On Monday, June 25th, 2007, Rocky Anderson, the Democratic Mayor of Salt Lake City, said the following about George W. Bush on Democracy Now:

We've always looked at other nations and said they're the ones that kidnap, disappear, and torture their people, and even kill them, when they're perceived to be on the other side. Now, that's exactly what this president is doing in our nation's name. We need to stand up as a people, let the world know, let posterity know, that's not who Americans are, this doesn't reflect our values.

He said that in reference to calling for Bush's impeachment.

Well, unfortunately, kidnapping, torturing, and murdering the guilty and the innocent have been standard operating procedures of the CIA and other secretive US governmental organs for decades. It may not be who most Americans are, but it is who about 1/3 of Americans are. About 1/3 have strong fascist leanings or are easily swayed in that direction. Within that 1/3 is a hardcore fascistic majority.

That's why the house, the nation, is divided. The other 2/3's of American aren't comprised entirely of saints mind you. Only about 20% are fairly open to egalitarianism. Only about 10% are pacifistic. It doesn't bode well for the so-called nation.

Tom Usher

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