The CIA released some 700 pages of once secret documents under a FOIA (Freedom of Information Application).

The documents are about 10% censored. They cover assassination attempts and plans, drug experimentation on American citizens with and without their consent and knowledge, illegal spying on Americans, and a number of other subjects. Why now? Why has the CIA agreed to honor a 15-year-old FOIA right now?

It's timed psychologically. It serves as a distraction from the current abuses and corruption within the system. It makes the agency appear to be more open when it is very close lipped about its current tactics. It helps to undermine the CIA relative to the other agencies that are emphasized by the neocons. It draws attention to the CIA from those other agencies, such as the Pentagon that is doing so much more in the way of covert activities.

Actually, all it does is remind one about how low the neocons will go.

Tom Usher

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