. . . against the forces of greater fundamental fairness in Iraq than Saddam was prepared to embrace. The same applies to Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was supported by the CIA against the left-leaning Afghan government that turned for protection to the Soviets. That Afghan government was for greater giving and sharing, and the capitalists in the US are dead set against that anywhere and at all times.

Nevertheless, Saddam did put into place public education and health that was way beyond anything the capitalists could tolerate in the long run. Saddam was a socialist with a ruthless side, which is not much better than a capitalist with a so-called humane side.

Don't forget, the US under Republicans Reagan and Bush-41 illegally supplied Iraq with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and missile weapons material, equipment, and training. It's documented in the eight thousand pages the US neocons stripped out of the Iraqi Weapons Report to the UN Security Council just a few months before George W. Bush lied the US into war murdering tens of thousands of innocent people and planting more seeds for vengeance on all sides. Along with the twenty-four US corporations and the fifty-five US subsidiaries of European corporations directly involved, also implicated in Iraqgate are the US federal departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Energy, etc. Furthermore the US nuclear-weapons laboratories, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia National Laboratories, were heavily involved.


The US was cleverer than the other major powers. The US did a slicker job with sleight of hand and shell or dummy international corporations and all manner of methods to conceal US taxpayer funding of the Iraq-Iran War. Much of it is known as Iraqgate. There is a movement afoot to change the reference known as Iraqgate to some other episode in more recent history to cover the tracks. The real Iraqgate concerns the weapons used primarily in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88). Texas US congressman at the time and afterwards, Henry B. Gonzalez, leaked the documents that showed the illegal conservative-Republican dealings. Much of the US funding was handled through a branch of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) in Atlanta, Georgia, US. That bank alone handled some 5.5 billion 1980's US dollars worth of illegal shipments. The Reagan administration, through the Reagan/Bush-41 CIA, for instance authorized covertly supplying cluster bombs to Iraq, involving the US-puppet dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile at the time. That is only the tip of the iceberg, since the CIA and others refuse to divulge the sleaze under the smokescreen of national security, which is nothing more than a double-dealing cover-up by a gang of betrayers at the top.

Neoliberal Democrat collusion

What is more, the so-called centrist (neolib) Democrats under president Bill Clinton did not pursue the matter that implicated his two predecessors in office, Reagan and Bush-41 even though Clinton had campaigned promising to get to the bottom of it all. Clinton too is for the World capitalist Empire after all. He also didn't want to feel the ire of the anti-giving-and-sharing-all machine that is so-called free market, laissez faire. The centrist-Democrat thinking is that too much radical truth-telling would be too great a shock to the masses.

The mistake that is Burkean conservatism

The centrist Democrats are really Burkean conservatives, after Edmund Burke who was the consummate gradualist procrastinator and big on the concept of the loyal opposition, which is the heart and soul of the American two-party capitalist system.

You see, in America if you are not for capitalism, you are considered unloyal to God. The rich and powerful capitalists have paid to have everyone brainwashed through every means in their control, which is nearly everything, into feeling and thinking that God is a capitalist, which God is most certainly not. You don't have to take just my word for it. Ask God directly as you ought to.

Of course, you asking God directly is exactly what the capitalist-rich fear the most. It is why they seek so hard to control real Christianity from being able to speak out. Once you start doubting mammon worship and begin having faith in God, it will be all over for the capitalists expropriating and privatizing to themselves the inheritance of all, including your fair share, which in heaven is equal ownership of everything, which is small-c communism.

This is not to say that Edmund Burke was wrong concerning mistaken ideas in France that led to gratuitous violence during and after the French Revolution of his time. His prescription, however, was irrational traditionalism, gradualism, and frankly eternal procrastination rather than having faith in the whole truth. You see, the only reason to fear the truth is when half-truths are passed off as the whole truth. The French Revolution was full of half-truths as was Burke's prescription with its allowance for special, private privilege and advantage. The message of Jesus, contained in his new commandment, however, contains no such half-truths.

Jesus told his followers the whole truth, and his true followers engaged in absolutely no violence and turned away from appropriating for themselves special, private privilege and advantage.

