AMY GOODMAN: I mean, it's very interesting, this piece we read in the headlines, that in Iraq at least eighty people — well, the bombings that have been going on, the killings. But then the issue of Saudi Arabia, the Los Angeles Times reporting nearly half of all foreign militants targeting US troops in Iraq have come from Saudi Arabia, one of Washington's closest allies in the Middle East. Of the 19,000 being held by the US in Iraq, only 135 are foreign-born fighters, half of them are Saudi. US officials have so far refused to publicly criticize Saudi Arabia's role in Iraq. Meanwhile, in Washington, as we just said, the Senate has unanimously passed a resolution sponsored by Joseph Lieberman to censure, not Saudi Arabia, but Iran, for the complicity and killing of US soldiers in Iraq. Ali, can you tell us what is the feeling of Iranians towards the US invasion and occupation of Iraq?

As Cheney Pushes Bush to Attack Iran, U.S. and Iranian Activists Call for Peace

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