. . . controlled and neither can their outcomes. It is much more a matter of being a dark spiritual art as it is precise science. The laboratory is not controlled. The variables are infinite. The mad scientists though are hired for their ability to anticipate outcomes better than their employers.

Some of the rich will do anything to hold onto, and increase, their private wealth and power. They know they have made bargains with Satan.

Look, the Roman church was loaded with cover-ups, but it didn't have the power or inclination any longer to do things on the order of Abu Ghraib, the dark CIA sites, extraordinary rendition of people to torture regimes, having Nazi scientists on the payroll encouraged to continue the gross experiments they started under Hitler, etc.

Whom are you going to trust? Are you going to trust unrepentant Platonistic, Straussian prevaricators who supplied Saddam Hussein and the Iranians with illegal weapons of mass destruction to murder one another. They lied to cover that up. Then they lied some more to go to war to steal control of Iraq's oil reserves.

Let it go back where it came from. It doesn't belong here. It isn't Christian. It has no part in Christianity. No Christian has any part in it. "The prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me." (John 14:30).

The prince of this world is the leader of the worldly Empire. Read it. If you don't believe it, you don't know who I am and I don't know you. That is the way of it.

The words of Machiavelli tempt the prince of this world. Nietzsche does the same. Each is about exerting the will of the worldly, unrepentant, unatoning, prince of selfishness. The presidents of the US are such princes of some duration. Some have fallen more than others and to different temptations.

Covering up and ignoring the noble-lie rationale

Machiavellianism is largely the ideology of US leadership. Even when repudiated, it is still followed. Doing that is inherent within Machiavellianism itself. The noble lie is seen as expedient. (The leadership lies to the people, because the people are seen as being too stupid to know what is good for them). It is seen as the legitimate tool of the strong, self-willed ruler in the appropriate pursuit of selfish interests. It is exactly antichrist. Anyone who follows it is following the devil.

Presidents lie to take the nation to war

They follow the devil. They lie about wars while the wars are ongoing. They lie about when they are over. They lie about what the wars were all about and what they accomplished. They have plenty of fallen spirits to assist them in misdirecting. None has been worthy. None has done what Jesus showed is the right and only path—the narrow way.

James Polk and his administration lied about Mexico. He took provocative steps to entice the Mexicans into war. Polk sent American troops into disputed territory that was under negotiations. Neither side was supposed to be in the disputed territory during those negotiations. When Polk gave a speech decrying sixteen American casualties and calling for war on Mexico, he conveniently left that part out.

Teddy Roosevelt, even before becoming president, was keen on militarism especially the Navy. He saw it as a way to project US power around the world. He used that Navy in his lying the US into Panama. The Columbians were intimidated by the US Navy and Marines, etc., not to attempt to keep Roosevelt from taking Panama from Columbia. It was called gunboat diplomacy. Despite his progressive, anti-trust, and naturalist (conservationist) leanings, TR (Teddy Roosevelt) was still a militarist and imperialist.

In order to be elected, Franklin Roosevelt had stuck himself with antiwar, isolationist promises made in his political campaign. To get around that bind as he saw it, he used a foreign policy that resulted in provoking the Japanese into attacking US military assets. That way, the US could enter the war knowing it would become a World War.

Roosevelt was keen on being sure that he could make things appear to the American people that the US was acting only in self-defense since both the Japanese and Germans fired the first shot and drew first blood, as the American people were made to perceive it in shortsighted selfishness. The war didn't start where the leadership wanted the people to believe it started. The events that caused the war were laid long before. The US hadn't just been minding its own business. The business of the US was forcing its way into everyone else's business, territory, markets, etc., while threatening anyone who would come into the Americas.

Franklin Roosevelt lied about Japan despite his even more progressive tendencies than those held by his cousin and uncle-in-law, Teddy.

Least you think that Franklin Roosevelt was above lying to the American people, consider his own words to secretary of the treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., in 1942.

