Jay Leno is a massive car fan, and also has more than a little influence in the media. That's why he gets to drive the Tesla before we do, and that's why the Times asked him to write up a review of the electric roadster. But we're not bitter.

Previous electric cars hadn't impressed Leno, "The problem with electric cars up to this point is what I call the veggie burger syndrome. When they came out with the veggie burger they made it look like a hamburger, which was disappointing because it doesn't taste anything like a hamburger. It had been the same with electric cars until this point."...


five cents a gallon

0-60mph in 4sec.

200 miles per charge

Top speed 130mph

Price (USD) $98,000 (£48,600)

Originally from TreeHugger on July 12, 2007, 3:15pm

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