After a six-year legal battle over White House secrecy, records of Vice President Cheney's task force on drafting a new energy policy have finally been revealed. The Washington Post reports that by the time environmental groups were finally invited to the White House, Cheney and his staffers had already held at least forty meetings with energy industry representatives, completed most of an initial draft and even briefed President Bush on their plans. Cheney has refused to release records of the meetings. A former White House official leaked them to the Washington Post. Cheney's visitors included executives from Exxon-Mobil, Duke Energy, British Petroleum and lobbyists from several industry groups. Many of the visitors had been major Republican donors, including the former Enron head Kenneth Lay.

Headlines for July 18, 2007

Comment: The last thing the U.S. needed was big oilmen as President and Vice President.

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