You know I am a juggler, and I never let my right hand know what my left hand does.... I may have one policy for Europe and one diametrically opposite for North and South America. I may be entirely inconsistent, and furthermore I am perfectly willing to mislead and tell untruths if it will help win the war.[50]

Before I go into explaining about the Japanese and Pearl Harbor, let me briefly mention Nazi Germany. In his famous Navy Day speech of October 27, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt asserted the following:

…I have in my possession a secret map made in Germany by Hitler's government-by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America, as Hitler proposes to reorganize it. Today in this area there are fourteen separate countries. The geographical experts of Berlin, however, have ruthlessly obliterated all existing boundary lines; and have divided South America into five vassal states, bringing the whole continent under their domination. And they have also so arranged it that the territory of one of these new puppet states includes the Republic of Panama and our great life line-the Panama Canal. That is his plan. It will never go into effect. This map makes clear the Nazi design not only against South America but against the United States itself.[51]

That map was a forgery. Does that sound familiar. It was forged by MI6, the British secret service. Apparently, an agent named Ivar Bryce came up with the idea. William Stephenson, the British intelligence chief for North America, whose codename was "Intrepid," gave the map to William Donovan, head of US intelligence. Now, Roosevelt gave his speech in late October. The US already knew that the map was a forgery in September. Again, doesn't that remind you of the infamous Yellowcake Forgery and Bush-43's use of it in his State of the Union Address? It ought to.

You must realize that presidential administrations study former administrations. They study what those other administrations got away with. They study what those administrations could have done in order to get away with even more. They study all of history this way. They use all the dark arts of deception to fool people.

Pearl Harbor and 9-11

Franklin Roosevelt knew at the time that the US Lend-Lease policy and Atlantic shipping convoys would only keep the UK independent for a time. He thought that the US had to enter the war in Europe on the side of Britain for the ultimate sake of US Empire. It was all done under the pretext of responding to an attack held out via US propaganda to the American people, who had been against getting entangled in Europe's war, as a "sneak attack" all the while US leadership had known that the Japanese would attack. Some say that the US knew exactly that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

The National Defense Authorization Act FY2001[52] came out of the 106th United States Congress, controlled in both chambers by Republicans who, even though they would have no reason to make Roosevelt look good ideologically, would nevertheless not want the American people to get the idea that presidents lie the US into wars. Their sitting president Bush-43 has been shown to have done that, and they hate defending him about it since there is no defense. That Act was signed into law by then still president Bill Clinton at the end of his second term. That law clearly states that the Navy and Army commanders in Pearl Harbor were denied US intelligence. SEC. 537.(a)(3) of that Act states as follows:

Numerous investigations following the attack on Pearl Harbor have documented that then Admiral Kimmel and then Lieutenant General Short were not provided necessary and critical intelligence that was available, that foretold of war with Japan, that warned of imminent attack, and that would have alerted them to prepare for the attack, including such essential communiques as the Japanese Pearl Harbor Bomb Plot message of September 24, 1941, and the message sent from the Imperial Japanese Foreign Ministry to the Japanese Ambassador in the United States from December 6-7, 1941, known as the Fourteen-Part Message.[53]

The US Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, had notified Washington in January, 1941, that Japan's plan was for an aircraft carrier attack on Pearl Harbor. This should remind you that the CIA had informed George W. Bush that al Qaeda was planning to fly hijacked commercial airliners into skyscrapers.

Admiral Kimmel and General Short in Pearl Harbor were scapegoats. That's a pattern in Washington. They were deliberately kept out of the loop. The intelligence personnel under their commands kept information from them. Why?

US Empire builders at the top had to insure that the Japanese could, and would, throw the first punch and it had to land flush and hard enough for the whole world to see but most importantly for the Americans to feel. It is the law of the Old West. He drew first, so I killed him in self-defense. Never mind that the Japanese were deliberately goaded into war by, and with, the US. Oh, this is no excuse for Japanese foreign policy either. The Japanese imperialists made a fatal mistake attempting to follow in the US-European model.

Japan had a spy in Pearl Harbor, known by the FBI and military at the time, who was relaying information all about the US military in Pearl Harbor. Those communications were intercepted by US intelligence and were transmitted back to Washington. One such intercept stated that the US was in the dark about the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor. The Japanese thought the US didn't know. That's not revisionism. That's not the imagining of conspiracy thinkers. That's documented. All the investigating commissions of the 1940's were simply for whitewashing. The facts came out much later.

