. . . the mainstream population, in addition to the governmental office holders at the very top, acknowledged that Iraq was not linked to al Qaeda and that Iraq had not attempted to buy yellowcake from Niger for nuclear weapons and that Iraq had been purged of any significant weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq was not reconstituting its nuclear program destroyed in the first US invasion via heavy bombing and that Iraq did not have mobile biological weapons labs and that Iraq had not purchased aluminum tubes for a nuclear program and that Iraq had no hand in the planning or carrying out of 9-11, etc., Fox viewers, even years after these facts became settled, still cling to many, if not all, of the false notions. Fox does little to nothing to disabuse its viewers of the falsehoods.

Euphemizing: The party line

Also concerning Fox, it has come out via former employees that Fox issues memos each day first thing dictating the party line for at least that day. All Fox commentators are expected to repeat the exact select words throughout the day. Those who do not conform are terminated.

The words come from the neocons. Many of the words come directly from the Israel Lobby. They come from the public-relations firms hired by Israel and paid for with US tax-payer funds.

This is hugely important to understand. Israel spends huge sums of money, time, and energy seeing to it the US public is overdosed on the slanted view that whatever Israel does is justified and that whatever the Arabs or others do in opposition to what Israel does is unjustified. It is perception management. Every word, every image is carefully chosen, screened, massaged, and couched with the intention of portraying the most unjustified acts to be justified, to portray every Arab as vermin and every Israeli as saintly.

The Hasbara Project is neocon Israel's privatized, propaganda arm.[58] They claim it gives out only truthful propaganda. Where then is their false propaganda arm? They are Machiavellian after all. Since they say they are Machiavellian, which they do, and since they say they don't have a black propaganda arm, then the only arm they show is their black propaganda arm. Regardless, all one has to do is look at the death and destruction to see the root spirit.

The party line is designed to manage perceptions to obfuscate reality, to conjure up a different reality built upon falsehood.

Estate tax or inheritance tax becomes death tax. Global warming becomes climate change. Illegal Jewish colonies in Palestine become Jewish neighborhoods. Blatantly Israel and US terrorism, aggression, assassination, invasion, occupation, etc., is always termed self-defense even against the downtrodden, abused, neglected, oppressed, traumatized, and starving, etc.

Euphemizing is the party approach. The euphemizers are financially rewarded.

Defining the enemy: The poor and needy

Now, this is a self-reinforcing mechanism for creating, strengthening, and maintaining deliberate falsehood for the sake of the building of the new capitalistic Caesarism. The object of Rupert Murdoch and his ilk is to deliberately minimize the knowledge and understanding of the masses. They wish to keep the viewers in the dark as much as possible. They wish to manipulate the minds of their viewers with the view of getting them to vote in ignorance. They want those ignorant viewers to cover their ears and close their eyes and harden their hearts and to vote for the party that will precede, introduce, inaugurate, sustain, etc., despotism. This despotism is to be couched always in benign terms. This despotism is to always be couched in terms of protecting the people and voters from an amorphous enemy. That enemy is being defined more and more openly as the poor and needy who are competing for a bit to eat and a sip of water against the greed of the superrich who are never satisfied with many times more than enough.

This despotism is about defining anyone opposed to it as the enemy who should be killed.

Fox uses psychological warfare to accomplish its brainwashed ends (dumbing down) on the home front and the battle field. This is nothing new of course. In fact, the techniques stretch back as far as history.

Conservatives refuse to listen to Christians

The most common tactic used, and which is highly rewarded, by the Party is not listening. It is the next thing to completely ignoring the antiwar movement, as advocated by Aquino the Satanist above. The viewers of Fox are taught by example to interrupt, yell, threaten, distort, obfuscate, and openly tell their viewers to terminate all consideration of even the possibility their path is false, which it is, per Jesus Christ.

At least the Gospels show that the Pharisees would allow Jesus to finish his sentences. That generation would be shocked by this generation. Look at how far we've come. Look at how modern we are. That's what they thought then, even though Jesus said that Sodom would have turned with less evidence.

And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. (Matthew 11:23).