Neither those who instigated and carried out the French Revolution nor Edmund Burke swore off violence. They didn't qualify all change with vocal and manifest admonitions against violence and evil coercion. Now, Jesus's teachings and his original followers well predate both the French Revolution and Burke yet the revolution was bloody and Burke offered tiny steps leading to other than heaven.

In addition, ever since the Nixon Watergate tapes, the conservative Republicans destroy documents and emails, etc., that would fall into the hands of the Democrats before any offices change hands. You need to come to understand that the conservatives use the government as their private, gangster enterprise.

The conservative Republic elite laugh at the voters

They laugh at the voters (Republican, Democrat, and all others) all the way to the bank. They laugh at the conservative lower-class and middle-class Republican voters. They can't believe how stupid everyone is to trust them. They find it incredible how easy it has been and is for them to gain and maintain power and to engage in total sleaze and then walk away scot-free and filthy rich. They can't believe how dumb the middle class and lower class are to turn themselves over as troops to do their bidding in raping everything in sight. They laugh at the troops.

If you don't believe it, you just don't know how low one has to sink to do what manifests the evil fruit. To gain the world, one must gleefully worship the satanic spirit. One must revel in the insanity of it all. One must love the temporary feedback loop in the brain at all the power and control and wealth and impunity and insane adulation, etc.

Reagan and Bush-41 engaged in eighty shipments of biological weapons materials including anthrax, botulism toxin, Dengue fever virus, gangrene bacteria, and West Nile fever virus. That number of shipments is known. It does not mean that there were not additional secret shipments to Iraq.

Coalition of the bribed

It is important to understand that this reveals that the UN weapons inspectors in Iraq, with the cooperation of the companies and nations involved, knew fairly clearly what they needed to account for. Also remember that the UN weapons inspectors reported to the Security Council that Iraq had done well in cooperating with the inspection teams that the US refused to allow the time to continue and to finish the process. The neocons did not want the weapons inspectors to have more time, because they knew by then that nothing was ever going to turn up. Therefore, the neocons rushed the world into war by lies, obfuscation, bribes, intimidation, surveillance, blackmail, coercion, and all the other tools of gangsters and in direct violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the US. The US corrupted the so-called Coalition of the Willing. It was, and is, really the coalition of the willfully apostate.

A detailed analysis of 50 years of data has revealed that the U.S. gives nations nearly 60 percent more cash in years when they have a seat [on the UN Security Council].[61]

Cover-up of the Iraqi Weapons Report

The Republicans physically took away the report before the full Security Council could see it and removed every reference to international corporations, etc. Therefore, none of the then ten rotating members of the Security Council ever saw the evidence before the Security Council was to vote on war against Iraq. That's illegal. That's the Republicans doing their dirty tricks on a global scale with the cooperation of the other permanent members of the Security Council.

You see, the leaders of the powers are very corrupt. The US is not better than the other powers in these matters.

Even though this is all very clear and plain to see, most of the people of the world are going to wait until the tribulation is upon them before they wake up to pay the ransom on their souls as outlined further on in this work.

During this exposed corrupt handling of the Iraqi Weapons Report, Bush-43 (George W. Bush) stood there brazenly before God and the entire world and repeatedly, along with all his cabal, judged and condemned Saddam Hussein. All the while Bush-43 knew full well that his own father and Donald Rumsfeld were, among thousands of others (government, military, industry), accomplices in war crimes, just as he had made himself by virtue of his direct involvement in the cover-up.

Republicans helped gas the Iranians

The Republicans (in the name of every American, ruining the reputation of every American, making it harder for any real Christian American to spread the word of truth, giving God a bad name by claiming to be Christians), kept right on supplying Hussein with targeting data (from intelligence satellites) on Iranian troop movements, etc., for better illegal gassing.

Then Americans wonder why the Iranians hate the US Empire and its bed partners in Israel.

Republicans overthrew the Iranian democracy

Remember, it was the Republicans, through Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt, Jr., the grandson of president Teddy Roosevelt that over threw Iran's duly elected prime minister, Mohammed Mosaddegh, in CIA Operation Ajax that installed a brutal puppet dictatorship, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, and train the Iranian secret police, the SAVAK, in CIA/Nazi torture techniques they used extensively thereafter on the Iranian people. The Republicans, with the British, overthrew Mosaddegh for the sake of the British Petroleum Company that had unfair contracts in Iran. Iran had decided to nationalize its own oil. That CIA coup became the prototype for subsequent CIA coups around the world. They were cheaper and faster than frontal military attacks and didn't have to be sold to the American public since they were clandestine operations.

