the people had to be and remain separate from such perversion. Such perversion had been a curse. Those who practice it were cursed and are cursed. Those who partake of such perversions join the Hamites, the Canaanites, and the Sodomites. It really was right that such perversion should be purged. The question is how? It really was right that such perversion left un-purged would continue to present a temptation to the people. The question was and is how best to overcome it? The choice is taking lives or saving souls.

What is the right way to go about it? Also, what is the right thing to do with the incorrigible or seemingly incorrigible? What affect will the choices of actions have upon those undertaking the actions they think will cleans the temple, which is the whole of the land and all the people?

The way of the inhabitants of Canaan really was false, ruinous, and brutal, etcetera. They were doing unimaginably wicked things. Moses had been a prince in the house of Pharaoh. He had also been across the Sinai Peninsula before. He knew, on several levels, of the depravity of those then inhabiting the land of Canaan. He had been highly educated in Egypt about righteousness, since even the Egyptian pantheon and mythology contained the dichotomy of lightheartedness versus heavy-hearted corruption. He had learned the stories about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes of Jacob including the story of Joseph and how the Israelites had come to be enslaved by the house of Pharaoh. Moses was an extremely emotional and sensitive man. He hated the evil he saw all about. He wanted with all his being to overcome it all and to see his family members who had had righteous instruction before to overcome it all. He knew though that they would fail repeatedly going into the future. That's why he gave his sermons and songs and put them in writing and told the people never to lose them. They were a testimony against those who would hear the words yet fail to do what was right. He knew he was imperfect. He knew he was a part of the unfolding prophecy. What were the people ready for?

Jesus came and taught about hypocrisy to show the way passed everything that was causing the failures predicted by Moses. Jesus too knew that most of the people would continue to fail repeatedly. He also knew by firsthand experience, as did Moses, that God is living spirit. In addition to enlightening the receptive about hypocrisy, he also gave the good news that for those who practice the opposite of hypocrisy, there is salvation from that evil hypocrisy. This light has no end. This is how it is understood.

Prophesy against them

It simply means tell the truth.

Now we have the descendents of Jacob who have reoccupied part of Canaan and who are repeating the same mistakes as before, not only failing to apply the wisdom spoken to them by Jesus concerning avoiding treating others hypocritically, but not even being able to live up to the standard of the law set earlier by Moses. Do they really imagine that they aren't going to suffer defeat?

It is prophesied here that they will. Mark my words. No one but God our Father Almighty in heaven knows exactly when, but it will happen. The more they deviate from Jesus, the sooner it will happen. They are beating the Palestinians as they the Israelites were beaten. They are not a light on the land. They are astray.

If not for the sake of those among them who have softer hearts and are latent real Christians ripe for the harvest by the full implications of the new commandment, the tribulation would be great already.

Don't be tricked into worshipping Satan for God.

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (Matthew 4:8-10).

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. (Revelation 21:7).

Moses heard many righteous things. Moses stood for many righteous things. His conscience was the law for the people then, because none of them could bring forth better. Unlike Jesus, Moses wasn't always able to distinguish between the voice of God and evil. Jesus turned up the light infinitely brighter without faulting Moses and rightly so.

Capitalism does not, and cannot, bring forth the kingdom of heaven on earth

What does all this have to do with libertarian capitalism? Nothing within the system of capitalism can create heaven. Heaven is not the state of competition to get one's own. Heaven is the state of cooperation to get everyone everyone's. All of the recent changes in capitalism worldwide have fixed nothing. They have, in fact, helped magnify and speed hell on earth. They have encouraged the growth of death. They have not developed the infinite good. The conservative capitalist economists Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich von Hayek, and Milton Friedman and the political leaders Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were all wrong.

We know Reagan adopted a hybrid economy mixing in supply-side economics and the Laffer Curve, which really boiled down to tax cuts for the rich that were supposed to cause investment that would stimulate production of things people would buy. The whole economy was supposed to grow so tax revenues would be made up. Well, we ended up with massive debt just as we have today under George W. Bush and his tax cuts for the wealthy.

We know that such tax cuts are a ploy to reduce social spending[8] that the rich see as a redistribution of wealth, which it rightly is. We know that deficits are a way to use tax dollars to pay interest to the wealthy. We know it is a way to get foreign entities invested in the US economy so that they will be more inclined to go along with US Empire policies and actions.

The Laffer Curve hasn't produced the increased revenue to pay for the social programs. They knew it wouldn't before they put it through again under Bush-43. It means tax cuts for the wealthy have not resulted in growth in the economy such that the government has taken in enough taxes to help the poor. It means that even though the pie grows, the piece the government gets relative to that pie has gone down too much to pay for entitlement programs. Now the rich scream for cuts in those programs. They don't want to share the wealth. They want more for themselves and to keep the poor very poor and to increase the number of the poor. Despoiling makes people work for less so the rich can keep more for themselves. Wake up! It is the long-term hope of the laissez-faire capitalists that all entitlements will be defined away. They don't want anyone thinking that he or she is entitled to anything unless it comes from his or her family's private estate. It is redistribution back to the wealthiest. The rest of the people must be told how to avoid it via real Christianity. They must be shown how Calvinism is a huge lie, a great evil.

The cuts just leave more wealth in the hands of the rich who rarely invest it in ways to bring forth real bounty. They just bring forth the devouring spirit manifest in their corporations of greed.

