Supermarkets are still failing to tackle the problem of foreign-based suppliers who exploit their workers.

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Just before Christmas, War on Want exposed the appalling conditions in Bangladeshi garment factories producing clothes for discount retailers Asda, Primark and Tesco. The companies threw up their hands and pledged to address the issue with all the urgency it deserves.

Now, six months on, Guardian reporter Karen McVeigh has gone back to see whether all the hand-wringing made any difference to the reality of life for workers on the ground in Bangladesh. Sadly, if all too predictably, her story in today's paper makes clear that the horrific conditions still persist.

Comment: Sweatshops would not exist where people make their own clothes in a commune setting. They wouldn't be paid, per se, for their work. They wouldn't charge for the clothing they make for the community. They would simply live. They would eat the food grown by others who wear the clothes made for the community. They would live in the housing made by the community (members) for the community. There would be no money needed for anything. There would be no taxes, no mortgages, no insurance premiums, no bills, and no financial debts. Everyone would help to the best of his or her abilities. Everyone would be looked after to the best of the whole community's ability.

Why fight to reform a dead system? Start with a correct foundation. Start wit giving and sharing. Start with communal ownership where everyone owns everything. Start with non-violence and non-coercion. Start with real, unselfish love. Start with no sexual predation. Start with the Golden Rule, the Great Commandment, the Second Great Commandment, the New Commandment (they are all the same rule). Then, keep it that way in your heart so that your actions are always consistently headed in the right direction.

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