. . . the acquiescence of the major powers. They wanted it all covered over, because it incriminates them and exposes the lying spirit that guides them who are false and antichrist prophets through whom that evil spirit works to ensnare all the people.

In response to the report, Colin Powell stated the following:

We know that in the late 1990s, Iraq built mobile biological weapons production units…. We also know that Iraq has tried to obtain high-strength aluminium tubes which can be used to enrich uranium in centrifuges for a nuclear weapons program…. The burden remains on Iraq, not on the United Nations, not on the United States. The burden remains on Iraq to cooperate fully and for Iraq to prove to the international community whether it does or does not have weapons of mass destruction. We are convinced they do until they prove to us otherwise.

The then chief UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, later stated as follows:

I'm inclined to think that the Iraqi statement that they destroyed all the biological and chemical weapons, which they had in the summer of 1991 may well be the truth.

Now, are you going to believe everything the proven and unrepentant liars are saying about any regime? Are you going to go along with the guilty-until-proven-innocent lie again? Are you going to go along with all the other nations of the world having to prove a negative, something that the US cannot do either, or face US attack? If you do, you will share in the sin of the neocons.

While Hans Blix has called for a renewal of the spirit of peace, while he has called for total nuclear disarmament, the Bush-43 administration plans for the development of a whole new generation of nuclear weapons. This has always been typical conservative thinking. They were against Woodrow Wilson's disarmament and peaceful-resolution initiatives after World War I. They were against Franklin Roosevelt's initiatives after World War II. The fact that the world has not yet embraced peaceful conflict-resolution, the fact that the world is still full of nuclear weapons and still has stockpiles of illegal chemical and biological weapons, makes the world a much more hellish place. The US could take the lead in taking the world into total disarmament, but capitalists and Republicans and Democrats aren't Christians.

The US corporations that supplied the illegal weapons of mass destruction to Iraq included the following:

  1. Alcolac International
  2. American Type Culture Collection
  3. Axel Electronics, Inc.
  4. Bechtel
  5. Canberra Industries, Inc.
  6. Carl Zeiss - US
  7. Cerberus
  8. Consarc
  9. DuPont
  10. Eastman Kodak
  11. Electronic Associates
  12. EZ Logic Data Systems, Inc.
  13. Finnigan-MAT - US
  14. Hewlett-Packard
  15. Honeywell
  16. International Computer Systems
  17. Leybold Vacuum Systems
  18. Rockwell
  19. Semetex
  20. Spectra Physics
  21. Sperry Corp.
  22. Tektronix
  23. TI Coating
  24. Unisys

There are also fifty-five US subsidiaries of European corporations named as involved with shipping from US soil illegal weapons materials, etc., that the corporations knew was destined for Iraq and in the full knowledge that those shipments were in direct violation of the international law to which the US bound itself by signing unto and ratifying the agreements. No one responsible has been held to account. The friends of the politicians and the politicians who hold stocks in the corporations and their family members who hold stocks and positions in all the corporations, their subsidiaries, and suppliers, etc., (the whole network and system) make huge private profits at the expense of the rest of the people of the entire world. Their wealth is blood money and the ransom for their souls. Their wealth has come, and will continue to come until they turn to God, from murder and all the other evils of the Empire their spirit has created.

Misleading, mundane impunity

The American people have chosen to follow leaders who claim impunity from consequences. If you are not one of them and you do something illegal, they will punish you. However, they pardon themselves without remorse, repentance, or atonement. They set themselves up as above the law of God. This they do while holding other people's feet to the fire in the greatest possible witch-hunts under their law. It is sheer hypocrisy.

We don't say it in the spirit of Satan the accuser. We say it to call those involved out of it: To save souls.

Look at the Whitewater investigation, the Monica Lewinsky issue, the campaign finance scandal (the Clinton US Justice Department convicted seventeen people), and other things brought against Bill Clinton. The conservative Republicans went after Bill Clinton with a vengeance. Bill Clinton's sexual predatoriness was exposed to the world. Women seemed to come out of the woodwork with testimony to the people about Bill Clinton's abusive sexual appetite. He was a product of the prior generation where womanizing and unwanted sexual advances was seen as sport. The playboy was lauded after all. The indiscretions of presidents before him were known and deliberately covered over by comrades in the media. Of course, this is no excuse since there was always a constant current in America against such philandering.

