. . . good at psyops is itself psyops. His repeating over and over that the enemy (so-called) repeats things over and over is Rumsfeld's psyops aimed at the US public. He is using psyops by stating that the US citizens are being subjected to psyops by the so-called enemy. In other words, everything he says is psyops. He never opens his mouth without having processed it through psyops thinking. He can't speak or think without it anymore. He's stuck in it, and it is very insulting of what intelligence there is in the US citizenry.

He counts on Fox News to repeat and repeat his nightshift deception. He counts on the ignorant talkers and listeners of rightwing radio to repeat and repeat without questioning. He counts on all the others in government to tune into Fox, such as Dick Cheney, to pickup on the latest sound bite to repeat.

Fox News is a mouthpiece for the deliberate spreading of psyops and Fox and Rupert Murdoch know it full well and love to serve in that capacity. It makes Murdoch richer while the average viewers are duped by their own lust into serving Murdoch and the whole evil, unjust cause. Deception is a given. I haven't heard Rumsfeld being straight ever.

Through deliberate compartmentalization, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is up to and vice versa. This happens in your brain. It is the basis for denial and suppression of memories of evil. That suppression can take the form of just moving on while not pushing the memories very deep at all. In other words, they are always right there for recall. You just choose not to think about them. For other people, the trauma can be so great that the mind breaks. That is the point of the CIA torture methods after all.

They are based upon the breaking of minds with deliberate and systematic abuse. That is what insanity is. It is a broken mind the result of abuse from some quarter. There is no such thing as an insane person who has not suffered abuse of some kind, to some degrees, from somewhere. Knowing that, the issue is not whether or not abuse occurred. It is how to stop it and how to heal it.

Depending upon a number of variables, the abused can become huge liars and also so confused that they imagine things that were not manifest outside their mundane minds.

The point though is that there is smoke and, therefore, fire. Children have been tortured by the CIA to regenerate those children as toolboxes and weapons. They have been, and are being, broken and abused, misused and misled, by the system and in your name.

If you remain silent, you acquiesce. You condone it by your silence, your fear, your selfishness: Unwilling to go out on the branch of Jesus in faith that it will hold you up and raise you up and raise up those on whose behalf you speak out not in vengeance but in the spirit of warning with truth.

Everything everyone who is broken says in attempting to come clean is not necessarily true, but it is revealing. Those who torture others are broken. They have all been abused and traumatized and are fragmented within. Everything they say while coming clean is not necessarily the whole truth. The truth is unselfishness, and even while people reveal flat facts they can still be confused and, therefore, selfishly motivated. The truth though is that the flat facts mixed in with selfish concealment and misdirection all together shows that there is much more under the surface that is wrong and unhealed. The fruits of the system show the depths of depravity that even though they are compartmentalized are simultaneously systemic going to the root spirit driving the system. That is Jesus's teaching. It is absolutely right. It is why capitalism is about the opposite of giving and sharing all for all.

Pure capitalism is pure selfishness. How dark is darkness? Capitalists do not have the single vision of giving and sharing all for all, Jesus taught in his Sermon on the Mount.

The lengths to which the system goes to cover up is proportionate with the evil. It is proportionate with the unwillingness to repent and come clean. It is proportionate with the unwillingness to rebuke in an ever-widening circle of witnesses as necessary until the people, their family members, their organizations, their nations, and all the nations stand corrected once and for all.

To come to realize is to come together, to have no secrets from oneself, to come clean within, to confess to oneself, to knock down all the walls of the compartments within so as to free up the flow of truth.

People in high places, who order and authorize utterly despicable things be done to others and sometimes engage in them directly themselves, depend upon other people finding such activities too extreme to believe. Do you believe in Iraqgate? Do you believe in Watergate? Do you believe the Pentagon Papers? Do you believe in the Abu Ghraib tortures and the CIA black sites? Do you believe in the extraordinary renditions (CIA kidnappings and delivery to torture regimes)? Do you believe in the CIA mind-control projects such as MKULTRA?

MKULTRA is not denied by the federal government. It existed along with many other programs. Real, live human beings, children, Americans, were put through the experiments and programming. Their memories, while naturally not something they all vividly carried around with them everyday, are, nevertheless, real.

