. . . keep believing the pathological liars running the world. Jesus certainly didn't believe them.

In thinking about all these things, it is essential that one considers a number of different things at once: Paradox, dichotomy, duality, lie, confusion, and ignorance. This is not an exhaustive list. In fact, the real list is infinite. The exhaustive list would consider the infinite parsing of each of those terms listed above. It would also include, in like manner, every concept used in understanding each of those concepts. That process would link to the sum total of known concepts and lead to concepts previously unrevealed to human beings. That's the point. The more one seeks God, the closer one may become.

As for touching on the terms listed, I've gone into the concept of paradox throughout this work in some detail, at least enough to give you reason not to allow yourself to become morally ambivalent.

God is love. God created everything. Therefore, how can evil exist?

Dichotomy and duality are much the same. Everything came out of God. There is both good and evil. Therefore, isn't God really divided into two contradictory spirits?

As you have seen and will further see, we answer these questions contextually, connotatively, implicatively, semantically, infinitely, and reconcilably. This is a subjective, arbitrary approach from the mundane perspective; however, from the divine perspective, it is objective and imperative.

Evil exist so we will overcome it to know real righteousness, salvation, redemption. God allows God's opposite so we may come to know God. Let there be light. Some people fall further than others before they see. The depth one may fall is infinite, because God's righteousness is also infinite. This also means that no matter how far one has fallen, one may turn to God again. Turning though is required. Jesus doesn't know anyone who hasn't turned. They aren't real. They're false-hearted. They're selfish.

All evil is a conspiracy

It is within this greater context that we must consider lies, confusion, and ignorance when we discern conspiracies.

There is absolutely no doubt that the US Justice Department has sealed information away from the legislature, the judiciary, and various departments and individuals within law enforcement. There is absolutely no doubt that the US intelligence community and military have classified and compartmentalized a vast amount of that same and other information.

Sibel Edmonds has made clear that US officials have personally profited off black-market nuclear weapons transactions and that, that information was sealed from public investigation by the US Justice Department under the pretext of national security.

Also, in order to continue development and operations there is absolutely no doubt that the Pentagon simply moved and renamed the Total Information Awareness program and placed it under the Black Budget (unpublished, secret set of books) no member of the US Congress ever sees.

Therefore, it is not a question of whether or not the US classifies and compartmentalizes illegality, child abuse (covered below), and all the associated experiments and practices uncovered over the years and also renames and moves such activities to continue them with impunity. It is a question of the five w's concerning them: Who, what, where, when, and why. Some people add "how" and "how much," as in how much money was involved; however, those concepts are really covered by the five w's. It is wise though to maintain "how" and "how much" for purposes of trailing, focusing, and emphasizing.

This process is vital in the process of revolutionary change. It is part of the process of personal introspection and soul searching and for purposes of leading to universal repentance and the salvation of the species and our habitat and beyond.

Considering lies, confusion, and ignorance is mandatory. We know that there are many, many people who openly maintain that lying is proper. They carry that position to the extreme of sociopathic self-licensing to do with others as they see fit no matter the pain and suffering and injustice. In fact, they compartmentalize justice at best, not seeing it as a universal. Lying can be and is used to deceive, mislead, confuse, etc. Therefore, when thinking about immoral conspiracies, it is taken for granted that conspirators will say and do all manner of things to throw off investigation. It is the nature of the thing.

When governmental conspiracies delve into child abuse, it must be understood by the mind not inclined toward abuse that child abuse is an opening into hell, which has no bounds. This is why the pit is bottomless.

Hell is the state of derangement. The farther in, the more deranged. It is less and less arranged, ordered, straight, etc. Distortion and confusion are greater and greater. It is with this in mind that one must view all that surrounds stories of conspiracies.

Remember, conspiracies are absolutely known. Cover-ups are flat facts. Their existence is not in question—not that everything everyone claims as a conspiracy is based upon facts. Nevertheless, deliberate and known governmental child abuse exists. That's a fact.

The question is one of rooting it out and killing the root, the root here being synonymous with, by definition, the satanic (it is manifest in the brain matter).

We are talking about the living hell, which is living death for those in it here and now.

