. . . what was right despite the false teachings of the elite. Jesus showed that it was the selfishness of the elite that was holding back the condition of heaven from coming to earth.

False ideas (that the people are too stupid, their natures run contrary to being good, and leaders must be strong liars for the good of those people) are shared or put forward to one degree or another by every US president.

Deny or ignore everything that casts doubt upon the state's propaganda. It doesn't matter how long ago the disinformation was used to fool the people. It must be censored, contained, displaced, covered over, excused, rationalized, defended, and twisted forever so that the people don't catch on and become suspicious of everything coming out of the worldly state.

What comes out of the worldly state must be suspected though always, since the prince of darkness is still ruling this planet as is plain to see.

Psyops continues to defend the psyops of six thousand years ago. There is a direct link to those still arguing on behalf of the same six-thousand-year-old ideology of selfishness.

"Masters of the Universe: The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve," a 1999 video documentary by Daniel Hopsicker,[55] claims that a prime example of psyops concerns the science fiction novel, The War of the Worlds (1898), by the secular humanist, H. G. Wells, and its use on radio.

On October 30, 1938, right before Halloween, Orson Welles broadcast ideas from the novel as if they were actually happening—that the US had been invaded from Mars. Understand that very little was known about Mars at the time. Telescopes could not rule out advanced life on Mars. Well, Hopsicker says that there is evidence that the whole radio broadcast was a psychological test on the unwitting population to see how they would react. He says that the Rockefeller Foundation was behind it. It was apparently developed by one C. D. Jackson, a psyops specialist.[56] Jackson was in print media for the capitalist cause and later went on to be the publisher of Life magazine.

To just dismiss out of hand that the Rockefeller Foundation by way of C. D. Jackson were behind it is simply to deny that these people are involved in psyops even though it is no secret. They acknowledge that these people are involved in all sorts of deep undercover spying and espionage, but when it surfaces, they are conditioned always to deny it to the utter peril of their souls.

Of course, there comes a point when the elite doesn't even have to, or try to, hide its real intentions. Then the people are very wicked. Then the wrath and tribulation come. Many of the people in the US now are arguing openly in favor of using torture and other wicked means. Many are openly and in high places advocating total ruthlessness and wholesale slaughter of even the innocent. Unless enough of the American people pull back from the brink, the entire nation will suffer the gravest of consequences.

Presidents lie, continued

The following is by no means exhaustive.

The Eisenhower administration claimed that the U2 spy plane the Soviets shot down was a weather plane. Then the Soviets tried the captured pilot for the world to see how the US lies.

President Kennedy said during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that the US was not engaged in any hostile acts against Cuba.

Johnson lied about the Gulf of Tonkin.

Nixon and Kissinger lied about the secret bombing of Cambodia, etc.

Reagan lied about the US invasion of Grenada and about the Iran-Contra arms deal.

Bush-41 lied about the US invasion of Panama and about the Iraqis doing atrocities in Kuwait and amassing tanks on the border with Saudi Arabia.

Hill & Knowlton, the global public relations firm, coached the fifteen-year-old daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US to lie before a Congressional committee about the Iraqi's killing babies in Kuwait by taking them out of incubators and leaving them on the floor. The president repeated the story. It was a lie to drum up US public support for going after Iraq (invading). It was a lie just as the story that Iraq had amassed tanks on the Saudi border was a lie.

Bush-43 lied about Saddam Hussein in all the ways documented in this work. He lied about Katrina. He is lying about Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, domestic spying and on and on.

Of course, there are all the smaller military actions to force business dominance by the US onto the world, especially in Latin America, where other reasons (lies and misdirection) were given to the US public.