Just one year later, the CIA in Operation PBSUCCESS, overthrew the duly elected president, Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán ("Arbenz"), of Guatemala primarily for the sake of the United Fruit Company, which had a monopoly under the dictatorship that preceded Arbenz by about seven years.

Three percent of the population owned seventy percent of the land. Arbenz undertook a land reform project. The United Fruit Company complained to the Eisenhower administration that commenced to overthrow the progressive Arbenz. The CIA bombed the capital of Guatemala. Some one hundred thousand died in the violence that surrounded and came on the heels of the US conducted coup in the form of a thirty-year civil war.

These CIA coups and the torture and other means employed were no secret to the rest of the world that has ended up hating the corrupt and greedy Democrats and Republicans, unfortunately mistaking them in many instances for all Americans. I add Democrats here, because it was under Democratic president Harry Truman that the original plans for overthrowing Arbenz were laid. Just as with the false pretext of al Qaeda's link to Saddam Hussein, the pretext of a Soviet link to Arbenz proved false. The CIA found no evidence in their search of Guatemalan documents. Richard Nixon though staged a show for TV with the new dictators who produced hardline Communist literature they claimed to have found in government offices after the overthrow of the democracy.

Now, have you been listening to the US talking about a civil war in Iraq? Whose fault is that?

All of this only served the cause of hardline Muslim clerics, under exiled ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who in the 1979 Islamic Revolution finally overthrew Pahlavi, nationalized Iran's oil industry, and took Americans hostage in the US Embassy for 444 days.

Where do the terms "kinder," "gentler," and "compassionate" fit in any of this? Do you feel safer and more secure with the conservative Republicans running things? Do you feel humane under a capitalistic system? Wouldn't you rather be a real Christian living in heaven for the sake of everyone?

The Iraqgate weapons transfers under Reagan and Bush-41 violated international weapons bans to which the US is signatory along with the other permanent members of the UN Security Council. Many European nations, Russia, and China violated the international weapons embargo against Iraq while also supplying Iran. That is why the permanent members of the UN Security Council agreed to censor the Iraqi weapons report by removing all the references to the international corporations, government departments, and nuclear laboratories.

The major powers are in the arms racket. They're all racketeers.

The US and other major powers complicit in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide

In addition, because some of the crimes were committed during Iraq's known use of the ban weapons against the Iranians (it has been estimated that some one hundred thousand to three-quarters of a million Iranians were gassed to death), the crimes constitute complicity in indisputable war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide (with the use of the weapons against the Kurds in March, 1988).

Some five thousand Kurdish men, women, and children died in the attack. There is also evidence that Iran also used chemicals supplied by permanent members of the UN Security Council. In fact, there are allegations that it was Iranian gas that actually killed the Kurdish civilians.

The truth needs to come out so that humanity can know that it is the Holy Spirit that is exposing the wrong-doing of the unrepentant and so that humanity can undergo required universal repentance before the earth is destroyed.

Now you know why Saddam Hussein is being tried for something where evidence of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush authorized shipments of illegal weapons won't be admissible.

Understand also that when the US sells weapons to other nations, the money used to purchase those weapons goes to rich Americans rather than for needed social services for the people.

When one nation gains a weapons advantage, nations around that nation begin buying weapons also. This contributes to a global arms race making everyone, everyone's children and grandchildren, less safe and secure.

Now you know why the US intelligence at first "knew" (before sanctions and inspections had been so effective—although you know there are some weapons still somewhere) that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The US and others had illegally supplied them.

This also tells you why the US was able to push the UN powers to look the other way while the US invaded Iraq.

It tells you why the US military allowed the severe looting of the various ministries in Iraq, so that incriminating documents could disappear in the chaos (plausible deniability).

It also tells you why George W. Bush was so bold as to say upon his election that now he didn't have to answer to anyone.

It tells you why the general American public is so ill-informed and kept so gullible, since everything is so heavily censored by the propaganda machine.