Militarism is idiotic

Now, real genius and righteousness are synonymous. The life of Jesus is the greatest example of righteous living by a human being in the history of human kind. Jesus was a committed and practicing pacifist. Therefore, pacifism is both righteous and genius while pacifism's opposite is the opposite. In other words, clearly and plainly, militarism is evil and idiotic in the face of the revealed truth that came out of Jesus's mouth.

Now, Fox is the greatest mass-medium proponent of both despotism and militarism in the world. I speak here in general terms, since there are smaller outlets that are even more intense than Fox. I am weighting the outcome, factoring in size of the audience and generalized effect upon the most influential national power in the world, the US. I trust that makes sense, so I won't go into detail explaining.

Since Fox is the greatest mass-medium proponent of both despotism and militarism in the world and since militarism is at once both evil and idiotic, then Fox is both evil and idiotic. All those who follow its line are partaking of evil and stupidity. They are, thereby, making of themselves the instrument of the evil spirit, the stupid course of action that ruins their souls and the souls of all others they manage to aid in deceiving.

Fox News and pornography under the same roof

By the time this work goes to press, Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB subsidiary will have rolled out its own pornography channels: "18+ Movies." That's hypocrisy. Murdock panders to so-called conservative Christians in the US via his Fox News channel while at the same time profiting from pornography in the UK. His values are contrary to healthy families. He's all about enriching himself and his close family members at the expense of the health of all. Those who profess Christianity must come to understand that if they buy into the thrust of Fox News, they are selling their souls.

Those truly aspiring to be real Christians cannot with any justification subscribe to the path of Murdoch, Vallely, Miller, Aquino, Rumsfeld, et al.

Those who call themselves conservative-Republican Christians surely must come to understand that they have a choice to make. They cannot possibly imagine that they may rightly condone the stream of consciousness that produced all the gruesome experiments and practices that this work and others delineate. They cannot possibly imagine that Jesus is with Aquino or Ayn Rand or Nietzsche or Plato or any of the other antichrists.

Aquino is a self-proclaimed Satanist. Do you imagine that when he was highly compensated and protected by the US government for his contribution (the powers that be so appreciated) in furthering the efforts of the Behavioral Science Consultation Teams (BSCT; biscuits) and the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) programs all in conjunction with the larger picture, as Aquino and his ilk see it, of mind control, do you imagine that as a Satanist he didn't agree with trashing The Bible in front of Jews and Christians to condition them to resist the spiritual assault? Do you imagine though that, that was all that was going on? Look at it squarely.

The US pays Satanist to design its psychological warfare in all directions: MindWar, fighting the Net, etc., foreign and domestic. The US pays the Finders for children to be used as guinea pigs and to be turned into slaves and tools in diabolical schemes buried by the secret government within the secret government.

There has been a conspiracy of silence, because many of the people haven't wanted to know. In their selfishness, they have allowed evil to rule. They have followed it. They have taken their reward from it. They don't want to stand up as real Christians. They have no faith. "The liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand." (Isaiah 32:8).

Satan is the self-styled arch nemesis or rival of God. Aquino prays to that spirit. Aquino and all the others like him, as the most ensnared souls, conjure and conjure and conjure how to ensnare other souls. The US government makes them very comfortable in hedonistic activities and even gaudy and opulent surroundings.

These people are highly rewarded for their Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, for their allegiance to pretending that they actually believe in the noble lie. When Aquino says the American Pledge of Allegiance, do you think that when he speaks the words "under God" that he doesn't rationalize them away? Where is his true allegiance? All capitalists rationalize them away.

Pledge and flag as official blasphemy and idolatry

The name of God is used as a trick in the American pledge. It is blasphemy. God is inspiring. God is good. Tying God in with a pledge to an apostate national government is a ploy to get people to think that that government is also inspiring, inspired, and as good as God. The US government is far short of God and has no business being equated with God by anyone calling himself or herself Christian. Also, Flag worship is also idolatry. Raising the US flag to the level of the Christian sacred is exactly the same misguided spirit as is used in the national Pledge.

US Constitution as sacrilege

What is this Constitution of the United States of America that is the so-called supreme law of America that is being protected by the pentagram in Camp X-Ray? It isn't Holy scripture. It isn't the new commandment of Jesus. It isn't the golden rule. It isn't the first great commandment to love God. It isn't the second great commandment to love one's neighbors. It is a loophole through which Aquino's efforts are lucrative. Why? The founders were about wealth, income, marketing, etc. They were not about following Jesus's admonitions. They didn't come here to practice Christianity. They came here to build their personal estates and Empire.

