When you go to, which reportedly as of the time of this writing is the most frequented news delivery site on the Internet and you look at "campaign" news, you invariably see six photos: Three Democrats leading the mainstream media polls and three Republicans the same. You hardly ever see any in-depth coverage of the other candidates.

Now how are people supposed to have a choice if they aren't given one or if the mainstream news covers the campaign in such a way as to assure that one of their most covered candidates will win. It's self-fulfilling and highly anti-democratic.

You will especially not see much coverage of Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel.

Kucinich said the following on Monday, July 23rd:

I introduced a plan four years ago, Anderson, that was a full plan to remove our troops. I'm the only one on this stage — excuse me — who not only voted against this war, but voted against funding the war. It is not credible to say you oppose the war from the start when you voted to fund it 100 percent of the time, 70 percent, 5 percent of the time. Let's get real about this war. Let's get those troops home, and let's take a stand and do it now. Send a message to Congress now. We cannot wait until the next president takes office.

Why don't his words get greater play in the mainstream? The answer is the military-industrial complex of course. Huge corporations own the mainstream media and the military-weapons industry. They've had a history of interlocking directorates. The mainstream media won't cross those weapons makers in a sustained way by emphasizing the peace movement.

Not only is it anti-democratic, it's antichrist—real democracy being real Christianity.

The interlocking directorates with the corporate lobbyists under them is why the senators and congress members vote to fund the killing machine. The corporations buy votes in both houses of Congress.

Tom Usher

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