With interest rates and inflation remaining relatively historically low and with systemic unemployment having been wrongfully accepted by the American people, Bush feels he can continue the tax cuts for the wealthy indefinitely and with impunity. If the US treasury weren't borrowing so much from overseas and wasn't actually borrowing against itself by buying back its own treasuries, interest rates would go down even further. However, businesses and individuals were so used to higher rates that they aren't asking for even lower rates. With wages being kept low through systemic unemployment and the failure to raise the minimum wage and through offshore slave wages, inflation has likewise been kept relatively low. This system can't last indefinitely.

Libertarian monetary policy

It is a maze, but in general, monetary policy is something like the following:

Higher wages are translated into higher prices. The government raises interest rates making the cost of producing higher. More income goes to paying interest on debts and new loans become less affordable or even cost-prohibitive. Producers react by slowing production and laying off workers. Consumers also react by reducing spending, since they are paying more in consumer debt to cover higher consumer interest rates or have been laid off. Prices come down, because inventories must be moved (sold) despite the artificially forced lower demand. The economy slows. The producers who are left (because they were richer to start with and could afford to operate at a loss longer if necessary, dipping into capital reserves, etc.)  grab more market share. They start producing again at cut prices based on lower labor costs. They were enable to extract wage and benefit concessions from laborers. They attract consumers back into spending. They hire more people at lower relative wages than before. They hire younger people who haven't earned longer vacations, don't have as many healthcare issues, and haven't been used to the higher economic standard of living. They don't have to pay into the lifetime pensions that the earlier workers were to enjoy. They break the unions. They keep the wages low even as they raise prices again, since they have a larger market share and less effective competition. The top executives pay themselves proportionately more money on the backs of the shrinking lower- and middle-income classes.

Consolidation occurs. Monopolization increases. The rich get richer. The leadership, the numbers of decision makers relative to the population as a whole, shrinks. Power increases in fewer and fewer hands, making it easier for the superrich to control the decisions and direction of society. The non-rich go down in the wealthiest nations and supposedly up in the industrializing nations.

If the economy slows too much, the government reduces interest rates. A supposed balance is constantly sought in advance, since the government (central bank; the Federal Reserve Bank in the US) must anticipate where the economy is heading.

The unemployed fight for jobs at lower wages. The world doesn't have to be that way, and it won't work out anyway.

The problems facing the world require voluntary cooperative and collective measures. The rich must stop having more than the rest of the people. The minimum wage could go up if the top wages would come down proportionately. Greed at the top is killing the poor below. It's that simple.

The US Congress continues to give itself raises and continues to cut taxes for the multibillionaires while it refuses to raise the minimum wage, which in buying power is at its lowest point in some fifty years. Do they want a violent revolution?

Real incentive

The incentive is all wrong. The incentive under capitalism is selfish. The incentive in heaven, the real incentive, the incentive that brings deliverance, is unselfish. It's that simple.

It all comes down to selfishness versus unselfishness and which is best. The selfish people measure success and victory, etcetera, by a standard that is shortsighted and built upon half-truths. They postpone dealing with the troubles caused by selfishness in the first place.

The unselfish would have been able to show the selfish long ago that the unselfish way will do everything that the selfish way constantly botches, only the selfish haven't stopped regulating, limiting, and otherwise interfering with and blocking unselfish developments. The selfish won't admit that leaving the half-dead individuals and nations by the side of the road is proof of botching.

Part of the unselfish definition of success is Good Samaritanism so complete that there are no people left by the wayside. The unselfish will not be satisfied until they overcome for righteousness' sake.

Hypocritical regulation

Dogs in the manger

The Austrian and Chicago schools of economic thought says leave us alone (the libertarian capitalists) to be selfish individual actors. Well, leave the collectivists alone to be unselfish collective actors. Quit trying to regulate the collectivist efforts of people. If you want to think of everything as a speculative investment, that's your error. You can't eat at the trough, from the manger. Well, get out of the way. Quit being the barking dog keeping the oxen from eating in the manger.

We aren't saying that social democracy or the social-welfare state or market socialism is right either. None is good enough. The commanding heights of the economy will never be governed correctly until all the people have the Gospel, which hangs on the new commandment, written on their hearts and it is the central focus of everyone's unselfish thoughts (spiritually written on foreheads—frontal lobes). Then power will be in the hands of all and decided justly always with the least in mind first and foremost. All rise then. That is incentivizing. That is motivating. That's something and someone to work for vastly more inspiring than getting for self like an untrained pig.

What has been shown to work better than getting for self? FaSinPat in Argentina, Semco SA in Brazil, the Hutterites in Canada and the US, the experiments in China with democracy in the workplace and employee ownership, the kibbutzim in Israel, and the worker-state cooperatives in Venezuela have all shown to work better. I'll have more to say on those throughout the work. They have all been better for society at-large, the environment, health, safety, and security of the right kind. We will cover these developments in greater detail further on in this work.

These examples have worked in hostile environments. Consider what would happen if they were not surrounded by hostility but rather encouragement and help. Consider further if they were to embrace the full-Gospel revelation where everything is freely given and shared for the pure sake of righteousness. Every last vestige of selfishness would be displaced. The only thing that could stop it would be violent, greedy, lustful intentions from the outside. However, with enough faith in the rightness of the cause, the movement would persevere through tribulation and spread worldwide, which it will. It is foreordained by God.

The welfare of the poor and oppressed and neglected is a central tenet of Jesus's teaching. There is a right way to handle it in patience. The way of this current world is headed away from that. It is opening wider the gates of hell.

The stolen inheritance to be passed on to the few, even tax-free

Conservative word games

The top conservatives work hard to come up with what they think are clever tricks to conjure up in people's minds that which those conservatives want that is greater acceptance and tolerance of their insatiable greed. A prime example is when...continues... Click next page number [14] below.

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