. . . teams of psychologists working in conjunction with torture practitioners in perfecting ways to break prisoners. They torture prisoners by placing them in seemingly untenable positions vis-à-vis their core religious beliefs. If a prisoner is tortured into saying or doing anything that runs counter to his beliefs about what is sacred, then the prisoner believes he has been a traitor to God.

When one is evaluating the moral and ethical standards of these torture teams, there are two ways of viewing Mohammed's vision of the nature of God.

The real Christian view always keeps in mind that, as said, the Antichrist, the fallen one, metes out evil for evil. The real Christian knows that Muslims suffer due to their real error in following Mohammed's antichrist view. However, the real Christian will never participate in meting out any of the negative consequences for the negative consequences of Mohammed's falsehood.

The false view on the other hand, the non-real-Christian view, obviously, will mete out evil for evil. Many who are anti-Islam simply excuse torture and encourage it since it is being employed against what is claimed as the true religion. Of course, these apologists don't have the true religion. They follow, excuse, and do evil. The entire endeavor (torture), is evil. God doesn't torture. Satan does.

The difference is everything

It cannot be overstated that this knowledge is why Jesus's message was new and more revealing and more enlightening and the path to complete revelation and light. This is the point of separation. This is where the once tiny, hard to see, difference is everything and infinite and is being revealed in stark, undeniable contrast, magnified to clear and plain proportions, to take away every excuse so that the righteous may be free, are already free in heaven.

This does no harm. Jesus didn't condemn those who came before who hadn't had the benefit of his, Jesus's, revelation. He knew which of the prophets would have been overjoyed at his words. He knew there were earnest seekers of truth versus those who loved to build upon darkness and who, therefore, sought to, and did, kill even what little relative light that came their way.

Since Islam professes to be anti-satanic, anything the torturers can do to cause Muslims to violate anti-Satan beliefs will help break them down.

It may make some Muslims more susceptible to turning to the cause of the enemy (the US). It may make them highly suggestible to hypnotic control at different levels. It may make them mouthpieces for the futility of fighting the Empire. These are the types of things the psychologists test and record, etc. It will take the fight out of some, but it will make great, traumatized monsters out of others. This is where evil comes from after all: Evil.

The shepherds are insane, and the flock is afflicted and infectious.

Now, these torture/psyops groups are composed of people whose concepts of what is really going on varies widely within the groups. Some of them pride themselves on their high level of materialist and empiricist sophistication. They see themselves as the ones who can control others and, of course, can never be duped while doing their work. They view the spirit as a figment of the imagination coming out of the matter, structure, and function of the brain evolved out of consciouslessness (no God) and a sign of mental disease. They view reason as something that can be easily misled by theism. For them, hard, cold, clinical facts derived via rigid scientific methodology is the only basis for claiming knowledge. Morality and knowledge are hardly the same thing to serpents.

Others are even more prideful and egotistical but come at it from the spirit. These others know that the materialists-empiricists are, in fact, duped by the satanic spirit. They also subscribe to the falsehood that the satanic spirit is the right spirit. They are anti-Isaiah and anti-Jesus.

The fire of evil isn't put out with evil

The entire endeavor is sociopathic. It is conscienceless. Those who engage in torture lack awareness, consciousness, knowledge of moral and ethical boundaries. They rationalize evil to combat evil. They fight the fire of evil with the fire of evil. They don't realize that that fire wouldn't flame up were it not for caving into evil urges. They don't understand that that fire is never quenched by evil. It only appears to go out. That fire is invisible to those who don't see the longer-term, eternal, causality. That fire is fueled by evil, even if the flames are long delayed.

Only peace provides no fuel or spark for such fire but rather displaces it. One cannot reach peace through the urge to its opposite.

The entire endeavor has everything upside down. The Pentagon is upside down. It is exactly the problem rather than the solution.

The conscious decision by the Pentagon openly to embrace Satan for temporal Empire

In 1984, one US Army lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino, a psychological operations specialist, was being investigated by the military concerning allegations of pedophilia surrounding a daycare center at The Presidio of San Francisco when it was still a US Army post. No charges were brought against Aquino. Aquino was a member of the Church of Satan but split off as a founder of the Temple of Set (Set referring to the Egyptian god of whom Aquino holds Satan is a derivative). This concept is the opposite of unity and oneness and wholeness as expressed by Jesus.

