. . . the Branch Davidians, under David Koresh, had no business having a stockpile of weapons and ammunition. Real Christians don't need such things. That doesn't excuse the approach of the Clinton administration however.

The Bush-41 government did much the same thing to Manuel Noriega, the CIA operative who became the leader of Panama from 1983 to 1989.

Now, the system will offer up an endless stream of rationales for these techniques. It cannot though answer why it doesn't do the opposite. Where is the soothing healing? It is not there, because healing means conflation (the gathering together in the spirit of righteousness). That is the opposite of creating supposed manageable fragmentation for the sake of control of the other classes by the superrich, the oligarchy within the plutocracy .

Events played out in the public media are simply much tamer but no less sinister versions of the roles that are being played in CIA and DIA camps and cells around the world. Deprivation and excess are unrestrained by public opinion in those forbidden zones. The diabolical activities result in nothing but diabolical results. They cause more of what they are. It is the opposite of habilitation and rehabilitation. It is reeducation resulting in greater fragmentation. It is harm and nothing but. Nothing good can come of it. It is the apostate magnifying apostasy. No Christian supports it, condones it, or excuses it. It is evil and comes from evil and will cause evil and nothing but.

Mad scientists, fractured souls who carry out faithless tests, search for the effects of excess. Their broken souls keep them emotionally disconnected from their subjects. They are unrestrained by love of God. They are kept by the wealthy who've appropriated the state. The US hires mad scientists many of whom know that the spiritual realm exists. Those scientists who are not bound by ethical constraints or even necessarily rigid methodology, deliberately, in the name of knowledge (falsehood), harm and break people, creatures, and things all using the spectrums in the sensory streams those scientists can perceive. They have tested and continue to test frequencies in all the states they can imagine with no bottom to the depravity and which their patrons are willing to fund (to be patient for the results promised by the demented servants). The patrons defer to the unclean spirits as being channeled into a higher more sinister power that is really the fallen.

The testers and practitioners exceed healthful stimuli and they withhold healthful stimuli. Healthful here, and always, being synonymous with wholeness or the opposite of fractured and splintered or fragmented, etc.

They break. They break themselves and others. They are rewarded to divide in the un-healing stream for the sake of creating manageability (control) of others by the patrons of madness.

Now, the technology doesn't have to be extreme and targeted to be unhealthy. The devil has created a captured American culture where people cannot shut off the harmful, polluting, soul-breaking technology upon which they have become dependent and for which they are made to work and pay the rich. The people become anxious when nature is the sole background sound and sight, etc. The culture is a constant trance of fictitious needs and desires and enslaving stimuli. It is an endless stream running back to the first falsehood that was the first selfishness. It is flowing widely on out ahead of those who will go with its current. It is the sea of death. It facilitates all the greed, violence, and depravity on all economic levels.

How does the current Bush-43 administration show up in the cess of sexual depravity and manipulation? Well, the major media had reported on the "nest of homosexuals" in the Reagan and Bush-41 administrations. What was allowed to blow by was that, that characterization was only partially insightful. It was a half-truth.


The secret government deliberately employs pedophiles and sadomasochists. People who should be receiving the treatment of love are actually rather encouraged and paid to increase their illness. The leaders consciously do not root them out. That isn't because they have a don't-throw-stones mentality. They bought into the idea that, among other things, such people are useful tools to compromise others. The moment they did that, they took into themselves the facilitation for all the rest of evil that knows no bounds.

We saw it with the Franklin pedophile case where politicians were photographed in compromising circumstances for control and blackmail purposes. Don't forget the Finders and project Monarch. Where, among other things, the children are programmed into tools to do what others would not and could not.

The leaders are contaminated, defiled, polluted as seen by their results, which includes Abu Ghraib and all the hidden places that are much, much worse. It is an all or nothing reality despite the truth of the relative sinning that is also on-going.

George W. Bush, as reflected in his administration and elsewhere, is practicing compartmentalization just as did all the presidents before him. He knows full well and just lies bald-faced about it and actually imagines its right to do so. That's the noble lie of Plato and Strauss of the revolutionaries of the satanic spirit.

