First, "supporting the troops" and being "tough on terrorism" are political covers (smoke screens) for imperialism. The Democrats who vote for unconstitutional surveillance statutes are really knowingly being a part of the industrial complex (Big Business) exploiting the world, stealing the Iraqi's oil for instance.

Second, these unconstitutional surveillance provisions open the door to greater and greater secret, untraceable, domestic political abuses. The premise behind the US Constitution is that you can't trust anyone: That power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, we don't subscribe to that, since God is absolutely powerful and yet absolutely trustworthy; however, God is righteousness by definition, and the George W. Bush neocons are openly Machiavellian, meaning openly liars. They wink at their followers who wink back. They want total information awareness for the sake of total control, power, and wealth. They want to be served by obedient servants who are locked into a system so tight that there is zero room to rebel no matter how repugnantly the rulers behave.

These new rules will just have to be revised after the damage surfaces. Every thinking person knows it.

Third, real Manichaeism does not apply. There really is a good versus evil battle going on. It really is light versus darkness. The light is never justified in using dark arts, however. Using dark arts in the name of the light is evil duping the gullible and naïve.

Jesus warned us that we are to be as wise as the serpent. He was. He was, in fact, wiser— much wiser.

The only proper way to use Manichaeism as analogous to what George W. Bush and his administration have done is by stating that they have twisted the battle so as to put dark for light. Only the grossly duped will fail to see how George W. Bush is antichrist.

It is not wrong to see the world in terms of good versus evil. That is exactly what is going on. The question is what is good versus what is evil. The answer is selfishness is evil.

Now, the Bushites, as they are called, will say that the troops are sacrificing their lives for the whole that is the country. However, they sacrifice themselves for the sake of the selfish oligarchs and the system of greed set up by those oligarchs' forbearers.

On the other hand, to sacrifice for the ultimate wholeness is no sacrifice, since the ultimate goodness (God) will never truly abandon any good part of itself. This is why Jesus sacrificed on the cross, but was never forsaken by God.

Jesus allowed himself to be tortured and killed by the Bushites of the day so Jesus could set the example of pacifism to save the souls of his worthy followers who put love (the love of the righteous potential in each other: God) over narcissistic love (far away from God).

The Democrats in office are afraid that if they vote against these measures and there is another so-called terrorist attack on the US, regardless of whether or not it is a false-flag operation as was 9-11, that they, the Democrats, will be run out of office for not having done enough to compromise the civil liberties and protections of the citizens for the sake of security and safety. That view is cowardly in the extreme.

What they should be doing is investigating 9-11. They should be pulling out all the stops to follow every lead to exhaustion.

They should not be doing that in the spirit of "got ya" but rather for the sake of educating themselves and the people about how evil (selfishness) has corrupted everything. They should do that so that the people will see to choose unselfishness as the path to redemption.

The way to beat terrorism is to be good, which means being as Christlike as possible in all things. The government of the people must be Christlike. Each citizen must be Christlike. That's the path to salvation. That and only that will save the world.

As for Obama, he says he'd talk with all the so-called enemies identified as such by the insane neocons; however, he turns around and says he'd increase the military budget and order unilateral attacks on Pakistani soil. It is thoroughly inconsistent. He is not a good choice for head steward and shepherd. (Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are not good choices either. Certainly, none of the Republican candidates would make a wise choice.)

The US Military is a drain on the world. It steals the bread out of the mouths of the starving children around the globe.

Also, the so-called terrorists are people who hate US foreign policy and fall to militant temptations.

Yes, there are evil people out to attack the US; however, they are out to attack the US because of the evil people behind, therefore, misguided US foreign policy and practices. The US largely and correctly is seen from the outside as made up of many good-hearted people being led by gangsters.

Of course, there are gangsters who engage in gang warfare for territory. That's what worldly empire building is all about. The Wahhabists are evil empire builders too.

Therefore, the people must understand that the real choice is not and never has been between the Bushites (false Zionists and false Christians) on one hand and the Wahhabists and other Muslims on the other. The real choice is between both the Bushites and Muslims on one hand and the real Christians on the other.

Do you see that?

Let's set this debate straight. Let's put light for light and dark for dark for once. Let's define the terms from the beginning. Only then will we find consistency. Otherwise, we will be forever mired in hypocrisy and apostasy and doom each of which is a synonym of the other.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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