The Justice Department has announced it will seek the death penalty if an accused former soldier is convicted of committing rape and murder in the Iraqi town of Mahmoudiya last year.

Steven Green is accused of raping and murdering fourteen-year old Abeer Kassem Hamza al Janabi and killing her two parents and five-year old sister. Two soldiers have already been sentenced to jail terms in the case.

Comment July 5th: There's the blood thirsty US Justice Department under Alberto Gonzales again. Steven Green is sick—sick in his mind and heart and soul. What kind of abuse did the world heap upon him to turn him into such a diseased state? Now, the US Government wants to kill him. That's just more of the exact same disease. End all the killing. That's part of the answer. Green needs to repent, to see the light, to atone, never backslide, and to be forgiven. That's what Gonzales needs as well. We all need it.

Tom Usher

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