He has used it on all the so-called conservative Christians who do not buy into the idea that homosexuality is a spiritually and physically healthy and acceptable alternative lifestyle. Even as he manipulates those conservatives into supporting him as one of their own, he compartmentally employs homosexuals, pedophiles, and others. He does this he believes in the interest of expediency. He believes his compartmentalization is prudent.

He is a true practitioner of Platonic lying, which predates Plato of course since it goes back as far as lying does. It's pathological although the psychologists won't take a collective stand against it. They too are compartmental thinkers hoping against hope to escape the implications concerning their own disease of selfishness.

There are those who would argue that Jesus was such a compartmental thinker. Having different mansions in the house is necessary. Having different houses is necessary until there is no evil in the spiritual and mundane cosmos. The mansions of the house of Satan, however, are not within the house of God.

God doesn’t withhold for the sake of the private gain of those who lord it over others. Satan does that. We make ourselves unworthy and incapable of knowledge by our expropriating acts.

Everything is mine

Giving and sharing is to own everything. I own everything so long as I give and share it all. This is why all that is God's is Jesus's. He shares it all in that way. All those who refuse to give and share what they have appropriated own nothing.

When you have something you mundanely possess and you give it into the real Church, you don't lose it. You gain it for the sake of everyone else who also gains it. This is how the investment giving to souls earns for God. This is the meaning of the parable. Those who don't thusly give and then share what has been given, lose even what they never really had.

For I say unto you, That unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him. (Luke 19:26).

You cannot really own anything that you don't really completely share.

Lord, they do not bring forth the real fruit. They do that which is not through you. Let their system whither as the fig tree. Let those who do only that which can be done through you bring forth a new tree for the sake of your will that is righteousness.

Homosexuality: Relative and different kinds of sin

Don't take this wrong. Concerning the "nest of homosexuals" in the Reagan and Bush-41 administrations, all God's children have to eat and there are homosexuals who aside from that confused aspect of their being (their homosexuality) are straighter on other issues than many heterosexuals. That's the nature of relative sin and of different kinds of sin.

Nevertheless, the confusion if still chosen once it is known as being against the word of God (real wholeness), is sin. That's what Jesus teaches, and he is right.

Homosexuality isn't heading to perfection. Resigning oneself to practicing homosexuality is to miss the point Jesus showed to the world. One is what one has the faith to do. By believing that all power is dependant upon God, all corruption, even death, will ultimately be overcome. In fact, it already is. It's preordained.

There is no limit to what you may choose to become. So when someone asks the question of whether or not homosexuality is a choice, the answer is yes. In truth, everything is a matter of choice in faith. However, George W. Bush doesn't believe that. He doesn't know that. He's heard it in the mundane sense, but he hasn't really heard it (listened and understood). Neither have those who insist upon continuing the fragmenting practice.

Anyone can cave into anything and become it. You are what you do. You become what you do. You stop being what you stop doing in your heart, what you stop lusting after, feeding on, etc. This is the truth. It has to be, or there is no changing from sinning.

Reaganites: The rebellious

You do understand that The Bible in expressing the rebellion of Satan is talking about the revolution of the Ronald Reaganites don't you? Look, everyone has suffered from the rebellious spirit against the real solution. Everyone is duped by everyone else. Satan is ignorant after all of what God knows.

Some people imagine that the satanic spirit and the spirit of righteousness are in league. No. The satanic spirit truly is lacking the knowledge that God does not lack. The point though is that this state of rebellion doesn't have to be and in fact is going to end.

Human nature is not locked into evil. Only those of humanity who will refuse to turn will keep themselves locked into the lower state of consciousness, deluding itself, selling itself short, and excusing its unwilling spirit to overcome.

There is falling, but there is rising. There is rebellion against God, and there is rebellion against Satan. Jesus rebelled. He was a rebel for God. He rebelled by not doing the satanic. That's how we win. It's no secret. It's paying attention. It's focus. It's snapping out of the stupor, the trance, the hypnotic state. It's in saying no to the suggestive, conditioning temptations. It's in the signs before your eyes always.