Mainstream media cover-up of Iraqgate

Amy Goodman of interviewed Andreas Zumach December 18th, 2002, on alternative TV and radio breaking the Iraqgate story in the US. No major corporate medium really picked up the story. During the lead up to the second US invasion of Iraq, the rest of the world knew about the eight thousand pages the US had stripped from the twelve-thousand page Iraqi Weapons Report; however, the information was deliberately suppressed by US corporate media. That's the heart and soul of US propaganda (mental manipulation) at work against the American people. The general American population was deceived by the conservative Republicans and not because that's what's best for America.

Not only that, but the so-called liberal-Democrat leadership also refused to run with the story. They are afraid of all the money behind the military-industrial complex. They are afraid of being called soft on terrorism just as the Democrats decades ago were afraid of being perceived as being soft on Communism or soft on crime. See those words "soft on crime." That's what the Republicans said about the Democrats. Now who is soft on crime?

Who is committing the biggest crimes in history? This, of course, is no advocacy for anything but realizing the soul-killing hypocrisy that is deeply embedded within the entire conservative capitalistic system that is nothing more than sophisticated gangsterism and enslavement of the human spirit. It is terrorism and invites terrorism.

Election fraud

In order to retain power, do you think those who cheat on international weapons transfers and invade others to grab trillions of dollars in oil would also stoop to election fraud? It has been alleged that concerning the US presidential election in 2004, in every location where the exit polling diverged from the official election data beyond the statistical margin of error, the area swung only in one direction: To George W. Bush. Also those areas were only where paperless (un-auditable) voting technologies were used. The exit polling gave John Kerry a landslide victory. The official results gave George W. Bush fifty-one percent of the votes. The odds against the exit polling being as wrong as is claimed by Bush followers are very high. What do those odds shoot up to when discrepancies are only in the areas where the ballots are un-auditable? What do they shoot up to when the discrepancies only fall in favor of one side?

It is not possible to determine these things without access to the original data. Such access has been denied. It there is nothing to hide, why deny access? There is no moral stricture supporting denying such access.

Since the 2000 election was so controversial, it would have relieved many fears had the 2004 election results been open to public scrutiny. The fact that it has been covered over at the very least only contributes to a feeling of justified suspicion.

If the system is not made to be auditable, next time, certain unethical parties will be sure to cheat where there are paper backups and be sure to alter the vote in some areas in favor of the opposition just to take away the appearance of manipulation.

No clean and fair elections possible with capitalism

Can there be clean and fair elections in the capitalistic system? No. It is inherently impossible. The greedy spirit and the cheating spirit come together. You don't get one without the other. You can either be democratic or you can be capitalistic. You cannot be both.

The only way capitalism has survived in America is through anti-democracy. Given the uncoerced choice, the people always choose equitable distribution (per the way of the Apostles). Coercion in such matters is falsehood. Coercion is the enemy of righteousness and real law and real order.

Capitalism is cheating

There are real rules (righteous, Godly rules), and there is making up your own. Capitalists have made up their own rules. Demons have taken over the rule of the world. That's why it isn't heaven. They rule through lying and cheating. That's the only way to rise in selfishness. Unselfishness and honesty go together. Selfishness and dishonesty go together. There's no breaking the connections.

The demons create, stimulate, and manipulate selfishness through violence, theft, and sexual depravity, and the like.

They are as subtle as subtle can be and they are as blatant as blatant can be, all depending upon how the evil spirit is moving them.

They're subtle when they leave certain people untouched. Ignoring them and isolating them draws less mundane attention to them. That's why they've left Sibel Edmonds (more on her later) and other whistleblowers alive. It gives the gangsters plausible deniability. After all, if they were real gangsters, wouldn't they act as crudely as Al Capone?

Look, the Mafia families are much more professional these days. That's why you don't hear that much about them. They avoid doing things that would draw negative attention to their activities. They operate in greater stealth than they used to. You hear less about their gangsterism than you do about the gangsterism of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

It isn't that they aren't there doing organized crime. They're just more sophisticated about it after having so much experience to work out how to stay out of sight.

The same applies to the neocons. As Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush and the rest have repeatedly said about those they call ...continues... Click next page number below.

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