Yet, the self-styled conservative Republicans refuse to turn that same spotlight upon themselves. Being forgiven begins with personal soul searching. Forgive us as we forgive others.

To go after anyone for anything is wrong. The right spirit is always to warn to turn to save and never to do the offence of attacking and destroying. If attacking and destroying is the right spirit, then we all deserve to be attacked and destroyed, in which case Satan is right. However, Satan is wrong.

Love saves. Love warns. Love leads into the light of salvation and not to humans wiping out humans. If this were not so, the law and the prophets would never have pointed to a Messiah bringing saving light. The light of the status quo would have been enough, which it was not and still is not. The light of the status quo is darkness.

Neither Bill Clinton nor George W. Bush is leading anyone into the real light of whole truth. They are not calling people to God. They are excusers of the Worldly Empire system, which is darkness, not being narrowly focused upon bringing forth for all in purity.

That is not an attack to destroy them. That is a warning to save them. They are my lost brothers if they will be found with me. So long as they refuse the real message of Jesus that is meant for the sake of the wholeness of the world, I don't know them for they are of the other (irreconcilable) house.

It is our desire that all repent so that the spotlight won't burn anyone anymore but will just cast a healing truth.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal especially showed both Bill Clinton's and the conservative's hypocrisy concerning moral-character issues. The conservatives went after Clinton to topple the Democrats.

Republican cover-ups: The Franklin Community Federal Credit Union pedophile case, and more

The conservatives though, under orders of George H. W. Bush who knew all about the case, had covered up and censored the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union pedophile case that pointed directly to high-ranking Republicans in Washington, DC, during both the Ronald Reagan and George Bush-41 administrations and further pointing to the trails, linking all the presidents from Franklin Roosevelt on, to classified diabolical and unconstitutional, illegal experiments and practices of broken, mad scientists and others on the federal payroll or under government contracts or receiving government grants for their sick and inhuman work.

The Republicans used the system that they worked so hard to come to control in order to clamp down on everyone concerning the Franklin Pedophile secret.

Lawrence E. "Larry" King is a black, conservative Republican who sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 Republican national conventions. He was sent to prison for five years for absconding with some forty million dollars of credit union funds some ten million of which he spent lavishly, much in order to curry favor in the Republican Party and amongst the business and conservative media-elite in Omaha, Nebraska and Washington, DC. Charges went glaringly under investigated by the FBI. Statements and other evidence support the allegation of a pedophile ring using many children including many from Boys Town, Nebraska, run by the Roman Catholics who have since undergone exposure of widespread pedophilia.

Boys Town is near Omaha where Franklin Credit Union was headquartered.

Roman Catholic Church seal of confession, barring anyone from exposing sexual depravity amongst clergy

It is an oath of secrecy for all involved. The problems came when depraved clergy were moved from place to place spreading their disease. Rather than dealing with the problem of sexual depravity, the church excommunicated anyone who violated the oath of secrecy. This is pandemic in that church—worldwide.

It hasn't been said anywhere I'm aware of, but clergy who were themselves abused had come to the conclusion that being a Roman Catholic clergy member offered protection to those who fed into confused lust. That is why the ranks of the Roman Catholic clergy swelled with pedophiles.

Pope Benedict XVI, when he was cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, updated a 1962 document entitled Crimen Sollicitationis in 2001 to reflect the new policy that the Vatican will have "exclusive competence" (exclusive jurisdiction) of all child-abuse cases in the Roman Catholic denomination. Now, abusers are sheltered in the Vatican and all the case information is sealed up by the Church under diplomatic cover.

The Franklin pedophile case happened at a time when the Roman Catholic clergy were deep into covering up sexual abuse by their fellow clergy members. It was well before the lid blew off their cover-ups.

Are we for punishing clergy? No. However, we are for protecting innocent children. We are for healing the abused.