All the CIA and DIA practices sounds like rebellion against God doesn't it? It sounds like the imagination running wild doesn't it? For many, it is too awful to be believed. Well, it is the imagination running wild, only it isn't the imagination of those who have written truth about the existence of these programs, which will continue so long as selfishness reigns in the heart where it has been for a long, long time.

Certain of the Homo sapien sapiens slaughtered all the other hominids on the planet. They terrorized them and enjoyed it. The last hominids left besides Homo sapien sapiens were the Neanderthals. Neanderthals weren't unfit for survival. They were in the way of the sadistic expropriators. That slaughtering, terrorizing spirit still continues today.

Early humans killed and terrorized. They psyched out their enemy. Humans do the same today. As you can see, warfare is waged across the range of consciousness. Warfare doesn't end with the seemingly physical. It includes the spiritual. It includes the psychological which is really the spiritual. Its boundary with the physical is a matter of belief and worthiness.

According to former CIA director William Colby, at the same time that there is a hardware arms race, there is a psychological arms race. The CIA even spooked itself and the nation on purpose into imagining that the Russians for instance were far advanced in developing extrasensory perception. Of course, all weapons have a psychological effect.

Psychological weapons

The nightmarish psychological programs, practices, and weapons and tools of course are borne out by the documented and acknowledged projects of the Nazis, Russians, Japanese, Chinese, British (documented experiments on captive IRA rebels—Irish Republican Army), Canadians (Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, McGill University, with CIA funding), Americans, and others. Even during World War II, Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University, Hamilton, New York, was doing mind-control work for the US military and intelligence.

Some people are somnambulists. They are highly suggestible, meaning they are highly susceptible to suggestion especially post-hypnotic suggestion. They can be put under simply by telling them they are under. (In fact, many are always under.) Then a suggestion is made. After they are brought out of the state, they remain controlled by the suggestion. In other words, they really aren't completely un-hypnotized. They are still under.

The power of suggestion is very powerful for somnambulists. It can be a great power for good or evil. Pharaoh's priests used it.

Suggestions are made. The mind thinks matter conforms. What can you be tricked into believing is real that is not? Where does being tricked leave off and actual manifest, tangible change start? That's where mere imagination leaves off. Certain somnambulists can manifest fleshly changes that as of yet have not been explained by science.

How are belief and disbelief manipulated for good or evil? It happens constantly.

Enoch, Noah, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and all the prophets to one degree or another tapped directly into God's real, not merely imaginary, power. Their faith in conjunction with their merit-worthiness allowed them to go way beyond anything hypnotists can manifest. Jesus surpassed all of them. He gave the power to his disciples who spread it for a generation. Then, it faded in history. Now, where is it?

God's power still exists. It always will. Only faith has reduced, unworthiness and the demand for proof has increased, and testing has become the new, limiting religion.

Understand that there is nothing wrong with hypnosis, per se. If it is for purely unselfish purposes and, therefore, necessarily fully credits God, as understood through Jesus and his message of the new commandment, it comes down to faith in spirit over matter and flesh, which is right.

People watching television and other advertising are put into a particular state of mind so that suggestions telling them that they want something will become a buying impulse. Many people never snap out of it. They live it without interruption. The money that people make flows from them to others for things that really are not needed at all. In fact, they are the opposite of needed. They are detrimental—counterproductive. The spellbound are made to feel anxious about having the thing. They have been programmed with irrational suggestions overriding their conscious minds over which they have lost control to the programmers into believing they will be incomplete or lesser without the possessions or services.

Now, the message of Jesus is just the opposite. It is the message of liberation from that mindless, selfish spell of materialism and consumption and being serviced by others forced by the system into servitude and being consumed by it all. Jesus says don't fall for the selfish (self-interest) suggestions. They're false. See through them. Overcome them. Rather than be programmed to selfishness, be healed by love. Give and share all taking care of each other as good family ought to in perfect healing unity and forget the contrivances of capitalism. Shake them off. Let love and peace and truth shine everywhere. That is what this work is for.

