It has become sort of a perverse pastime for me to peruse left of center blogs and Internet news postings, such as OpEdNews. There was a time that such would have been considered apostasy for me; the current political crisis has wrought strange alliances however. None too soon - for we MUST have unity for the sake of our nation.

It does give no small pleasure though, to see liberals decry legislating from the Judicial branch; the destruction of our Constitution by Presidential decree, and the growing realization among my liberal brethren that the Second Amendment is NOT about duck hunting. Why, there is even an acknowledgement among some that those dead white men, our nation's fore-fathers, were wise to empower the people to form independent militias. That is truly amazing!

For the part of those of us formally considered 'right of center', it can clearly be understood now that when we called for the limiting of the rights of those we disagreed with, our rights became fair game too. Also to our shame, we had forgotten that this nation is a nation of immigrants; the very life's blood that made us great. Indeed, I have seen that it is the light of liberty in the hearts of those immigrants, which is burning the brightest in the dark times this nation now faces.

While there is plenty of blame and finger pointing that could be done from both sides, is it not time to come together with one voice to speak against the evil that confronts all of us? As has been said: "If we do not hang together, we shall certainly hang separately." At this point in time we can ill afford to have any label but "American." May God have mercy on us if we forget this now, the enemies of freedom will not.

For the most part though, it is we of the Church within this nation that have failed. We have forgotten that our Lord never condemned the sinners, just the sin. Further, that we are the hands of God on the earth, not some government program; that to be known as a Christian was to be known for your love. We have instead proclaimed by the bumper stickers on our cars, and the beautiful buildings we hide in on Sundays, what we do not practice the rest of the week.

Furthermore, I have heard it said that Christians are the only group that arranges firing squads in circles. It is indeed hard to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, bind up the broken hearted, and heal the sick while we are busy attacking each other, our pastors, and the denomination down the street.

It's almost comical, if it was not so sad, to think that some could believe that our Lord would come back to take away in a secret rapture a Church in such disunity; so far from the model He left us of what we should be. No, we must stop making excuses for why the promises of God do not function in the Church of today, and look to apply the Word of God as it is written in our own lives. Then we will see others drawn back to the God of our fathers.

Originally from OpEdNews - OpEdNews.Com Progressive, Tough Liberal News and Opinion on August 7, 2007, 6:53pm

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