If you want to know more, you may search the Internet. A documentary entitled Conspiracy of Silence was to air on the subject but was pulled immediately before the scheduled airing. All copies were to have been destroyed; however, rough cuts remain available for viewing in streaming format over the Internet as of this writing.

The allegations are that there were thousands of photographs taken of Republican and Democratic Senators, Congressmen, and high-ranking business leaders, etc., engaged in sex acts with adolescents and even pre-pubescent children prostituted by Republican Larry King and his associates. The photos were for blackmail purposes. The allegations further state that George H. W. Bush was directly involved. The girl making the allegation was sentenced to nine to twenty-seven years of solitary confinement because she would not recant her story. She is reportedly to have served more time in solitary confinement than any other female prisoner in Nebraska history. What does that tell you?

It is important that under the mundane law such allegations be laid to rest only after a proper investigation. That never happened. Everything that happened has the earmarks of cover-up and whitewash.

We know that the Roman church covered up thousands of cases of pedophilia. We know that Boys Town is Roman Catholic. We know that the allegations of a pedophilia ring involving Boys Town predate the wide-spread exposure of abuses through out the church especially in America. If abuses occurred at Boys Town or if there was a ring operating out of Boys Town, why haven't more of the abused come forward? Initially, some eighty children came forward, a number of them out of Boys Town.

The issue of Boys Town here though, unlike the more recently exposed abuses and cover-ups, involves more than the church. It involves the most powerful political figures in the world well beyond the containment of the Roman church.

Those children who stepped forward have been locked up, died, been dismissed as insane, or intimidated into silence. Understand that many of them come from backgrounds with a notoriously weak support structure. Many were troubled youths chosen, targeted by sexual predators, for their vulnerability and lack of backing from morally resolute adults with resources to fight to protect children from the deep and dark corruption of the system.

How soon would trial lawyers, whom the conservative Republicans hate and who helped in exposing Roman Catholic cover-ups, run into so-called national security if they were to pursue the Franklin Credit Union/Catholic Boys Town pedophile case? How soon would they hear from the powerful of both major parties not to pursue the issue? How soon would they start receiving threats? When would the statute of limitations be used as a defense? The cover-up remains current. How can the statute of limitations run out?

Can't leave the lie of "God and country"

Look, we aren't going after anyone here. We aren't trying to nail anyone. Guilt is already established enough for every sinner. No sin is hidden from God. Our point in raising any of this is to destroy the falsehood being passed off as Christianity. That is so many more Americans than otherwise will be enabled to get on with the real repenting that must be done. To leave the lies about Christianity is to leave people who want to really know in the dark, just as we were in the dark. "God and country" as used now in America is one such lie. God and nation should be one, but God and capitalist America can never be one. That's what Americans must be brought into the light to see to save them.

America is a deception. It is misleading. Americanism is far from the straight and narrow. It is a cover for greed, violence, and sexual depravity. Unless people come to see this stark reality, they will continue to be misled.

Official America, the US government, is doing things that are antichrist. The people need to know it. The government is doing things that is much worse than what has already come out.

It deliberately keeps one hand from knowing what another is doing, and the government has many, many hands. It has some hands without compunction. That's on purpose. The government has devils doing things that ought not to be done. The government has them doing those things to keep control, to keep heaven from coming. It rationalizes this, telling its brainwashed devils that they are really angels of light destroying evil. They are broken souls, broken by the government for the sake of mammon against righteousness.

It is real Christianity that will bring it to an end, and the mammon worshippers know it, fear it, and hate it.

America is far from the only nation that is such a cover, but it is the most powerful nation on earth. Therefore, where it goes has more impact on more souls than any other single nation.

Concerning the Franklin Credit Union/Catholic Boys Town pedophile case, a Nebraska senate investigation found reason to advocate criminal investigations. A grand jury though dropped the issue as if all eighty children, who had quickly come forward when the story first broke, were a vast conspiracy of children. The Omaha grand jury avoided pursuing any of the rich and powerful alleged by the children as having engaged in a national and even international pedophile ring with direct connections to CIA and DIA known abuses. The grand jury avoided Larry King's very well known and established connections with the rich and powerful in Washington, DC, including in the military and CIA, and internationally.

