President Bush: "I believe government cannot provide affordable health care. I believe it would cause — it would cause the quality of care to diminish. I believe there would be lines and rationing over time. If Congress continues to insist upon expanding health care through the S-CHIP program — which, by the way, would entail a huge tax increase for the American people — I'll veto the bill."

Headlines for July 19, 2007

Comment: Hasn't he seen Michael Moore's film? It would not diminish quality if the selfish, antichrist Republicans wouldn't work against it at every turn.

The rich hate the idea of equal care. If there are any lines, they'd be in them too. However, there are millions who don't even have what it takes to get in line. For many, there is no care for which to line up.

As for a tax increase, he means that the rich would have to give back some of what they've stolen from the inheritance of all.

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