MONTGOMERY, AL – The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to the owner of the Wales West RV park in Silverhill, Alabama today demanding that it stop discriminating against people with HIV by barring people with the disease from using the swimming pool, showers and other common areas of the park without a letter from a doctor. 

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The letter quotes information from the Alabama Department of Public Health making it clear that, '[y]ou do not get HIV from an HIV-infected person by working together, playing sports, shaking hands, hugging, closed-mouth kissing, sharing drinking glasses, eating utensils or towels, using the same wash water or toilet, swimming in the same pool, or coming in contact with their sneezes, coughs, tears or sweat.'

Comment: While the ACLU is busy going after the owner of the RV park, they might also preach against those responsible for willfully spreading the disease.

It isn't proper to divorce people from their actions. People are what they do. That's a basic Christian tenet that came directly from Jesus of course.

Originally from ACLU online newsroomACLU Newsroom on July 16, 2007, 9:00pm

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