The general direction has been satanic

What has been the general direction? What do we have with the recent swing of the pendulum? The US Congress has been severely weakened to become the neocon rubber stamp of the presidency in large measure. The voting rights of minorities have been systematically attacked and undermined. The press, the media, have been consolidated in large measure into the hands of the neocon loyalists who suppress dissident voices. The educational system has been attacked for voicing dissenting ideas and is being called to privatize for the sake of the private profits of corporations. People have been smeared with the tar of guilt by association simply for debating ideas with others or because their ideas overlap with some ideas voiced by the unsavory. The supremacy of the presidency has been put to the fore as if it is the sole sovereign. Freedom to peaceably assemble has been put under numerous and onerous restrictions. Demonstrators and protesters have been threatened with legal sanctions rather than having their grievances redressed. Ever-increasing hurdles have been put before all would-be opposition political parties. Electoral redistricting has been corrupted for the sake of the ruling elite. It's called gerrymandering. Ethnic minorities have been targeted and profiled for arrest and conviction and voting disenfranchisement for the further unethical political gain of the ruling class. National security has been used to threaten the press. Journalists have been imprisoned and forced to be embedded within the military. Book publishing has been made more difficult by the acts of the Library of Congress. Suppressive, intimidating surveillance has been hugely increased internationally and domestically. The push is on for the all-seeing eye of the secret police. We have come to know it as Total Information Awareness. The supposed right of the president to deport, exile, and disappear, imprison, torture, and execute non-citizens an
d citizens alike under the pretext of general and national security and without probable cause or due process of any kind, has been claimed by the US executive. The president has been ruling by decree (executive orders and signing statements). The president has been awarding the spoils to whomever he chooses under no-bid contracts. The president is claiming he is doing all that for democracy, liberty, and freedom while he has abolished those things and decries them in other places around the world. Such are and always have been the measures of the Machiavellian mind. Where is the shame? Satan has no shame.

As soon as the word "satanic" pops up, much of the general population has been programmed to roll its eyes. They are literally trained to react to the term "satanic" with notions of dabbling or so-called harmless role playing and with uneducated, low socioeconomic strata, etc. It is true that all those things present. However, there is the serious, highly educated, wealthy, sophisticated end of the spectrum and everything between. There are people from one end of the spectrum to the other who to one degree or another imagine themselves as devoutly practicing what they call Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Christianity, etc. Well, there are people who worship Satan just as seriously as the others worship in their systems. If you don't believe this, you're in denial. There is a place in Satan worship where all pretense and rationalization is laid aside and people are willingly and desirously controlled by the spirit of evil for the sake of power. That's the truth. When the spirit of Satan says to them the same tempting words spoken to Jesus, rather than replying as Jesus did, they drop to their knees and get their reward here and now. That of course is self-reinforcing so the delusional reality deepens. If you don't believe it, you don't believe in Jesus's having been tempted and having overcome it. Nebuchadnezzar II, Alexander, Caesar, Mohammed, Tamerlane, Napoleon, Hitler, and all the other would-be militant world conquerors kneeled to the temptation. They had their reward to the extent they worshipped. That's the way it was and still is. They were all possessed by inferior spirits just as those who are now possessed. Only Jesus was the incarnation of the highest spirit. That's why he didn't succumb to the temptation to raise an army of men to go out conquering the way all those others did and still are. That's why he credited the spirit and not himself with overcoming, wit
h detaching from the fragmentation to join in the uncorrupted, incorruptible oneness. That's why he self-sacrificed and was raised up for it.

How satanic?

MKULTRA and other mind-control experiments (details further on) and practices were real and still exist under altered covers. The fruits of those experiments have been shown all over the world in the form of the Abu Ghraib torture photographs.

People are braving the threats. People are going public in faith. They are shaking off the lie that evil is security. There is no security in evil. No matter what the devil does to anyone including killing the flesh, God will take up the innocent.

Despite prominent business people and governmental officials continuing to be accused to this day by the attorney for the alleged victims in the Franklin pedophilia case, no civil suits have shut him down for slander or libel. People are afraid to file such suits. That fear is obvious since this is such a litigious society.

A ring of prominent Omaha leaders being continually accused of pedophilia not filing suit to vindicate their names and to stop the accusations is bizarre. Everyone involved has been told to let it drop.

The only people allowed to continue are the disinformation forces primarily on the Internet: Those who have been fighting the net for the military-industrial complex.

Move on, get over it

The plan is to move on. Get over it. Do the dirty work. Then ignore it, and it will go away. That is always the plan. You hear it said all the time. It is a hypnotic-suggestion trigger. Just "move on." "Get over it." Well, God doesn't move on, hasn't moved on, and will never move on at the urging of Satan. Do you think Jesus came to just "move on" and to just "get over it"? He came for truth. Repent.

Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. (Matthew 23:31-35).

God knows all the unrepented history even if human beings have forgotten.

Satan wants the ransom to continue growing and will extract every last penny. It is better to pay now to pay less rather than moving on allowing the debt to grow to pay more, suffer and atone for more, later. That is what Jesus taught.

Let us repent and atone together now so souls are saved to God now. Let us not leave the lost fold of Jesus hostage to evil. Let us pay the devil's ransom to free souls, which will bankrupt the devil being left to devour nothing new. That is turning the eternal tables on Satan and cleansing the spiritual temple.

Whose side are you on?

George W. Bush said you're either with him or you're with the terrorists. Bush though is using terror to get his way. It's hypocrisy. If you are with George W. Bush, you are not with Jesus.

Republican cover-ups: The Franklin Community Federal Credit Union pedophile case, and more, continued

There are also allegations of murder of the state police investigator and his eight-year-old son in the Franklin cover-up pedophile case so that the FBI could grab and suppress evidence such as photographs that the first responders said were strewn all over the farm field when the FBI showed up and took everything away even right out of the hands of the on-site police, including the plane that ended up at a military facility apparently leaving the civilian aviation authority out of the loop even though the plane was a civilian aircraft that crashed.

Why was it a federal case? How many times does the FBI show up at a civilian airplane crash and take everything involved to a military base?

The first responder police officer was told by the FBI never to speak of it again. He did speak out though and he was injured and his wife was killed in a head-on collision shortly afterwards. The news interview of the farmer who had seen and heard the plane in a mid-air explosion aired once on TV news and then was pulled. The replacement story left out the eyewitness account and claimed that the plane broke up in mid flight and exploded on impact.

Along with the plane, the FBI took what people said were thousands of sexually explicit pedophile photos and other evidence that may have been linked to the Larry King blackmail photos of Senators, Congressmen, and perhaps White House officials and big-business men.

Just before his plane mysteriously came apart in the sky, Gary Caradori, who was the chief investigator for the Nebraska Senate investigation committee looking into the Franklin cover-up case, called the committee chairman, state senator Loran Schmit, and told the senator, "We've got them. There's no way they can get out of it now." Caradori had the photographs and a book with names, etc. He was on his way back from obtaining the evidence in Chicago when his plane went down and the FBI took all the evidence that has never seen the light of day again.

The FBI claimed they never found the back seat of the plane or Caradori's briefcase. In other words, the FBI did a massive cover-up of the whole ring that reached right on into the White House and either murdered Caradori or were certainly in on it. They took the evidence away that Caradori told committee chairman, state senator Loran Schmit he was bringing back.

Obviously, the FBI had been tailing and bugging Caradori and Schmit, so they knew that Caradori had obtained the evidence.

The FBI followed orders in the murder of Caradori and his eight-year-old son.

The FBI, it is claimed, also confiscated flight manifests from charter companies concerning Larry King's charter flights in which it is alleged he transported children for sex to numerous cities around the nation to official Republican functions and parties.

How satanic?, continued

Some of the children involved claimed to have been part of the infamous CIA project Monarch in which children are systematically broken and brainwashed to create controllable human tools for the Empire's toolbox such as assassins (Operation SPELLBINDER), spies, drug couriers (to obtain untraceable funding for covert operations), and sex slaves (to put high powered people into compromising positions for documentation to be used in controlling their decisions). On a more sophisticated level, people are planted to become romantically involved over an extended period for purposes of gaining confidence to extract secrets both domestic and foreign, concerning military, business, and political plans and activities.

Larry King was close to Craig Spence who was exposed by The Washington Times in July 1989 for running a call-boy operation in Washington, DC. The newspaper reported that Spence bragged of CIA connections and was running a blackmail operation. His house was bugged to obtain incriminating audio and video evidence to use for control over people in positions of power. After Spence was exposed, he said that he feared he'd be killed and the murder made to look like a suicide. He died, and it was called a suicide. Larry King was also close to Ronald Roskens who, according to Gary Caradori (who died mysteriously in the covered up plane crash), was forced to resign as chancellor of the University of Nebraska for his verified involvement in homosexual activities with young men at his state-supplied housing. Despite knowing this about Roskens, President George H. W. Bush went ahead and appointed Roskens as head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) knowing full well Roskens sexual activities. That agency has CIA involvement.