There hasn't been a commission or committee yet that has gotten to the bottom of anything about anything. That includes both the Watergate Committee and the Church Committee, which made the most valiant effort to date. Certainly the commissions and committees of late that supposedly investigated all the different doings under the watch of the Bush-43 administration have been whitewashes in that they have all knowingly stopped short of getting at the root problem.

You have to understand when you read statements made against people who research firsthand the original documents that have been kept secret for many decades, with many other documents still not allowed to be viewed from the same eras about the same issues, that those statements designed to cast doubt upon those researchers and their findings and interpretations are in many cases being leveled by professionals being paid to continue the process of disinformation both directly and indirectly by putting out specific and diffuse statements in various locations. They are paid to counter the effect of the revealed facts. They are paid in order for the controllers to maintain some semblance of control for gain, no matter how unsustainable, how evil that profit. It's what the spirit of the devil wants.

Jesus interprets it as no real profit at all. It is really the loss of everything in the end. It is illusory profit.

Also remember that arguments made on the basis of many points do not necessarily rise or fall on one. It isn't circumstantial when the president is quoted as saying, "The United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act," as Roosevelt said. There are not two ways of interpreting that statement. Also, embargoing Japan cannot be interpreted as anything other than what it was. Those were not sentiments of holding out the olive branch.

It is just the same old excuses over and over. When isn't a challenge to approach the greedy and militarist and the ruler-worshippers with messages of love, peace, and truth? What president has ever been a man of peace? Show us the consistent, non-hypocritical Christlikeness on the part of any president. It isn't there. Some leaned in that direction in some ways. None though has truly come forward in the spirit.

The US had purposefully provoked Japan via a number of methods most importantly being the embargo of Japan concerning strategic metals and oil and also freezing Japan's financial accounts. Roosevelt signed that into law via Executive Order in July 1941. It is the standard US operating procedure to provoke countries if possible for purposes of plausible deniability.

In November, 1941, right before Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt ordered the military to take no aggressive measures so that Japan would attack first. That was to overcome objections to entering the war voiced by the peace movement within the US. "The United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act." Those are the words of Roosevelt to the US Pacific military command.

Do you think that the neocons, who are aware of the real history of Pearl Harbor, ordered the military and FBI, etc., to take no aggressive measures so that al Qaeda would attack on US soil under the same reasoning Roosevelt ordered the military concerning Japan?

General Douglas MacArthur actually followed orders in the Philippines waiting for an imminent Japanese attack spurred on by US provocations. Admiral James Otto Richardson, commander of the Pacific Fleet, apparently hotly refused to go along with the administration's policy of luring the Japanese into attacking the US Navy by the Navy deliberately taking a vulnerable posture.

Richardson was replaced by not-too-long-after scapegoated admiral Husband Edward Kimmel. The civilian leadership atop the budding military-industrial complex wasn't going to risk having a commander in place who might thwart a Japanese attack throwing in doubt that the US was clearly acting in self-defense in going to war. The overt act had to be managed to appear as unquestionably undeserved as possible. The US complete Western Hemisphere Empire had to be able to claim to its citizens that it was just minding its own business, going about its business peacefully, when it was attacked in such a surprise.

It was no surprise in Washington. It was planned. The Japanese fell for the bait. It was their mistake as well as it was the mistake of the baiters. The Japanese were as beasts preying on Asia, and they fell prey to an even more ferocious beast whose appetite has only been increased.

The US doesn't have a Monroe Doctrine anymore. It has the Bush Doctrine. The US capitalists aren't interested in an Empire that encompasses just the entire western half of the planet. It wants the whole world and will fight for it or hire those who will. It will goad nations and terrorists for the pretext to accomplish the goal. It incites riots to divide to better conquer. It torments. It antagonizes. It oppresses. It suppresses. It infiltrates. It sabotages. It spreads lies, rumors, malicious gossip. It bribes. It threatens. It blockades. It embargoes. It freezes assets. It does all these things against its foes, and it sees its foes as anyone or anything that stands between it and owning the whole of creation. It seeks to be God by being Satan. You are looking at it being played out before your very eyes. Do you see it and understand?