Many in the CIA would love nothing better than for the whole of society to fall into a deep state of amnesia about all the horrendous things that have come out. It has been standard propaganda operating procedure for the CIA and other such entities to deny the obvious. They laugh about how effective it has been. Don't buy into it. They would love for everyone to say it can't be real, because it is too horrible. They would love for everyone to say it was and is all okay since it was for national security.

Blowback is a CIA term that means the public questioning of the consequences of a deliberate aggressive action by America. The Bush-43 administration made a calculated decision to go ahead with the Iraq invasion knowing that there would be such blowback.

The disinformation is propaganda funded by the superrich upper class of perpetrators. Woe to the nation that puts itself above the welfare of innocent human souls that came out from God.

Operation Midnight Climax

Do you believe in the CIA's 1953 Operation Midnight Climax in which the CIA, under doctor George Hunter White, operated whorehouses in New York and San Francisco where American citizens were involuntarily drugged with LSD by the CIA? Everyone given LSD that way thought he was losing his mind in the most frightening manner. Anyone who would administer LSD in such a manner is utterly despicable.


The MKULTRA project officially ran 1953-1964. The follow-on project became MKSEARCH.

The most thorough investigation of MKULTRA in particular by the US government came in 1977 by the US Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research whose chairman at the time was senator Edward Kennedy. Other main bodies that looked into MKULTRA and all sorts of other governmental abuses where the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission (See: Index).

In the CIA's MKULTRA project, thousands of people from all walks of life were given LSD. Some people were given high doses of LSD day after day. One unfortunate soul was given a high dose of LSD eighty (80) days in a row. These were apparently much higher doses than people ordinarily use in the twenty-first century for so-called recreational purposes, personal experimentation, or consciousness awakening and enhancement, etc. Such repetitive high doses especially on people who didn't even realize they were receiving a powerful hallucinogenic drug, most certainly drove many into vegetative insanity or suicide if they could even manage suicide after having their minds so shaken or destroyed.

While these people were being subjected to LSD and other psychoactive drugs, many were also given hundreds of very strong electrical shocks and were subjected to sensory depravation and other tortures all to find out the limits of the mind and to learn to bend, destroy, control, and reprogram people's minds against their will and without any knowledge of what was happening to them, being done to them and why, etc.

Importantly, they were given posthypnotic suggestions via repetitive tapes recordings that drilled the suggestions into their minds. Many under went brainwashing, which actually worked as has been documented in many investigations and civil lawsuits. People were made to suffer complete amnesia. Then they were programmed anew via messages deeply imbedded into their subconscious while they were in a highly suggestible state of mind. It is this part of the projects that has remained covered up. People have been programmed to do the Empire's bidding, including to torture and assassinate others, etc.

The Empire builds up the dark arts

All of the various revelations must be linked together. The findings that survive from one project would be used by follow-on secret projects. Therefore, the Finders for instance would use the findings of MKULTRA and other projects upon which to build the ability to better control and program.

Also, techniques for going undetected and for convincing the general population to just "move on" after any revelation is built upon. The idea is naïve that evil doesn't learn its dark art from evil and compound it. If all the evil had been cleaned away upon earlier revelations and laws passed and orders issued, the torture methods that were recently revealed to the general public would not have been so easily rolled out on such a wide front.

It is important not to simply listen to what they say about how they have stopped or are stopping or have never, but rather to look at and to see and understand (not be fooled about) what they are obviously actually doing and to further understand the bottomless aspect of the evil of the minds doing those things that they ought not to be doing.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. (Luke 16:10).

People in high places with plenty of power and who are controlling huge sums of money and directing the use of nearly all the resources of the world and who intentionally leave the poor to starve and who knowingly lie to go to war, etc., are capable of what depths of wickedness? Let us not be naïve.

It is important not to make their definitions your definitions. Their definitions are half-truths. They are twisted definitions calculated to program all. Think about it. Overcome it.

It was patriotic and for national security though, so claimed the unrepentant at the very top who authorized it. The unrepentant who carried out the worst torture they could imagine were given a pass by the system but not by Satan who waits for them.

