those in need regardless, then the real bounty will come to the earth. The earth will heal and bring forth in abundance. This is the message of Jesus Christ. This is the Plan of the Real Liberal Christian Church.

Tom Usher

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