Children are being forced by the US government by immoral users, to live in a crooked world as tools for selfishness, for money and power for the deranged. It happens in the open and under ostensible volunteerism in the forms of ROTC and the military; however, it exists in the shadows and darkness, absolutely involuntary, and at levels so depraved that people don't want to even consider it, which is what demons count on.

Now, since these subjects of wrong-doing are part and parcel of derangement, it is inevitable that terribly fractured and fragmented souls will be stirred by them whether by design of others or themselves or in confusion that is simply an innocent symptom. In other words, when looking at these undeniable conspiracies, one must understand that confusion (real fractured results of abuse) has led some people in the world to delusively associate themselves with abuses that they did not directly experience. Just the fact of making such connections does though point to real abuse somewhere in their existence, their history. Liars are made by abuse, not born. The same holds for all forms of mental illness.

Yes, there is genetic predisposition. However, love (a nurturing society from before conception to eternal life) can overcome any such fleshy triggers for confusion.

The point here though is to caution all not to fall for the trap of dismissing wholesale the fact of conspiracies just because one, when looking into them, is confronted with the distortions in hell.

Jesus after all was straighter than anyone else with whom he was associating. All were relatively more distorted in perception. All were more in hell, though Jesus realized that more than they. He maintained and improved sanity while working in the asylum. Such is the nature of the hero braving hell to rescue lost and dying and dead souls who will be found and brought back to life if those souls will respond to love, compassion, unselfishness, and the call to softheartedness and real, and not hypocritical, false, kindness. Will they recognize the truth, or will they refuse and reject their own salvation and, thereby, harm the prospects for the salvation of others.

Why am I emphasizing all this, this way, at this point in the work? The ill-prepared will run away and hide when hell is being exposed in places they don't want to even imagine it could exist. It shakes their faith in the status quo too much. They fear it. It is uncomfortable and unpleasant. The problem though is that leaving it alone leaves others, often the innocent, in much more discomfort. It is a selfish and cowardly course. There is no mercy or love in it.

Understand also that it is natural for people who have a certain number of facts to further speculate. Understand also that speculation (surrounded by facts) in and of itself is not grounds for dismissal. Fruits or results or effects always point to the cause or source. Cause and effect is an unbroken chain infinite in past, present, and future. Positive connections for some people are speculative for others. The truth is though that with the pieces of the picture that are known, there is no way the whole picture is not grotesque. We are not seeing just the ugly pieces and the rest of the picture is wholesome. Quite the contrary. We are seeing only tidbits of a picture the rest of which is so disturbed that those responsible keep it from view even from themselves.

The case of the Finders

Now, let us look at the case of the Finders. The same national-security pretext was used in stopping the investigation of the Finders who were obviously engaged in activities that would see any citizen under the usual treatment of the courts stripped of his or her parental rights and probably serving time. Ordinarily, without CIA objection, thorough and lengthy investigation and prosecution would have ensued. Due to CIA objection, that process did not occur.

February 4th of 1987, two well-kempt white men dressed in business suits and ties were taken into police custody and arrested and charged in Tallahassee, Florida, on suspicion of kidnapping and child abuse. They had six children with them aged two to seven traveling with them in a van. The children were filthy, covered in insect bites, several not wearing any underpants, bruised, "behaving like wild animals in a public park in Tallahassee." The police were notified and responded to investigate.

It turned out that the children did not know about toilets or other technology. They had been made to live outdoors and were fed only as rewards (conditioning or training reinforcement). In other words, the children were very close to feral children treated much as yard dogs under some training process. The explanation the two men gave to the police was that they were taking the children to Mexico to start a school for brilliant children.

Some of this case became part of the public record as a result of investigations and search warrants and the initial cooperation of the US Secret Service, Tallahassee Police Department, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, and possibly others.

The Tallahassee Police Department linked the two men to a group known as the Finders around Washington, D.C.

Understand that the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) had had the Finders under surveillance already for possible pedophilic orgies and an unsolved murder. The MPD was glad to gain probable cause to obtain search warrants for the Finders' properties around the area.