Unrepentant is the operative word here. We will be judge by the words coming out of our own mouths. We will be judge by the standard we use to mete out justice. We will be judge by our own deeds. Hypocrisy is downfall.

At the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just. (Matthew 13:49).

The wicked define themselves. The just do their level best to live in accordance with the new commandment. The severing is consistent with the standard used here by the wicked. It isn't for vengeance. It isn't to satisfy some twisted, emotional, sadistic streak hiding in Jesus. It's to deliver the just out of the hands of the wicked and to save the world by bringing forth the new world.

Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. (Matthew 12:31-32).

What is your standard? What standard do you apply in the here and now that will see you into true heaven? Is it warning others to do the new commandment? Is it living in accordance with that commandment?

President Gerald Ford issued an order precluding experimentation without the prior, written and informed consent of the subject. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan issued reinforcing orders. However, as we have seen concerning all manner of laws and orders, George W. Bush will go ahead and do what he alone decides. The immorality and illegality of certain of his surveillance and interrogation methods hasn't stopped him. Certainly, he would have no problem secretly reversing the orders of Ford, Carter, and Reagan. Also, we have seen that it is US internal policy amongst the neocons that the US says one thing and does another—the so-called pious lie. In certain quarters, the US government pumps out laws and orders for public and false propaganda purposes without the slightest intention of abiding internally.

We know how hypocritical the US government has been, can be, and is being. It must stop. They will be forgiven if they just stop and repent.

After all, it was the US who made a huge deal out of what the Nazis had done. They vilified and demonized the Nazis both during and after the war. They tried some of them. They judged and condemned many at Nuremberg. They came up with the Nuremberg Code that expressly required informed consent. However, the US military and the CIA especially knowingly and willfully violated that very code. Do you trust them now?

How are they suddenly made trustworthy? Where is the outward manifestation of repentance? I don't see it. Do you?

We must bring forth, with or without them. It is their choice whether they will make themselves compatible with the truly repentant, contrite, penitent, and atoning.

The things that happened to people were so bad that people don't want to think about them, but that's what allows them to go on. Look, what the government has done to people and is still doing to people is so bad that no matter how hard you try to imagine how bad it is, it is really vastly worse than that. Those who are authorizing it and carrying it out know that of course, but they don't care. They do it, because they can. They do it, because they can get away with it. I don't mean that they aren't caught by other authorities who would punish them. I mean they aren't caught by their own consciences due largely because the general population turns away from looking at it and condemning it. Those who engage in such behavior are lifted up by those who choose to turn away. That lifting up reinforces the reprehensible behavior of authorizing torture and engaging in it. What the people must do is look straight at it and make sure that anyone who authorizes or engages in it is removed from all authority. All support of the system that allows for such activities must be removed. That is why you must become a real Christian.

You must understand that anyone who doesn't agree with this will find his or her soul being chastened by Satan's tax collectors. This is not a coercive threat. It's a warning out of concern for the welfare of the people who are tempted to continue in denial.

Do you believe in the deliberate governmental lies for a pretext for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution revving up the Vietnam War? Do you believe in the Iran-Contra scandal?

What they don't know won't hurt them. In this case, the "they" is you. Only it isn't true that your ignorance is bliss or that it isn't harmful. Your ignorance is the facilitation of evil. Your silence and inaction once you've heard is even more sinful.

Fiction depicting truisms

These things seem to be out of fiction, because in a sense they are. The cover of plausible deniability of fiction writing is for many the only way they are willing to reveal truth. They don't as readily kill the fiction writers. I say readily, because daring artists depicting truisms have certainly been eliminated from the scene. That's what much of the blacklisting in conservative, capitalistic Hollywood was all about. I am not a fiction writer though. This work doesn't go on the fiction shelf any more than the poetry of The Bible places it on the fiction shelf. Everything starts with emotion. Fiction manifests. It can manifest truth or falsehood. The imagination predates the greater outwardly visible manifest. Things must first be conceived. That is why fiction and myth and legend show to be prophetic. Artists also mirror what is manifest, manifesting yet even more, bringing more to light and bringing more darkness depending upon the degree of unselfishness versus selfishness they emote or stimulate by their procreation that is their rearranging what God has supplied.

