Responding to Michael Tomasky's Post column repeating the corporate pundit trope that "impeachment is not merely a bad idea, but the single worst course of action that Democrats could possibly undertake."

By standing up for 54 percent of Americans and 76 percent of Democrats, congressional leaders would, according to Tomasky, somehow hurt themselves. Tomasky makes no mention of the people who would die in Iraq and as a result of other Bush-Cheney policies while the Democrats wisely refrained from impeaching. Nor does he recall the last time they listened to arguments identical to his, when they took the impeachment of Ronald Reagan off the table. A pack of criminals got off easy, and the Democrats lost the elections. Nor is there any mention of Richard Nixon, who was more popular than Bush and Cheney are, but whose popularity did not get any boost from Congress's efforts to impeach him. In fact, the Democrats won the biggest victories in recent memory (well, apparently not recent enough for Tomasky).

See Extra!: Media and Impeachment: Not for Discussion, Only for Derision (7/8/07) by Cynthia Cooper

Originally by David Swanson (OpEdNews.com) from FAIR Media Views on August 6, 2007, 7:43am

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