Right now as I am writing this, the US is talking about closing down Camp X-Ray. It is also talking about turning over prisons to Iraqi control. There is also talk of withdrawals from Iraq. This is at the same time that saber rattling is becoming louder and louder concerning Iran. With the talk of Camp X-Ray and Abu Ghraib changes and the small drawdowns from Iraq, the US neocons are just prepping for the attack of Iran. Syria won't be far behind. Also, if North Korea doesn't knuckle under, they plan to attack them too and others. Israel's attack on civilian Lebanon is just a prelude, to set the stage for further aggression, to create pretexts.

Look at the pattern

There is the Franklin pedophile case cover-up. There is the Finders child abuse cover-up. There is the project Monarch cover-up. There is the development of psyops by Satanists. There is the tie-in of Satanists with the Franklin case and project Monarch. There is the use of pentagrams at Camp X-Ray. There is all the torturing going on. There are all the invasions of lands and murder around the world for Empire, for markets, to steal other people's resources, etc. There is the long history of lies for pretexts. There is the trillions in missing money (black military budget). There is the equation of profane national government with God. There is Fox as part of the same corporation that distributes pornography while touting family values. There is the push for privatization. There is the widening, obscene gap between the superrich and the abject poor. There is global warming. It goes on and on and on. It is all antichrist.

The federal government and other governments have abruptly stopped all investigations almost the moment evidence has popped up. The federal government has, and is, protecting abuse under the guise of national security.

The security of every nation actually depends upon the end of abuse. If such abuse does not stop, the dark spirits will cause wrath. Hearts will harden further with catastrophic results.

Johnny Gosch

There is also the Johnny Gosch kidnapping from 1982. There were five witnesses to the fact that it was a kidnapping. One of them was an attorney who later became a judge. All the witnesses' accounts lined up. However, the Des Moines, Iowa police department refused to treat it as a kidnapping. They took the report as a runaway. The Johnny Gosch case is intertwined with the Franklin cover-up. The chief of the Des Moines police department at the time was a close associate of the Omaha police chief who was directly accused in the Franklin case by the children.

Now, people have to understand that pathology is not confined to the loner. There are perpetrators who network. Also, people have to understand that pathology is not confined to people in low socioeconomic circumstances. There have been many people in high places who have been swept up in pedophilia and other deranged activities. They have been members of networks of pedophiles that have reached into the highest offices in every branch of the government, business, and military. Many of them plea-bargain to avoid public trials where embarrassing questions could come up concerning rich and powerful associates. Understand also that wealthy people can pay to have things covered up. They can pay to have their networks protected. They can employ the most sophisticated and diabolical methods in an attempt to insure their impunity. In the case of government people at the very top in the executive, they can declare anything a matter of national security, which they have in such cases as the Finders.

There is obviously a blurring of crime with the intelligence and so-called national-security realm. There are obviously levels and layers concerning the involvement of different children and adults. At the shallow levels, people will be prosecuted. There is a line though where others are given a license by the federal government to engage in all law breaking. In fact, at that level, it is claimed not to be law breaking.

At that depth in the bottomless pit, there is no new commandment, there is no golden rule, and there is no love of God or neighbor or self.

By this state of rejection and denial, people are given a license to utter depravity to create personalities warped into the capacity for sick and twisted things for the sake of the power, control, and pleasure of sin of the rich who imagine that the rest of humanity is just made up of people they have duped into obeying a moral code for the sake of that control by the rich.

This is part of the esoteric truth that Strauss said isn't possible for the inferior to grasp. It is so confused that many of the rich just resign themselves to its reality and don't even attempt to rationalize or moralize, as moralizing is from their sociopathic perspective just for the weak minded. That's Nietzschean, which boils down to those who have, deserve. It's a dog-eat-dog world, and the capitalists are the master practitioners.

It doesn't have to be that way and it is coming to an end.

Look at the pattern, continued

What are they paying to have done?

Consider artificial ambient noise that is human-technological sounds. Even science has correlated the destructiveness of certain of such ambient noise (subject to an infinite number of variables). Science has shown to the mundane world that air, road, rail, and other traffic noises for instance are directly correlated with the onset of heart disease amongst those who are subjected to such noise in their day-in-and-day-out lives. The same applies to light, odor, taste, and touch.

