In his new bestseller, Jerome "Swift boat" Corsi explains how immigration will destroy American sovereignty and the "amero" will replace the dollar.

Comment: Half-truths! Read between the lines here, and you see quite clearly nationalism and racism. Oh, he's right about the oligarchs: The corporatists. He's right to fear the consolidation under the prince of darkness, but he's not pushing for consolidation under the prince of light. He wants that stiff-necked libertarianism that heads right down the wide path to enslavement under the heavy yoke of selfishness. When will they ever learn?

More from the article:

A loss of sovereignty is a major consideration, I think it should be, to millions of Americans. I think that our institutions of government, our declaration of rights, are unique, and you know our declaration of rights, our rights are declared to be inalienable, that means given from God, not declared by a North American Union. Our institutions, the founding fathers believed, were a form of government that derived from natural right, from a set of principles that were needed, given human nature, to form a limited constitutional republic in which the various branches of government balanced each other and competed for power. That structure of government, I think, is unique in preserving the liberties it was created to preserve. And if we compromise it, or move away from its sovereignty, I believe that we threaten the liberties it was intended to protect and we compromise a unique form of government created in human history that seems to have worked and to have fulfilled the promise the Founding Fathers articulated.

Now that is the libertarian view. When Jerome talks about sovereignty, he's really talking about personal sovereignty. What he's missing is that Jesus was a real libertarian. Under real Christianity, one has the most freedom possible in the end. Real freedom is freedom from evil, which freedom results directly and only from unselfishness. The libertarians, however, are more concerned with their own licensing than they are with their neighbors. Individualism is only as good as those individuals can come together in the spirit of righteousness. That spirit leads directly to the Commons: The Christian Commons.

Originally by Alex Koppelman from Salon: News & Politics on July 16, 2007, 3:25am

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