The Set followers are solipsistic, meaning they hold that the self is the only knowable reality (not self in God and God's self in one but rather the self as willpower apart from God). This stream is heading in the opposite direction of Jesus Christ. It is antichrist. It is the individual human will above all. It leads to the Leopold and Loeb mentality. It is in line with Nietzsche, Machiavelli, Ayn Rand, humanism (the apostate brand), libertarianism (also the apostate brand), militarism, capitalism, etc., which cascades into sociopathy where others are seen as there to do with as the strong please since to evil minds, survival of the fittest is the law and the fittest are those most capable of ruthlessness for selfish aims. Lust can easily be unbridled. Appetites, distorted by abuse, can be hedonistically indulged without compassion. The downward spiral is all rationalized away. These currents never lead to Christlikeness. They never lead to giving and sharing all freely. They always lead to taking for self at the expense of others. They license deception to achieve their aims, which they often claim are ennobling no matter how depraved. It is the hypocritical direction.

All of this varies from individual to individual. Different antichrist mentalities draw lines in different places. However, by virtue of subscribing to any of the antichrist disunity, each facilitates hypocritical self-authorization to license harm and offense for the selfish sake of the pleasures of sin, as Paul called them. Such harm and offense is actually unpleasant to those who are the opposite of sociopathic.

One line drawn concerns metaphysics. Michael Aquino subscribes to both science and the metaphysical power of black magic and the dark arts. Others in the dark stream are though beholden only to the scientific methodology defined by Karl Popper's concept of empirical falsifiability, which doesn't allow for the knowledge that comes with faith, which transcends that very methodological limitation.

We saw for instance with the Finders and their use of ritual animal sacrifice in a relatively high-tech (at the time), clinical atmosphere, the lines being deliberately blurred and exploited for the sake of the dominance of the so-called fittest (less moral). This is all a direct extension of the same mentality evidenced by experiments conducted by Josef Mengele at the Auschwitz concentration camp and other Nazi experimenters some who carried on in the US and elsewhere. The entire mentality traces back to the first sadistic act (delight in cruelty). It has come down through the ages wherever one finds abuse.

Fascinated by Nazi paganism, Aquino conducted satanic rituals at Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel; defense echelon) chief Heinrich Himmler's Wewelsburg Castle in Bavaria. Aquino wrote about the ritual he conducted at Himmler's castle as follows:

… the Wewelsburg was conceived by Heinrich Himmler to be the 'Mittelpunkt der Welt' ('Middle of the World'), and as the focus of the Hall of the Dead was to be the Gate of that Center, to summon the Powers of Darkness at their most powerful locus.

Now, understand here that darkness is the opposite of the light in enlightenment. We are not to heed the call into chaos (falsehood; death) but rather heed the call to perfection (truth). Jesus overcame Satan and knows himself in God and God in him. This is something by definition that the spirit of Satan can never reach. Turn to real love, repent, and be saved from falling to the temptation of war and all the rest of the bad that is being exposed for its connections and implications.

Aquino is alleged to have developed Monarch training for select portions of the US intelligence community. He was also implicated by children involved in the Franklin case cover-up. These matters have been classified for national security reasons (to protect evil), so the public is not being allowed to find out.

Please understand that Satanism is officially accepted in the US military in that military personnel cannot be drummed out for practicing Satanism or any pagan or heathen rites, within limits as interpreted by the nine justices of the US Supreme Court.

Many people became up in arms about the US military officially accepting various versions of dark religions. The US military officially accepting Satan is in line with secularism and ecumenicalism, etc. It should come as no surprise to any real Christian that the US military officially accepts all manner of beliefs since the military (militancy) itself is the evil spirit.

The object of real Christians though is not to purge the military of Satanism. It is to purge humanity of, among other things, the military.

The Satanists and others fall back upon the Constitution of the United States of America, which document is an obvious false prescription (of, by, and for capitalists). One cannot unite the irreconcilable.


Along with retired major general Paul E. Vallely, who has been a senior military analyst for Fox News, Aquino co-authored a paper entitled, From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. That paper advocated in 1980 much of the mindset that is being projected now by the US military. The basic tenets of the paper include being absolutely convincing that you will outlast any enemy (never quitting) and completely dominating mass media both foreign and domestic including not allowing the home front to hear or see any information coming from the other side. By extension, this leads to terrorizing (if the first stages in the MindWar fail) an enemy into believing in the futility of resistance.