Search warrants turned up documents on obtaining or finding (hence the group name Finders) children by means of creating breeder mothers from within the community (cult commune as the authorities described the Finders) and purchasing, trading, and kidnapping children. There were actual telexes (messages from teletypewriters connected to a telephonic network; a sort of pre-fax machine technology) ordering the purchase of children from Hong Kong through the Chinese Hong Kong Embassy.

One of the people found at one of the Finders' properties was a Chinese, foreign graduate student enrolled at the Anatomy Department of Georgetown University.

Georgetown is noted as America's oldest Roman Catholic and Jesuit university with heavy influence upon global policy via its Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, with former presidents and heads of state amongst its former students.

What would a supposed graduate student in anatomy from Communist China be doing with the Finders (covered by the CIA) and the many children under the control of the Finders?

Additional documents obtained via the warrants pointed to secret bank accounts, high-tech transfers to the UK, and according to the police report "interest in terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement." The Finders had detailed information at their location concerning the arrest in Tallahassee just the day before. They had broadcast instructions to move all the other children in their custody to evade police detection. Many jars full of human feces were on display. Numerous nude photos of adults and children were found. A photo album was seized containing a series of photos of what the investigators termed a "blood ritual." The adults and children were dressed in white sheets. The photos were of the following according to the written law enforcement investigative report:

The execution, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children. This included the removal of the testes of a male goat, the discovery of a female goat's "womb" and the "baby goats" inside the womb, and the presentation of a goat's head to one of the children.

This whole ring is about treating and training near-feral children as yard dogs; child abuse; child pornography; creating breeder mothers; purchasing, trading, and kidnapping children; secret bank accounts; high-tech transfers; terrorism; explosives; evasion of law enforcement; ritual animal sacrifice, anathema to Christianity; and much more that would have come out except for CIA protection of the group and its network and its government sanctioned activities.

The CIA and US Justice Department blocked any further investigation of the network.

Add to that, that they specifically chose goats to sacrifice with the female pregnant, and one begins to see the pattern of Satanism. Goats after all are integrally involved in devil worship. The children were obviously being desensitized at a very early age to killing, disemboweling, skinning, and dismembering living, pregnant beings in a ritualistic, symbolic manner.

Documents showed connections with Africa, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Europe, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Malaysia, and Palestine. Other files showed Finder members in various parts of the world.

Passports showed travel to "Moscow, North Korea, and North Vietnam from the late 1950's to mid 1970's." Note especially North Korea and the time frame. Who could have traveled to those places during that time other than someone with high clearance from the CIA? Those nations were behind the Iron Curtain. In the case of North Korea, travel for commercial reasons would have been unheard of by some simple cultic commune member. The idea is beyond lame.

One project file was entitled Pentagon Break-In.

There was much evidence of front organizations, dummy companies, or shells operated by the Finders.

The documentation showed that the Finders systematically responded to advertisements for babysitters and tutors and the like. Families looking for such services would be documented by the Finders. The Finders all collected a large volume of information on childcare facilities. Couple this information with the documentation on purchasing, trading, and kidnapping of children and actual purchase orders for children and it doesn't take much imagination to figure out why the Finders were responding to family solicitations for babysitters and tutors and why they were investigating daycare and other facilities. Obviously, they obtain children from these sources.

The Finders' properties were loaded with computer and other equipment, including networking, satellite, and video. Remember, this was in the mid to late 1980's. Such international computer networking was a rather rare and advance state of computer affairs. I remember well the 1200 baud rate and the UNIX command line Job Control Language necessary to do anything on the Internet at the time.

The Finders were exceptionally educated and technologically advanced for people raising children as dogs. They knew exactly what they were doing in a highly sophisticated molding of those children for wide-ranging purposes depending upon the results of their psychological observations of the children while they engaged individually and in highly controlled groups. This was as always experimenting, testing, indoctrinating, and operating for unethical reasons of empire building, among other unbelievably depraved things done in the name of the US secret government .

Among things discovered were computer disk containing the names of CIA staff members working at CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia.

Almost immediately, the entire case was taken over by the CIA and everything concerning it classified. Even the police reports that had already been written were classified. The FBI was taken off the case even as the CIA claimed publicly that it had turned everything over to the FBI. US Customs was made to back off as well.