Project Monarch

The Nebraska lawyer for some of the children served in Vietnam under later director of the CIA, William Colby, who admitted to the existence of US Project Monarch when Colby said openly that the US had stopped the program by the mid 1970's. However, as is now public knowledge with the Total Information Awareness program simply changing names and locations in an attempt to hide it from the federal legislature, project Monarch (involving breaking people and children including with sexual abuse; more on that below) certainly was continued under different compartmental names and moved to different locations, even if unbeknownst to William Colby who was too easily tricked into trusting the devil.

Colby warned the lawyer for the children even while encouraging him to pursue the wrong-doing. Colby had been heavily involved in the infamous Phoenix Project during the Vietnam War. His conscience came to bother him possibly more than for any other former CIA director, and he wished that the US had not engaged in the things that had sucked him in, in his hours of weakness. Colby ended up dead under highly peculiar circumstances that where uncharacteristic for Colby, leading many to suspect a government sponsored hit made to look like an accident.

Upon orders from above, highly trained governmental assassins make murders appear to be suicides or accidents. Sometimes the government wants the killing to be obvious as a clearer warning to strike terror into the hearts of would-be adversaries. Other times, they want to foment unrest between rivals or to create splits within a group by staging the hit to make it look as if someone else in particular did it or had a hand in it.

People surrounding the Franklin cover-up have died in large numbers and under very suspicious circumstances. The timings of the deaths could not be dreamed up by talented fiction writers of cover-ups. There is evidence suggesting witness tampering, threats, intimidation, and murder. There is evidence suggesting evidence suppression by the FBI and US military. There is evidence suggesting tie-ins with the CIA mind-control experiments and secret programs.

You don't imagine there were really programs (which the government admitted to, such as Monarch) but that there weren't victims of those programs who live today? That's a misconception the people beholden to the system would love for everyone else to suffer.

Of some eighty youths who initially came forward, only two refused to recant once people started dying in the families of alleged victims and once the legal system came down hard on the alleged victims. The FBI and prosecuting attorneys threatened the children with long sentences for perjury.

What the authorities want you to believe is the eighty children from disparate backgrounds conspired together rather than that there was actually a conspiracy of adults carried out to allow them to abuse children with impunity. Either way, there is a conspiracy.

Now the alleged things that happened to most of the particular children in this case happened during the 1980's. Of course each decade starting at least in the 1940's has had its abused children many of whom are still alive. The Franklin case though broke before everything that has come up recently in the highly defiled Bush-43 administration showing the consistent pattern of lying and cover-up that permeates the system right up to the top.

The truth is, as said, just as with the Total Information Awareness program that only changed names and went deeper, the sexual-abuse, pedophile, and other mind-control experiments and operations carried right on even though the government claimed they had ended.

You shall know them by their fruits. You saw just the tip of the iceberg in the Abu Ghraib photos that the Holy Spirit (God) moved to be exposed.

Now, whom are you going to believe, eighty disparate children of all ages coming forth almost immediately (without any time for any so-called recovering of suppressed memories) upon the breaking of the story of a pedophilia ring, just as with all the Roman Catholic altar boys and others who have since come forward and who were for a fact sodomized, etc., or are you going to believe the government that it was a conspiracy of all those children who then saw family members and investigators and others suddenly strategically dying left and right and one of the most outspoken of the children being sentenced to solitary confinement for decades and older children who passed numerous lie detector tests?

There have been some fifteen-plus supposed accidents and suicides immediately surrounding this case. What is the statistical probability of that? Why haven't all the witnesses been eliminated then? The government deliberately does not do one hundred percent elimination, because that would destroy the plausible deniability factor. They are though willing to go all the way if the stakes are high enough and they cannot control the situation any other way.

The only person they sacrificed in the whole affair was Larry King. They did that, because he was too sloppy and became too great a risk to be left alone. Also, there was inevitable infighting within the government (compartment versus compartment).

The mind-control effort (documented further on) of the system takes on a life of its own. The practitioners by definition cannot be fully ...continues... Click next page number below.

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