The term "MindWar" was coined from the sci-fi movie Star Wars. You see how sci-fi and fiction in general drives follow-on manifestations. Aquino himself admits that the embedding of journalists is a direct extension of the principles of MindWar. In this paper, they advocate winning the war of minds before firing a shot. They advocate winning over the enemy using the total electromagnetic spectrum. This is the same thing we are still hearing from the military that seek complete domination of the human race via controlling the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Naturally, since Aquino is a Satanist, his thinking is hypocritical and loaded with subterfuge. That's inherent in being a follower of the enemy of God and Jesus Christ. That's a given. Anyone who doubts that is lost over to Satan's military, exactly what Aquino and Vallely and the other militarists, such as Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, etc., want and are highly visibly pursuing.

The MindWar idea is to always be on the offensive. Never have to be reactive. Always get your idea out there first. Preempt. Combine that with the message of assured victory. The war is fought in the mind and for the mind, even when weapons other than mass media are used to inflict pain, suffering, and death of the will of others.

Well, the US wins false battles, but it is going to lose the Long War since the war is really about capitalism, despite what anyone else thinks. There are other economic systems that can be greedy; however, the ultimate replacement for capitalism is Christianity, which is the opposite of Aquino's Satan. Christianity is going to replace everything that has gone before accept heaven, since it is heaven. How can capitalism win when it must defeat the will of God to do it? It isn't possible.

The tool of MindWar is to ignore. The mind warrior must ignore the antiwar movement as if it does not exist. It won't work though. The task is impossible. It cannot ultimately convince the people that selfish interest is best or defensible or worth being aggressive about. It is a losing proposition. It always has been.

Aquino attempts to convince the military mind to turn the desire for victory, the will for victory, into a foregone conclusion and to convince the enemy of that before any violence begins. This is to disarm the enemy's will. He calls this truth. This requires Big Brother and Total Information Awareness and complete domination of the electromagnetic spectrum, which are still the exact, stated aims of the Pentagon.

To all the so-called conservative Christians, understand, Satanists developed and set the direction of the Pentagon in the late 1970's in reaction to the peace movement.

Aquino states, "Coercive measures used by the operative, consequently, must not be detectable by ordinary means." He has to be invisible, because the spirit that drives him is so repulsive. One is able to see that real truth is the exact opposite of what Aquino is about. He cannot be trusted to tell the truth and will never be unless and until he repents. You see, his kind of thinking is the open door to all depravity. It is the warring members of negative lust: Selfishness. He tries to dress up Satan in sheep's clothing just as Jesus said he would.

Show me real bounty, and I'll show you real victory

Look, if anyone wants truly to win over the hearts and minds and souls of people with the whole truth, let him or her do it. Let him or her bring forth the fruits, the real bounty. Where is the feeding of all the hungry and everything else consistent with that spirit without holding out for something back? Show me that, and I'll show you victory.

Satan's willingness to lie to himself about his depravity comes through very clearly. It doesn't take extraordinary means to see it. It's right there out in the open. How can you be made to understand the win-at-all-costs mentality? They are willing to out-deprave the enemy to destroy the enemy while lying to themselves that they too have not been destroyed. They rationalize everything. They suspend all disbelief in all that is evil all for the sake of victory that they don't know is illusory.

As a direct result of the consciousness awakening of the counterculture movement of the 1960's and 70's, they took the asking, seeking, and knocking in every wrong direction. Absolutely nothing remained taboo when it came to finding ways of defeating enemies (really ways of manifesting covetousness and vengeance). They sealed off (classified) their findings, policies, and practices.

Designer operatives

There are active US operatives who are the direct products of all the abusive experiments. Think about people who have been designed from the cradle to carry out orders without question and no matter how heinous. They are out there operating doing things so bad that you can't imagine them. They are doing those things without the slightest twinge of conscience, because they have been designed to be devoid of conscience. They have been brought up in a constant secret screening and training process as much as possible away from all countervailing moral influences so that they will do things that are definitely evil and think they are completely acceptable.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. (Matthew 23:15).

Think of the scientists and propagandists, advertisers, public-relations people, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others who sold themselves to the Tobacco Institute to tell the American people that smoking is not harmful but is actually good. Now, think of all those professions being paid much more and given a much freer hand by the militarists.