The six children taken into custody in Florida were returned to their mothers in the Finders. The Washington, DC police issued public statement saying that the Finders were doing eccentric but not illegal activities.

The CIA admitted that Finder members had given computer training to the CIA via some organization. Also, the wife of the leader of the Finders at the time, Marion David Pettie, had worked for the CIA. His son had worked for Air America, a CIA airline concentrated in and around Indochina before and during the Vietnam War. It was used extensively during the secret war before the war, meaning the secret war in Laos.

Can you see the patterns

Now think about how the Finders fit in with all the pieces including the Franklin cover-up, Abu Ghraib, CIA dark sites, extraordinary renditions (kidnappings), the Sibel Edmonds cover-up, Iraqgate, Contra drug running into the US, Iran-Contra, CIA coup d'états and assassinations, Watergate, human experimentation by the US government with Nazi mad scientists and others, business deals before that with the Nazis, and on and on. What pattern starts to emerge?

Can you do pattern recognition with your mind, or have you been programmed so that your head starts to hurt or fog up when such matters are presented? Are you programmed to instantly dismiss it all? If that's what you are tempted to do, that's what's going on. That's what they count on.

That's what their studies have shown them that if they can fill your head from birth with the American Dream, you will live your life asleep in that unreality while they go about doing things that the American Dream claims is unacceptable until they tell you otherwise, such as when they tire of being undercover and want to do their despicable neocon things more out in the open, sucking in more people. It's a disease, it's evil, and it's happening. "Woe unto them that call evil good." (Isaiah 5:20).

The worse it is, no matter how many facts you have, Americanization is to get you thinking it can't be true or that you must just ignore it, go along, and forget it—either live in denial or something else you don't even care to consider. Move on. Get over it. Remember? They will have you wondering about your sanity. Conspiracy thinkers are all immediately to be viewed as crazy. Seeing patterns where there supposedly aren't any (where they deny them, lie that they aren't right there) is another sure sign of mental illness. They also said Jesus was possessed by demons. We all know though that it was the other way around. We know that by the pattern—the cause and effect—their spirit and the results of their conspiracy against Jesus and Christianity: Rotten fruit from the rotten root.

The documents and other evidence that surfaced via the warranted searches and seizures implicated the Finders in Monarch activities and domestic and international covert operations program still going on over ten years after William Colby said the CIA had stopped the practice. A child who was six at the time would be about twenty-five at the time of this entry. What was done to that child for the last twenty years? How has that child been used? What has that child been compelled to do?

Do you care? Are you going to remain silent about it? Are you going to just accept that the government has the right and authority in your name to conduct such activities abusing children? If you say nothing, are you culpable? Yes.

In reading on, don't lose sight of the fact that the US gets into bed with all sorts of dictators, tribal warlords, drug kingpins, and others and rationalizes it all away while the rich line their pockets and starve the poor. Don't lose sight of all the horrendous experiments and despicable things the US engages in, in the pursuit of global economic and military domination for selfish reasons. Then understand that the spirit of capitalism is an old wineskin that cannot hold the Holy Spirit.

It gets worse.

Torture is Satanism

The Antichrist, fallen one, metes out evil for evil. We do it to each other. Directly and indirectly (seemingly), we cause the negative consequences we, each other, all, have suffered. Our spirits cause it—different spirit, different result.

The urge to mete out evil for evil is to be overcome. Real knowledge is having learned that lesson. It is perfect goodness. It won't partake.

We, as children of God, are chastened with the rod of our fellow human beings. We bring it upon ourselves.

The Son of man and the Son of man

The rod of the Son of man ranges from as physical as possible to as metaphorical as possible. The physical rod is in Satan's hand. The metaphorical, word of truth, rod is in Jesus's hand. The Son of man will come with the physical rod. Then the Son of man will come with the metaphorical rod, a different man of the same general biological species but of a different spirit. The second one is the second coming of the spirit of Jesus Christ with his angels.

Now, understand that Muslim prisoners held by the Pentagon have been systematically forced to pray within Satanic pentagrams.

You've heard about how the US has used ...continues... Click next page number below.

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