With fund raising efforts exceeding expectations and seemingly unstoppable momentum, Ron Paul continues to be a candidate on the rise. While other presidential campaigns have sputtered, peaked, and are on the decline, he has positioned himself to become a serious contender. He still has a lot of room for growth, but in this process he is being elevated from second tier status to one of the top five Republican presidential candidates.

The success of his campaign has caught many by surprise, including himself. Some of his rivals are now trying to duplicate his formula, but true spontaneous grassroots movements cannot be generated or manufactured. His support is diverse, and what is becoming increasingly clear is that before all is said and done, Ron Paul will have made a huge impact, win or lose.

If we are going to defeat big government corruption and tyranny, and rid ourselves of huge deficits that are spiraling out of control, there will have to be a coming together of the people. Unfortunately, the global elite have many of us trapped in the whole fake left/right paradigm which does nothing, but divide and conquer, and is designed to keep us down. Many are blind to Republican corruption, but have no problem exposing the Democrats and vice versa. What we have is both parties double teaming us with fake squabbles and theater politics, when essentially their goals are the same. Only their methods, propaganda, and rhetoric differ a little.

The good news is that many are waking up, and the illusion is being shattered, which is evident by the increasing mistrust of both parties by the people, coupled with low congressional and presidential approval ratings.

Ron Paul running as a Republican and not as an independent has resulted in more exposure, and has placed him on more of an even playing field, with a better chance of becoming president. He is the dream candidate we have all been waiting for. We must rally around him, do what is right, and vote according to our conscience, not party affiliation or tradition. This is a historic opportunity, and everything in our power must be done to ensure a Ron Paul victory.

On the campaign trail, Ron Paul has consistently demonstrated his ability to overcome adversity — a trait that will serve him well if he becomes president.

A good example of overcoming adversity is the huge success of his Iowa rally, which was in response to being excluded from a candidates forum. Even when he is in enemy territory and is being attacked from all sides, he remains calm, focused, and isn't distracted from the real issues and getting his message across.

Paul has accepted an invitation to participate in the CNN/You Tube debates, a format that will showcase his willingness to answer even the toughest questions. It will give him an opportunity to interact with ordinary Americans on a national level, a role that unlike other candidates he excels in and relishes. This will define his candidacy and further distinguish him from the others.

Perhaps not wanting to face Dr. Paul in such a capacity and sensing more harm than good coming out of these debates, both Guliani and Romney have not committed and are leaning towards non-participation. If Ron Paul has another strong performance, they can later claim that the debates weren't legitimate since two of the supposed top candidates did not attend. It's all about downplaying and trying to minimize Ron Paul's accomplishments.

The Iraq war is unpopular with the majority of the American people, and it is also becoming increasingly unpopular with the soldiers fighting in this conflict. This discontent has translated into considerable contributions to Ron Paul's campaign from our military personnel more so than any other candidate. Ron Paul was against the Iraq war from the beginning, even when opposing it was seen as unpatriotic. Many of the troops recognize that if he is elected president, they will come back home to their families sooner.

In an effort to hopefully speed up this process, Ron Paul has teamed up with Dennis Kucinich along with other Democrats to introduce a bill that would repeal President Bush's authority to use force in Iraq. He stated,

"I think if you approach this from a constitutional viewpoint, we can join hands with the left as well as the right and come up with solutions and get our troops home."

This shows his leadership capabilities and demonstrates his willingness to reach across the aisle to get things accomplished.

We the People have an opportunity to use Ron Paul as a vehicle to fix and save a broken America.

The question on many people's minds is if his huge internet support can manifest itself and translate into stronger polling numbers. He is starting to register at 3% in some national polls, and as more hear his message, these numbers will steadily increase. The stage is being set for this Republican dark horse candidate to be elevated to main event status. He will be able to build upon his success if he finishes strong in the first few primaries. At that point it may already be too late to stop the Ron Paul juggernaut, and many will be shocked when he steps out of the shadows to become a legitimate top contender.

There are some who view the Constitution as something obsolete and an obstacle to their agenda. Time after time both the congress and the president ignore it. One man stands head and shoulders above all as its defender. If believing in freedom and following the constitution is radical, then Ron Paul is as radical as they come.

When I personally look at any issue, I always pose the question, "Will it give me more or less freedom?" We will have more freedom with Ron Paul as president. He is one of the only politicians who truly understands the role of government. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for liberty and freedom. The Ron Paul saga isn't over, and we don't know how it will all end, but I assure you that the best is yet to come.

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