These are Behavioral Science Consultation Teams (BSCT; biscuits). Such teams were and are at Abu Ghraib. They are all over the place.

They came out of the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) programs. Those programs are the result of experimenting on Americans and others with the limits of torture of all kinds, humiliation, drugs, etc. Intelligence operatives and military special units are deliberately put through such stresses to desensitize them to the onslaught.

This all came out of the stream of fear during the Cold War in which spies were captured and tortured to break them to obtain secrets.

Also, operatives have been created to obtain information but who themselves can offer nothing under torture. They have been conditioned to disassociate from the immediate environment and anything that is happening to their bodies and they also have been raised so compartmentally that they don't know anything of value.

The mad scientists were paid and kept to use their imaginations thinking of ways people could be tortured and to try it all and study it all. The results were used two-fold: To prep American spies and to break the enemy. You have seen the practices partially revealed in the Abu Ghraib photos. This is denied by the military, which denial is a built-in part of the system. They have to deny raping women and children and doing all the other things they do to break people.

Stop falling for the brainwashing that Americanism is saintliness or that the president is a saint or the generals are saints, etc. They aren't saints. Rumsfeld is no saint, and he knows it. He's not even working on it, far from it. That would be a weakness of the will. Willpower is everything. That's why the famous propaganda film of the Nazis was entitled Triumph of the Will.

The co-author with Aquino is actually the general who got Aquino to start the draft version they finished together. General Vallely who is often on Fox News said the following about Iran:

Well, that’s why we’re thinking the naval thing will really push them to do something stupid. And we hope they do. And then bring the hammer down on them. We know they’re going to use them against us. There’s nothing wrong with preemption.[57]

The "naval thing" means blockade them. The "something stupid" includes an attack anywhere, but Vallely is really trying to scare people with thoughts of a nuclear attack on New York or Washington, DC, etc., by Iran. The "hammer" is to hit Iran with everything it takes to make Iran incapable of having any kind of insurgency afterwards resembling anything like what happened in Iraq. He brings in "preemption" by way of suggesting that even if something small were to happen in reaction to the deliberate provocation of a naval blockade (and it doesn't even have to be real as we've seen in the Gulf of Tonkin), the US should hit Iran as if it had already attacked the US with nuclear weapons.

Now, the fact is that general Vallely is insane, a maniac. He doesn't slow down long enough to think about or care about the humanity he's planning to kill. Such compassion has been programmed, abused, out of him. He needs to search for his humanity before he does more damage then he's already done with all this involvement in psychological operations development (torture, child abuse, etc.).

Within all this, it must be understood that everything is subordinated to, and driven by, empire building. Getting along with neighbors, being peaceful, helping each other, having a world that is safe and secure for those aims is not the spirit that is Americanism. Instilling fear, terror, is the spirit of America.

Placing fear in the minds of potential adversaries is the single most focused element of the satanic path. Coercion planted in the mind is the fear of being caught by, and exposed to, what will destroy selfish survival.

I say selfish here, because Jesus showed us that real survival beyond (as a logical extension of everything that is clearly and plainly showing here—manifest) depends upon having an unselfish heart, which is doubted by those who fear it, no matter the degree to which they grasp what it is all about.

Vallely and US Army major general Geoffrey D. Miller (who was in charge of Camp X-Ray in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and then sent to Abu Ghraib by Rumsfeld) and Aquino and many, many others, all subscribe to sadism and all the other so-called tools developed through the ages by the literal dungeon masters. They were proselytized and they proselytize. Vallely does it to the general public through Fox News.

Fox News

Remember that Fox News is headed by a false Christian libertarian: Self first, foremost, and always. True liberty is oneness. That's God by definition. Rupert Murdoch who heads the holding company that controls Fox News is not about joining that oneness, because the implication of that oneness is giving and sharing all with all. Murdoch is about money. He is about distorting Christianity for money. He is about tricking would-be Christians.

Fox News is not mostly news, in that it is not mostly facts of events. It is primarily commentary. In addition, the commentary is decidedly pro-empire. There are a number of other observations about Fox that should become generally known and understood.

It has been pointed out via surveys that the more one relies upon Fox as a central source of supposed news, the more one is likely to initially adopt and then maintain erroneous conclusions concerning world events. For instance, long after ...continues... Click next page number below.

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