The US provocations of Japan were planned out and documented in what is called the McCollum Memo, drafted by then lieutenant commander Arthur H. McCollum, also called the Eight-Action Memo for its eight-point plan for provocation.[54] McCollum often dealt directly with Roosevelt in Washington, DC, where he was stationed. McCollum must be viewed as an insider. He was in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). It must also be remembered that Roosevelt had been the assistant secretary of the Navy.

This does not mean that Roosevelt walked in lockstep with McCollum or vice versa. Roosevelt had though both anti-isolationists (Republicans) and hawks strategically placed within his administration. McCollum's views certainly were not dismissed out of hand—quite the contrary, as subsequent events demonstrated. He was there for his advice, much of which was obviously acted upon. McCollum was an expert on Japan. He spoke Japanese and had lived the first eight years of his life there. He was sent back there by the US government to continue his engagement with the Japanese culture and mentality for US military intelligence purposes. In many ways, McCollum's views were a summary of views held in general on the inside. Memos are often reinforcing, centralizing, summarizing, action documents, as this one was.

The McCollum Memo was very much as Paul Wolfowitz's 1992 Defense Planning Guidance document that spelled out the neocon, US, global, empire-building strategy adopted by the Project for the New American Century signed onto by so many Bush-43 administration officers, many of whom are circulating outside the administration for purposes of being as a US football bench that the neocons can rely upon. When the neocons are swept from office in a backlash to their evil practices and goals, there will be neocons strategically placed to be quickly rehabilitated so to speak. They will feign that they got out early, because they didn't fully agree with the things those on the inside were doing.

The McCollum Memo was also very much as the Worldwide Attack Matrix adopted by Bush-43 shortly after 9-11. It was ready and waiting for his signature before 9-11 needing no more than tweaks after that.

The Bush-43 administration knew the US would be attacked in very much the same way the US knew Japan would attack and for very much the same reasons. They were told it would be planes. They were told it would be skyscrapers.

The military let the US take it on the chin so that the US citizens would supposedly react as they did over Pearl Harbor. You know that the fighter jets could have gotten there in time don't you? You know that all suspected hijacking, by law, must be confronted by fighter jets. You know that radar showed exactly where those airliners were headed. You know the fighter jets were not scrambled, contrary to how things had been handled over and over before. Some were scrambled eventually just to make it look plausible. That was the plan.

They may not have known all the details, but they knew enough to stand down just enough to take the hit. It opened the door for the military-industrial complex to gear up and for the US to have an excuse to act in supposed self-defense to go out with the planned Worldwide Attack Matrix put forward by the neocons just rubbing their hands together at the prospect of starting the next war all set up as the long war, the never-ending war, the war to allow them to become the all-seeing eye of Big Brother. It's all right there. It is the global police state unfolding.

The plan to attack the free flow of information on the Internet

Much of the information cited herein about Pearl Harbor was obtained by Robert B. Stinnett via tireless Freedom of Information Request efforts. The Freedom of Information Act is the enemy of the fascists. Truth is their enemy. They hate it. They want to kill it. They hate that the information that comes out is put out there on the Internet for so many of the common people to see.

Where they are not yet able to close things down for fear of political and technical backlash, they are sowing misinformation and disinformation on the Internet and everywhere else they are able. They desperately want a non-neutral Internet. They desperately want the message completely controlled. They want the Internet interface of every American and global user to be Fox News like and nothing but. They want the Fox/Orwellian government being the solely available Internet interface. They will want it to have unlimited numbers of channels, so to speak, all so long as the message is exactly in line with what the power elite want the people to feel, think, say, and do.

It can be false Christianity such as the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), etc. They just want to make positively sure that it isn't real Christianity. In their eyes, real Christianity is their greatest enemy.

The worldly elite are not the elect

The antichrists though will continue to excuse all international undertakings by the US under the aegis of political realism. This is Richard Nixon's stated philosophy of saying one thing and doing another. The common people just aren't capable of understanding was Nixon's belief. It's the argument Jesus proved wrong when he taught people concepts that the elite at the time just couldn't grasp.

The elite were divided from the worthy in that way. Jesus was glad for it. He didn't want the elite to go wrong. He was glad that the common people believed in ...continues... Click next page number below.

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