There has been some news brewing for a while that Israel may partner with Jordan to build a hybrid car factory. This week we heard that Israeli diplomats in the US will this fall be driving a fleet of hybrid cars in the US. It's probably a political move – like partnering with Jordan – but we ask, is that necessarily a bad thing? This week The Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC announced that it will significantly reduce the petroleum consumption of its senior diplomats in the US by switching to hybrid-electric vehicles, reports...

Comment: If this car gets 100 miles per gallon, why is the U.S. Congress pushing for only 35 MPG for U.S. automakers? As we wrote earlier, 90 would be more like it. We could do better though, much better. The reason the U.S. Congress isn't pushing for 90 or better is because greedy fuel-sellers give huge campaign donations.

Originally from TreeHugger on July 13, 2007, 8:01am

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