Americans are more negative about the impact of immigrants on life in the United States than they have been in the previous years of this decade. Americans have become particularly more negative about immigration's impact on food, music and the arts, social and moral values, and the economy. Hispanics, about half of whom are immigrants themselves, are much more positive about the net impact of immigration than non-Hispanic whites and blacks.

International foods are great!
Most of the bad so-called music (urban gangster rap, etc.) is homegrown.
Don't lump everyone together.
The bad root has manifested in the movement for global exploitation (devouring everything in its path).
It isn't bloodlines (DNA) that determines who will and won't get into Heaven. It's spiritlines. Those of the Holy Spirit of truth will enter.

Originally from Gallup Government and Politics Channel on July 14, 2007, 10:43am

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