Don't forget that Bush-41 had been the director of the CIA and knew all about the mind control and torture experiments and practices. He knew all about the Monarch program and the expendable children used for the Empire. This is the same Bush who was chosen to replace William Colby as director of the CIA. Colby had cooperated too much with the Church Committee in the original investigations of the CIA and NSA, etc.

Frank Church heroically investigated and exposed abhorrent and depraved human experiments the US conducted using Nazi mad scientists and others heading up the perfection of a living hell for the victims of the experiments and the torture victims around the world wherever the lying Empire wants to extract information and/or spread a lively terror.

Such immorality exposed by Frank Church is the standard conservative tactic. Churchill wanted to gas the Arabs to "spread a lively terror." He said that the fire-bombing of Dresden in WWII was "for the sake of increasing the terror." Terror is a weapon of war. It is still very much being used by the US today. War is terror. Breaking people, killing people, maiming people, destroying their lives, is the objective. It doesn't matter how young or innocent they are. The young are the children of the enemy. Destroying the children of the enemy destroys the enemy. Children are tools. They are expendable. In war, one may do whatever one wants with anyone, including the children, including the children of one's own nation. Also the war is permanent. Do you see that yet? Are you against it?

Understand that Churchill's father hated him and his mother was sleeping all around. It is the pattern. The abused become the abusers unless they overcome.

Depravity is commonplace and must be faced

Look, incest, sadism, homosexuality, pedophilia, and other fragmented behaviors are much, much more common than the general population is willing to see. They don't want to face the shame in their own families and personal histories. That's bad, since facing it is necessary for it to stop. It is necessary for repentance and salvation. Not facing the truth facilitates the perpetuation of the evil in the greater population.

Not facing the truth leaves the culture amenable to depravity. Just look at what the current generation is doing in the US military and intelligence agencies. If people were willing to face down their own complicity and turn, such behavior would find no home in the hearts of people.

Shame and a guilty conscience are a blessing and nothing to fear so long as they lead to faith to change and bring forth results worthy of salvation.

The first step is the reality check of the cause and effect of evil and how you have fit in with it. Look at everything concerning the circumstances through which you were introduced to evil. See how it was part of the chain reaction going back tricking soul after innocent soul with tempting lies turning those souls into an army of like tempters.

Now, change the flow to the exact opposite direction. Start encouraging righteous behavior and start discouraging unrighteous behavior. Start telling and living that truth only.

We are sorry for falling into selfishness and misleading others. Forgive us. Lead us away from the spirit of violence, competition, and harmful lust and into peace, cooperation, and zeal for your perfect, unselfish love. Lead us to practice the new commandment, to help others help yet others.

Concerning the Franklin pedophile case, the US Secret Service, the same people who guard the president and vice president, were reported in the news as having been involved in rounding up evidence concerning Craig Spence when he supposedly committed suicide that was then hushed over. How unusual is it for the Secret Service to be directly involved in such a case? The names of VIP's in the Reagan and Bush-43 administration along with others were kept out of the news. The evidence tying the White House to the Franklin case has never seen the light of day.

The military put out a disinformation propaganda story suggesting that the Russians might have set up the whole thing (the pedophilia ring). Well, the Russians didn't start any of the CIA, DIA, or NSA depraved programs. The US started them all. They used the Russians as a pretext for declaring everything a national security issue so they could have plausible deniability in covering up White House involvement and to minimize political damage to the conservative-Republican takeover that was the beginning of the big push for a militant, privatization revolution called the new world order masquerading under the banner of democracy and an open-market economy. Of course, we know how these lies work, what with how Saddam Hussein was supposedly linked to al Qaeda and 9-11 and yellowcake and mobile weapons labs, etc. We also know about the cover up of US illegal weapons shipments to Saddam. We know about the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and on and on and on and on. One has to remain naïve and gullible to ...continues... Click next page number below.

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