Pope Benedict XVI Benedict XVIreasserted the church of Rome's erroneous assertion that other Christian communities are defective or not true churches and Roman Catholicism is the only path to salvation. However, the church of Rome is a false church practicing false Christianity. It is illiberal in the Isaiah sense. It has never brought forth. It practices classism. It is not a vehicle for bringing in the Christian Commons. It has served worldly Empire ever since the time of Constantine.

Benedict's reassertions freaked out the ecumenicists.

Of course, ecumenism or ecumenicalism is an error when it serves the purpose of misdirection away from the strait gate and narrow way of small-c communism. The pope for instance lives in gaudy splendor while millions starve. The popes have always been afraid to speak truth. They have always only spoken half-truths. They have never taught the message of Jesus Christ.

The bishop of Rome was co-opted by Constantine who then dictated his terms to that church and then all churches or else he'd have their heads. Rather than offer their necks rather than disavowing real Christianity, they caved into temptation and have been living the lazy fleshly life ever since.

Benedict also recently reinstituted the Latin Mass. The Catholic traditionalists were happy.

Do they think God is impressed by mass in Latin while his lambs and sheep go hungry and thirsty in body and soul? What a waste of emphasis!

The reassertion states "Christ 'established here on earth' only one church."

Correct, and it wasn't the Roman church.

The document goes into apostolic succession.

Succession is spiritual, not by mere matter of fleshy proximity. Real apostolic succession was broken by Constantine and those who caved into him.

The church of Rome has its doctrine of primacy. They base it upon the assertion that Peter was handpicked by Jesus to head the Church.

However, we see in the Acts of the Apostles that Peter himself did not have primacy over James for instance. He didn't have it over Paul who rebuked Peter to his face.

The popes have failed to heed the words of Jesus Christ.

And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all. Mark 9:35

Joseph Ratzinger is not a man for the poor. No pope ever has been.

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