By Dave Lindorff:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took power in the House of Representatives in January on a wave of public enthusiasm and hopes that Congress would finally start holding the president to account.

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Nancy Pelosi could not take the lead on this in her view. She needed a demonstration after the election that the people/voters will really back her if she heads down the path of impeachment. She had many things to consider, including that it would appear rather self-serving since she'd be the president if Bush and Cheney were removed together. She thinks she's been pragmatic. That's how she got where she is. She also does not want to alienate potential campaign backers of the Democratic Party ticket for the upcoming presidential elections-wealthy Jews for instance, many of whom fear a backlash on account of the neocons being false Zionists. It's calculating.

Now we are seeing things falling into place where, barring a false-flag operation by the neocons, the people in Congress can say with polls to back it up that the American people by a large majority want to see Dick Cheney impeached and tried and removed from office if the evidence bears out, which it would. In fact, as more and more of the evidence were put forth, the numbers of people backing his removal from office would only increase.

He'd actually resign before it got that far so Bush could name a new vice president who would not be removed so that Pelosi would not become president. Of course, Bush wouldn't be far behind Cheney in being driven from office since much of the same evidence would hold against him as well. That would mean that his vice presidential appointee would become president without having been elected by the people, just as was the case concerning Gerald Ford.

I'm not in politics, but if I were a Democrat I'd move to impeach both of them at the same time and to try them together and not confirm a replacement vice president before Bush left office. Pelosi would be president and name her vice president. Then there would still be the election in fairly short order.

Anyway, the poll numbers have changed since last November. Many more people have seen more light (truth) about the folly and even evil that is the Iraq War and occupation. Many are just holding their breath about Iran. Will Bush be reckless enough to attack Iran? What a mess he'd be leaving behind.

Michael Moore's film "Sicko" has also been well-timed. It has helped a great deal to put the greedy and violent ones on even more of the defensive. Their whole way is wrong. The terrible way that people are treated by the so-called healthcare industry in the U.S. is inextricably connected to the war and occupation. The same selfish mentality has caused both deplorable situations. It all needs to be turned around.

Michael has also helped immensely to remove the stigma from the term "socialized," which is swinging the pendulum way over to the left where it belongs in terms of cooperating and giving and sharing rather than competing and taking and hoarding.

Yes, we need leaders who are good shepherds who are out front calling for all of us and each of us to do what is righteous. Nancy Pelosi has been a politician first and a leader second-a distant second. It isn't all her fault though. The people and the leaders reflect each other.

The most important thing in all of this is to not stop the process toward righteousness once the Republican neocons are out. That would be the exact same error as after the Vietnam War.

Carter came in but he faced what he correctly termed a malaise. It was burnout. It was a let down. That opened the door for the disastrous Ronald Regan administration and Regan's death squads in Latin America.

I have no hope for the system. It will fail and fall. However, during the process, much good can be done from outside that evil system. The people can learn more and more about the spirit of cooperating and giving and sharing without any usurpers coming along to lord it over them (no Stalin's).

As for Pelosi, she's getting the message from the people. She's not being too hard to drag along. She's not kicking and screaming. She's gaining cover since other Democrats have been out front on the issue and more and more Democrats are getting on board. This is happening at exactly the same time that more and more Republicans are jumping ship concerning Bush's War.

It's a real shame that Bush is going to fall on his own sword so to speak. It's awful to witness all the death and destruction he's caused and is still causing and to also watch him self-destruct rather than repent.

He's acting so cocksure that it is as if he has an ace up his sleeve. Is that ace a planned false-flag operation?

As for Pelosi saying it would be a "waste of time" and "isn't worth it," let's not pretend that we don't know what she means. It would take away from time that could be spent on other pressing issues. She needs to be educated about the message of responsibility and accountability that impeachment and removal would send around the world.

The motive cannot be vengeance or punishment. It must be for the sake of replacing bad shepherds with good shepherds. It doesn't help anyone to punish the mentally and spiritually ill.

Bush and Cheney need to be called to feel (compassion, mercy). Oh, Bush sheds tears for fallen U.S. soldiers. He doesn't though cry for the poor or oppressed or spiritually misled.

Bush claims he commuted Scooter Libby's jail sentence for being excessive. We all know though that he didn't commute the sentence for that reason but rather to buy off Libby, to keep him beholden and loyal as much as possible.

As for the Democrats in office, they are getting the message. The people are wiser to the con game now than they were during the Vietnam War. The Internet has helped with that a great deal (which makes the military-industrial complex nervous).

The 9/11 Truth Movement and Abu Ghraib have caused people to connect so many more dots than ever before concerning the evil of greed that is the basis of monopolistic capitalism. We all know that the 9/11 Commission was utterly controlled by the neocons who prevented a true investigation. We also all know that the U.S. government has engaged in deliberate torture of even wholly innocent people including women and children. It's all there.

Pelosi knows that during an impeachment, it would all be placed out there again only more so. She doesn't relish the thought.

It all has to go, the whole system, not just the neocons. The righteous must stand by pacifism and for the people to regain their rightful inheritance from God that is the Commons, the free land respected and cared for by all for all.

For evil, false liberals, the only way for them to be rid of neocon types will be through violence. They'll destroy one another, and the meek will inherit the Earth.


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