What is referred to as pure science is to allow the scientist unrestricted inquiry for the sake of reverse engineering creation. The various competing powers don't put much passed the other powers. The greediest of the powers will put the least passed the others. In other words, the most competitive power, the US, will be afraid of losing so much that it will attempt to anticipate anything it can imagine the other power or powers may be up to. To psych itself up, it has to demonize the others. In so doing, it convinces itself that since it is imaginable, they (those who would block the greedy) may be or are up to it, whatever it is. This is what they did with Saddam Hussein. This is what they are doing with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez and others. It is what they did regarding the Russians during the Cold War and demonic mind control.

It is an excuse to go ahead with evil intentions. It is a method of rationalizing preemptive attacks for fictitious reasons.

Of course, this continues as a self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to continue this course, the promoters compartmentalize the dissenting voices out of the loop. That's what has happened to the CIA and others who wouldn't go along with the lies leading up to the invasion of Baghdad. Then, they don't have to listen to anyone questioning their conjurations. They continue to advocate while denying at the same time. In their inner circles, they reinforce each others delusions. To the public, they deny having any filthy programs. They deny lying.

At the same time, they advocate that the public lower its moral standards. If the public would just adopt the policy that fictitious reasons are fine, classification wouldn't be so burdensome. Leaks wouldn't matter. The evil Empire would just go for taking over for the sake of taking over without having to fight domestically against morality.

This is why John McCain said in reference to being defined by the enemy (or the philosophy that they are working on it so we better beat them to it and be better at it no matter how spiritually devouring or dark spirited), "It isn't about who they are. It's about who we are." That of course is true.

Who can beat Satan at developing and using evil weapons?

If you always beat Satan to the punch, if you always anticipate Satan's evil plan and beat him at developing and using evil weapons, aren't you fooling yourself? Aren't you really just Satan?

Now, if John could only carry that out to its conclusion, he'd turn all the way instead of sitting on the fence. You see, there is a point at which John is not afraid of fighting an enemy without resorting to every despicable tool that one can imagine.

Jesus though was not afraid to engage the enemy armed only with truth.

Now, you can't possibly deny that this psyops scenario is playing out right before you in the corporate media and for your mind. Look at what they try to convince you to believe that runs exactly contrary to what Jesus taught. Look at what they don't say. Look at what they don't cover. They drop the stories they are told they must drop or face the wrath of those who determine so-called national security.

How could the government stop the press from digging to the bottom of the Franklin cover-up and the Finders cover-up and all the other stories that go hardly touched? It isn't national security. It's national embarrassment. It's protecting the liars, the bad shepherds, the system of greed, etc.

Look at what is leaked on purpose as disinformation, so to speak.

The US has been expert in all of this for as long as the US has been a capitalists country built upon advertising products and services and wars. Going back, it is all right there. Before World War II, the US was far from ignorant about the power of advertising, art, propaganda, and the rest.

Religious ceremony and ritual falls into this same psychological power to control and manipulate. To be sure, remembering Jesus by making the connection with wine and bread is not an evil thing. However, religion can be and has been twisted to evil ends with dark means.

Certain Americans knew very well about European psychiatric work before World War II. The Germans were particularly keen on the subject.

The importance of spirituality was always there even if for some only to manipulate the phenomena. For others who believed in spirit, attaining selfish ends meant abusing the spirit as means. This is why the language of The Bible shows up in the human experiments, developments (really fragmentation), policies, and practices known generally as Monarch.

Compartmentalization, continued

For those whose minds are so repulsed by the depravity in high places, it is compartmentalization that causes them to disbelieve the source of the results. They see Abu Ghraib and desire to buy into the whitewashing that it was limited to the "nightshift," as Rumsfeld puts out as a deliberate obfuscation and signal to his loyal followers to repeat into the big lie.

Many people buy into the Rumsfeld neocon big lie, noble lie mentality, because they don't want to lose faith in their fellow human beings such as Donald Rumsfeld. Well, Donald Rumsfeld is one soul. While his mentality is not good for the whole of humanity, the whole of humanity is not defined by his current mentality.

Unfortunately, there are many who know that Abu Ghraib is a leak in the ocean-sized cesspool but agree with Donald Rumsfeld and the other neocons that it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

How clear is all of this to them? They know and are ignorant at the same time. It's a tragedy.

Rumsfeld's use of the term "nightshift" is psychological operations used on the US citizenry. His continuing to say that the enemy is ...continues... Click next page number below.

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