These things are the truth about the dark and false spirit. Do you think that just because someone rises in government, business, or the military that he or she somehow is purer than the general population? One actually must compromise to rise in the evil system. Do you think that the general population is a sure filter? Leaders follow the population even as they lead. Leaders are the creation of the system that runs on the general populations consent regardless of how manipulated that is by their chosen leaders. The system is full of guile. It is not the system of real Christianity that is guileless and cannot live in the dead worldly system of satanic mammon. When the pure attempts to rise to the top, to surface, to become manifest, the competitive do everything they can not to share any space.

Do you automatically dismiss US radiation experiments on lower-class and orphaned children? They did it. It's documented. They don't deny it.

Do you automatically dismiss that the US imported Nazi experimenters to continue their torture experimentation so that the US ostensibly wouldn't fall behind any other country in anything no matter how inhumane. It's documented. They don't deny it anymore. To the system, everyone is expendable.

Violence corrupts

Torture, violence, breaks the person. It is corrupt and corrupting. It is in the polluted stream of consciousness of evil gods, human sacrifices, cannibalism, sadistic sex, multiple sex partners, orgies, pedophilia, incest, and other unclean practices.

Moses's job was actually to raise up humans as angels to go in and violently purge the land of all the wicked who were performing those ungodly acts. It was temporary, only a relative cleaning.

Jesus says don't patch the old garment. Jesus says that the fix must be radical. The fix must take place at the root cause that is the selfish heart. The change must be extreme Christlikeness.

You see, what Moses did as well-intentioned as it was, was to use the problem (hardheartedness) to solve the problem (a different mutation of the same disease of selfishness and hardheartedness). It wasn't his fault. The people were heavily, generationally conditioned to hardheartedness.

You don't want to be part of the problem. You want to be the solution. The solution is unselfishness.

What the Israelites did under Moses and then Joshua was ultimately still rooted in selfishness. The use of violence was still corrupt. That's why the house fell and fell and fell and will continue falling until they get the message. Moses of course knew in his heart of hearts that it was temporary. That's why he prophesied the coming of Jesus who would make things clear and plain so the mistakes could be eventually avoided.

Look at all the corruption that has recently been exposed. Much more corruption remains unexposed. For that reason, things are going to get much worse before they get better. Even as there are breaks in evil tidings, evil will thrash about more and more as it dies. This is critical for souls to understand and retain. It is the only way that souls will persevere through that process of witnessing the death throws.

The more dangerous a leak of the information for the system, the more it is covered up on pain of death. The more sinister the crime, the deeper is the cover. Through heavy compartmentalization, the FBI, CIA, and NSA, etc., can keep parts of those organizations from ever seeing the things that other parts of those organizations cover over. The system knows the personnel within to call upon to cover. The hedonistic rewards can be increased and increased since the wealthy have nearly bottomless pockets. Of course, if some loyalist becomes too greedy, he can be set up, discredited, or even made to disappear. It's all crime.

Hoarded wealth, wealth not employed completely for the many, the flock, is not seen as corruption. There is no leak of this information. There is no cover-up. It is conspicuous. They convinced the people to worship the rich.

However, The Bible clearly shows as does all history that such private wealth is indeed corruption. One cannot amass in the face of so much want without being hardhearted, which is a state of corruption.

Therefore, excuses that one is simply involved in big business when blatant wrong-doing surfaces are just rationalizations. When mundane rule breaking surprises many, the gaps between such revelations are no indication of a lack of corruption during those gaps. The corruption is fulltime. It is inherent within the whole system. It is on display, conspicuous, for ego sake.

However, turning the devils money to helping the poor and needy is right. That's what this work is about in part to start with.

So, the CIA and other US agencies and departments have done constant hellish things all for the sake of the perpetuation of the capitalist system of which that atrocious history is an inevitable reflection.

The US created Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden

Consider the irony, the hypocrisy, of the fact that the CIA put Saddam in power. He was a cog in the huge wheel of Soviet containment. Saddam was supported by the capitalists in the US, because Saddam was ...continues... Click next page number below.

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