Down in the Flood: The Senate's Blank Check for War on Iran

As you may know — unless you rely on the corporate media for your news, of course — yesterday the U.S. Senate unanimously declared that Iran was committing acts of war against the United States: a 97-0 vote to give George W. Bush a clear and unmistakable casus belli for attacking Iran whenever Dick Cheney tells him to.

Comment: Chris Floyd didn't mention that the reason the Democrats voted as they did was for the sake of campaign contributions (and also votes) from Jews. AIPAC (the Jewish lobby in America) and its entire network are screaming for the Empire to devastate Iran.

Chris also overstates the meaning of the vote. It doesn't lock them in.

Chris is right though that it is terrible that the Senate didn't ask for real proof. They know that The New York Times writer, Michael Gordon, just parroted so-called sources in the Pentagon and the self-styled intelligence community. It's circular in the evil sense, and they all know it. It's politics in its lowest form.

Scooter Libby told Judith Miller of The New York Times what the Bush administration neocons wanted printed. Then the cabinet leaders all went on TV to cite The New York Times as the authority for cover in the lead-up to the Iraq War. The Senate hasn't forgotten that. They will be pressured by the public. In fact, they're counting on it (for cover).

There is a house of cards in Washington D.C. It has always been tenuous. It's been an experiment. It hasn't worked well for the world. It isn't a "more perfect union." It isn't even a better union. Plenty of old monarchies managed to remain peaceful for much longer periods of time than has capitalist, imperialist America.

There is no going back to something better in America's history, because there never was a better time. The entire history is a long string of aggression, death, and conquest. It just looks better, because the evil was less exposed. It's being exposed now.

The Holy Spirit is doing it. We must have things put in stark contrast that no one can deny. Choose righteousness or choose evil and damnation.

Chris railed against religion. Well, wrong religion is religion that sanctions and even encourages anti-peace for the secret sake of that religion's worldly ambitions. If Chris will read and consider the words of Jesus, he may see the light that real Christianity is for peace, always. Always turn the other cheek no matter what they do to you.

We don't exist for nothing. This life is a test. It is a test of worthiness (trustworthiness). What would we do with greater power, authority, and knowledge on the consciously immortal level? Can we be trusted? Can we overcome and not backslide?

If Chris chooses to believe that there is nothing after the mundane death of the flesh and acts accordingly now (selfishly), he won't receive the reward of the unselfish believer. One doesn't do it for the reward though in the typical sense of the term "reward." Righteousness is its own reward. Righteousness begets righteousness. That's what proves it's right. That's how it works. Now that too is circular (in its conclusion), but it isn't an evil circle. It's a divine circle. That's divine logic: No paradox. He'll wonder how I could know that. One can see the patterns in this life if one reflects. I've written about it in some depth in There is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist.

Oh, there are saboteurs (tempters) all about. These are souls full of the evil spirit. They've caved into it. They all have suffered abuse, and some are number than others about the pain and suffering of others. For some, the only way to feel much of anything is by doing things in the extreme, such as machine gunning people to death or torturing them or firing rockets at them. These numb souls believe that other people are there to serve that purpose: To be tortured or killed, etc. They think those others are less valuable, because those others don't fight back; or, when they do fight back, they don't win in head-to-head fighting. Everything is about strength and ability to dominate with evil means for the evil end.

It's illness. They aren't whole. They aren't well. They are sick in their souls. If they will turn to the message of Jesus and live it though, they will be healed. That's the pattern that's there to see.

Originally from Pacific Free Press on July 12, 2007, 7:42pm

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