The government compensates mad scientists to work with the harmful limits of all the senses and tissues in all the known spectrums.

In addition to experimenting upon human beings of course, the scientists do things to helpless animals that the wild imagination of most could not approach in depths of cruelty and depravity. That is sinning just as harming humans is sinning.

They still work constantly with what is called extra-sensory perception. They still do drug experiments with LSD and other drugs, even though they will deny it publicly (so-called noble lying).

At these depths, the programs are highly compartmentalized and extremely classified. Even the president doesn't know everything that's going on. He knows that too. He doesn't want to know all the things that are being done. It would pose too much of a security risk.

You see, there is a perverse honor among thieves (loyal opposition) that the system has always depended upon, but it isn't sustainable.

The system is too insane to see that it is careening. There are too many people now, communications are too rapid, and the biosphere is becoming very sick.

The planet is becoming sicker and sicker. The disease in the hearts of human beings is felt beyond anything people imagine.

The system is not only still doing the disgusting things that were supposed to have stopped after the Church Committee, it is doing things that are much worse. They are so abhorrent that the general population would be too squeamish (not depraved enough) to allow them to be supported.

Experiments are on-going in genetic engineering that would shock the general population. Robotic cyborgs are in the works. Nanotechnology troops (weapons) are being worked on. Cloaking is being perfected.

You must understand that the limits are the imagination. Anything you've seen in movies or read in books is grist for the mill, and it goes beyond that. Every technological advancement starts out as fiction so to speak.

The US military and intelligence budget is huge. Lots of science, science-fiction, and fantasy so-called nerds go into the military or end up as highly degreed scientists doing military and intelligence research and development at classified laboratories domestically and overseas. They go into these fields literally to try to live out their childhood fantasies.

This is the real reason Bush-43 has called for more math and science educational emphasis. The military-industrial complex sees a domestic shortage coming up and doesn't want to depend entirely on hiring foreigners, for security reasons. The last thing they want is more students exposed to questioning the Empire from a historical or other perspective. Also, the more supply there is, the lower the salaries paid will be and the more the Empire will be able to get scientists to do the work it wants since competition for positions will be greater. Think about it. The industrialists certainly have.

Think of all the secret places where all these things can go on. How many military bases are capable of having maximum security areas? How many places are there that aren't even acknowledged by the official government? Even those that are positively known to exist, such as Area-51 are shrouded. Workers commute there by the jet full everyday, but its all off the record. What could go on in the underground portions of such a place unbeknownst to all but a handful of people or even a couple or even just one? It's just one of many.

Think of all the CIA/military black sites (secret prisons). The sites are used for severe and brutal interrogations to break people.

The CIA and military can and does act with impunity. They define all the terms. There are no rules. Prisoners are held without any legal process whatsoever. They are shuffled about the world as the Empire sees fit. Many are placed in black sites operated by brutal dictatorial regimes currying favor with the Empire in the hope that caesar (the president) won't order them to be knocked off the global chessboard.

There are many more sites than reported. There are many more prisoners than reported. Many are tortured to death. How do we know this? How do you not? Didn't you know that there were such places before it hit the mainstream news? Your imagination can't begin to conjure up what they've actually been doing and are still doing. It's getting worse, not better. It's going to continue getting worse too until the tribulation is over.

The unrepentant perpetrators at the top on all sides believe they won't be touched. Despite what they think or imagine, evil can get them anytime and anywhere no matter how impregnable they think their fortifications are. No matter what materials they use, no matter what their weapons, regardless of the science and technology they employ, they cannot withstand the attack of Satan by their own willpower. There is no escaping evil accept via righteousness that is the I Am: Yahveh's will. One can do nothing without the Holy Spirit. That's the meaning of life. (If you want to know more now about the I Am and Yahveh, etc., See: Index.)

Michael Hayden, the former director of the NSA, claimed openly in January of 2006 that the NSA was not using keyword searches and data-mining of the Internet pipeline. He lied. Another whistleblower, Mark Klein, a former technician at AT&T, provided enough proof of that to The New York Times. Hayden has been named CIA director. That puts the ...continues... Click next page number below.

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