"Changing perceptions of body weight feed rise in obesity"

Actually, that's backwards. It should read, "Increases in Obesity Causing Sour Grapes."

What it means is that as more and more people get fatter and fatter, more of them are simply rationalizing their gluttony. This is not a good thing at all for anyone.

Gluttony is akin to all the other excesses within the imperial culture that lead to doom, or damnation if you will.

Denying oneself is the act of putting all those temptations to excess and iniquity away. It is to overcome the spirit of selfishness that is ruining everything and always has since the fall. Caving into selfishness is falling.

Rather than rationalizing away the evil disease of selfishness in the form of obesity, each soul must search itself for the answers as to the who, what, where, when, and why of selfishness.

We've seen recently that science has just now discovered the age-old knowledge that evil is contagious. Whom do they credit for the discovery? Evil spreads like a disease, because it is a disease. Selfishness is a disease (dis-ease). It causes the opposite of ease.

Look at the Gospel of Jesus. He said turn to him and be converted and healed or made whole. That means that God will bring ease. Look at the feeding of the five thousand. Look at how on account of the right spirit of the assembly, God fed them all with absolutely no human toil involved. That's the message of the absence of hypocrisy — meaning the absence of selfishness. After all, in the end, selfishness is hypocritical. If you grasp anything, grasp that. If you don't get it, ask, seek, and knock to get it. It is the one and only solution.

To get it is to get (comprehend) Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, healing, and metaphysics (relative to the current scientific requirement for evil signs, which means doubt).

There will be no required toil, no pain, no suffering for humanity where humanity has no doubt in God, in perfect righteousness.

The selfish don't want you to know this, because in such a world, they aren't lording it over anyone else. In such a world, everyone is everyone else's servant. They are each only at other's righteous service — helpful, considerate, compassionate, nurturing, kind, empathic, mindful, thoughtful, tender, sympathetic, giving, sharing, loving, peaceful, etc. There is no greed, violence, sexual depravity, or any of the rest of evil.

Those who are of the devouring spirit, many of whom have simply been abused and duped into it, are facilitating the exact opposite of this message, this light, of Jesus Christ and God.

Don't try to rationalize it away. It doesn't go away just because you're in denial about it. The cause and effect and the end-result will remain. You're just walking in blindness and will regret it, if you come to your senses.

Who's Super-Sizing you and why? The greedy, who don't really care about you, are doing it so they can be richer off your demise. Do they know they're doing it? They try not to think about it.

What else are you being super-sized about? Well, the same forces of greed are dishing up using much more carbon fuel than you should (as a society, we should be well beyond using any by now). They are dishing up sexual libertinism. They are dishing up war. They are dishing up everything that is the exact opposite of the solution: The message that is the New Commandment, the Golden Rule, the Great Commandment, and the Second like it.

How do you help to stop this culture of greed? Start by not running away from feelings about the plight of the starving. Most people don't want to think about it, because it makes them feels sad and depressed, which supposedly isn't good for self-esteem. Well, you aren't supposed to be esteeming yourself while you blindly stuff yourself into obesity while others are starving.

Worse than that are pride, arrogance, and a huge ego at having duped the world into emptying its pockets to the greediest of the greedy, who then become philanthropists because it's good for public relations (further duping the masses).

What do they call you to do to make yourself feel better about the poor? They say go to the store and buy a bunch of canned goods to stock your local soup kitchen. Now that's not the solution. It is giving, but it isn't sustainable and it makes the rich richer.

No, the right approach is to divert the cash flow into sustainable devices (real liberal, Isaiah devices). That's why we are raising funds.

We are calling on good-hearted people to consume less themselves (spend less on themselves and their immediate family members) and peel off some of their income to bring forth the solution.

You see, by doing that, we will be heading in the right direction that is complete faith and ease for all. It will happen, because the work is truly, ultimately, unselfishly motivated. It is about the downtrodden. It is about lifting up the bottom.

Stop listening to the liars who say that the current economic system is the best ever devised for bringing forth. It has brought forth pollution and depletion and a huge and growing disparity. It has brought forth evil. It's doomed.

Start listening to the message of Jesus. It's the only path to salvation. That's what he meant and still means. He was right and still is.

Stop listening to the liars who tell you that war and greed are good. Stop listening to the lairs who tell you that sexual depravity is okay or even healthy. Their world is twisted in confusion. Homosexuality brings numerous dreadful diseases of mind, heart, body, and soul. Don't listen to dark-hearted bishops in sheep's clothing. They are leading souls astray (away from God).

Read our main post on the subject: "Homosexuals: What they ignore." Then realize that the homosexual movement is decay. It is a predatory disease — contagious for those without immunity (knowledge and awareness). Stand up to it. Don't fall for tricks. Being against disease-promotion is right.

Jesus said to fear the one in hell who can kill your soul. Was Jesus homophobic?

To have a phobia is to have an irrational fear. What's irrational about fearing the fall of human society into even greater decadence than is already the case? It isn't irrational. It's the height of rationalism. It is also empirically demonstrable. To not fear it is irrational. You see, they put it all backwards to fool people, to trick them into falling with them. Don't do it. Don't fall for it. Tell them "No."

Homosexuality is a form of insanity (not able to distinguish right from wrong). Don't be insane.

If they don't like this, if they rant and rave against it, it's the disease clinging. It's the evil spirit with its claws dug into them. It's the pain of realization. It's the fear of the implication that they'll have to stand up straight, be forthright rather than deceptive and predatory and selfish and hedonistic and the rest. They'll have to be consistent, non-hypocritical, giving and sharing, rather than worrying about don't-ask-don't-tell in Satan's Pentagon.

Look at where their movement is headed. They want openly to become the military generals and Fortune 500 CEOs, etc. Then what? Then they'll have the power and control to license (force) homosexual orgies wherever they want them, which will be right out in the open in worship of the satanic spirit (by definition). It won't stop there either. There will be the pedophiles demanding that their disease be sanctioned as well.

How long do you think such an empire will stand?

That's where the nest of homosexuals in the White House has been heading the world.

The house is inherently divided. It cannot be united. Real Christians cannot be joined with iniquity.

Jesus went into the center of the world (Jerusalem was the center of the Jewish universe) and proclaimed that he came to save the world by dividing it (dividing the sheep from the goats).

That's what's going on.

Whose side are you on?

Don't fall for greed, violence, or depravity in any of its forms. Help bring forth heaven on Earth.

Don't listen to the false churches telling you that you aren't to do that. Jesus said what to do, and he didn't say to do what the false churches say to do. Jesus was no Calvinist, and Calvin was no Christian.


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