. . . will happen, only God our Father in heaven knows. The tribulation is coming though. It is inevitable. The redemption is inevitable. The truth has been spoken. It must be spread so all have a clear and plain choice and make it. Will the Son of man find real faith on earth? Will the Son of man find those who refuse to do iniquitous works but who rather find the lost and serve the needs of those trampled down by the self-appointed arrogant ones, the ones who lie that God appointed them?

And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:17-19).

Neoconservative/antichrist conspiracy

All the leaders within the Bush-43 camp are part of the antichrist conspiracy of neoconservatives following after the likes of Leo Strauss[34] (of the noble-lie school of philosophy used also by the false Christians). They follow Irving Kristol, and military hawk Richard Perle, also a false Zionist who was chairman of the Defense Policy Board and who is headquartered in the American Enterprise Institute and whose mentor was Albert Wohlstetter, one of the earliest neoconservatives.

The Jews had agreed already, that if any man did confess that he was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue. (John 9:22).

The real Christ came, and they put him out of their congregation. They rejected him as was prophesied they would do in the very scripture they claimed as their law.

On Albert Wohlstetter, his ideas perpetuate satanism (root evil). They are responsible for today's errors in high places in the US. The opposite of peace is contained in the falsehood expounded by Wohlstetter. That falsehood has poisoned the minds of many. Wohlstetter was a teacher at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and the University of Chicago.

[If you want to know more about this issue, please see the Supplements to this work.]

He made a calculated assumption that the US could embark upon more warfare using new-generation weapons. That brings us closer to the great tribulation to come. It brings forth Armageddon. Armageddon must come, but woe to him who brings it.

Don't partake of the lies of the neocons. Don't risk your immortal soul or the souls of others by buying into their lesser-of-evils deception. They sugarcoat poison. There is no peace through strength (military). It's a big lie. Such military strength is an oxymoron.

These unwise people are doing everything they can to elevate certain of their progenitors with the view of making it easier to lure and indoctrinate those with a predilection to hyper selfishness. They are working evil and will pay the devil with their souls.

David Wurmser, a long-time neocon recruit to the Bush-43 administration, had written extensively in favor of joint US-Israeli policy to destabilize the entire region. He advocated belligerently invading Iraq and Baghdad and attacking also Syria to threaten its territorial integrity. He advocated that as a prelude to redrawing by the powers that be (the US and Israel) the national boundaries of the entire Middle East. That had happened before, especially as an aftermath of World War I. This time though, Wurmser and others wanted the redrawing to be for the sake of conservative Zionism, that is, of course, anything but Christian.

I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9).

Do not lump all Hebrews under one banner

I will explain more about Leo Strauss and Irving Kristol further on in this work. First though, let me explain that in no way are we saying that all Hebrews are any one thing other than genetic descendents of Jacob. The descendents of Jacob have views practically as varied as there are views in the world. This work does not lump all Hebrews under any one banner.

It is true though that there is now an Israeli state that was not there before 1948, since A.D. 70. It is also true that there is a history of what people have labeled as Zionism that led up to the 1948 declaration of Israel and that there has been a history since and under that distorted use of the term "Zionism." It is also true that those who run Israel call themselves Jews but reject Jesus.

I say these obvious things, because there are many who insist that the world turn a blind eye to all things coming from certain descendents of Jacob regardless of any despicable nature of the sins involved while at the same time insisting that the world use the most powerful microscope to view the sins of others.

False versus real hate-crimes

We must also, in anticipation of false criticisms, dispense with the connection of the concept of hate crimes with the Biblical verse above (Revelation 2:9) about false Jews and the synagogue of Satan. It is a crime not to hate iniquity, but there are those though who desire to redefine and then reprioritize iniquity. In one fell swoop, they seek to convince the world that it is iniquitous to speak out against selfishness that steals the inheritance of all and, thereby, causes starvation and want and other abominations. They seek to gag the prophets. They seek to gag Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of truth. However, it is right and proper to hate selfishness. It is right and proper to say openly that selfishness is of the spirit of Satan. In saying that, however, it does not mean that one is advocating offensive (evil, sinning) measures be taken against anyone.

(From the cross, Jesus asked God to forgive Jesus's murderers, because they were ignorant even while being guilty.) In fact, it is impossible to hold to the spirit of unselfishness and desire the use of offensive measures. Crime comes in the form of offenses. Offenses must come, but woe to the one by whom they do. We are to subdue the wrathful, indignant, spirit within. That is the warning of love. Those who heed may be worthy to escape the tribulation and worthy to suffer and surmount persecution.

This does not mean that offenses are just anything that the iniquitous consider as hurting their feelings. One can be hurt by another imagining the one could be capable of some iniquity. It is another thing, however, to take offense upon realizing that one has been properly identified with iniquity. This is what happened time and again with Jesus and the Pharisees, as is shown throughout this work and the Gospels. The Pharisees saw themselves in the parables of Jesus and sought to murder Jesus on account of it. Those parables were not hate crimes by Jesus. The hate crimes were the actions of the Pharisees and others that neglected the just pleas of those in need. The hate crime was the murder of Jesus. The hate crime was the crime of hating the truth about themselves and rather than changing (softening) their hearts, hardening up even further leading to their ultimate discomfort and aggravation, hopefully, God having mercy on their souls, to finally see the light that connects cause and effect.

False Zionism

Now to continue and to explain further about false Zionism, it is not some benign (kind and gentle) force that ought to go un-critiqued. It must be stated clearly and plainly that false Zionism is a dangerous antithesis of real Zionism (more on that further on). Extreme false Zionism for instance takes the form of Revava and Temple Mount Faithful that are Jewish groups planning to tear down the Islamic Al Aqsa Mosque compound and Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Such groups intend to build a third temple on the site where they would no doubt reinstitute daily animal sacrifices. They would be doing that despite the Biblical admonitions that clearly explain that God does not want such sacrifices but rather mercy. That is in both the Old and New Testament teachings. "For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings." (Hosea 6:6). Also, God does not need or want such a temple built by human hands.

Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest? For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word. (Isaiah 66:1-2).

This third temple would be the tangible representation of the synagogue of Satan, as these extreme false-Zionist groups are part of that unreal Jewish religion. It would be built in the face of God's words against that spirit. Not until all the people accept Jesus as the Messiah will any temple of those people be the house of God. They build in pride and haughtiness, but the just shall inhabit it.

This is no endorsement of the Al Aqsa Mosque or Dome of the Rock. The more militant of the Muslims have openly stated that they would take it as a formal declaration of war were that mosque and dome to be torn down. All their rules against non-Muslims praying at the Temple Mount just show the weakness of their own faith. Both sides in this matter need to turn to the teachings of Jesus before it becomes too late.

Revava and other such groups are totally nationalistic and highly militant. They take great pride (a sin) in the military exploits of Israel.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18).

They believe only in conveniently selected Old Testament values. They totally reject all of what real Christianity (real Judaism; real liberalism) is all about. They are not interested in the spirit of the first and great commandment and the second like it. They are interested in their selfish desires. They are in favor of Israel taking more and more of the land in the area exclusively for their false Judaism.

The conditional rights of Israel

They believe that God has given the land back to them. The important thing is how they obtained it each time, why they lost it each time, and whether they are making the same errors again.

Are they back on the land as a reward? For what? Is it to help make up for what happened to them at the hands of the Gentiles down through the centuries, especially the Nazis? Were they punished to excess? Does that relieve anyone of responsibilities?

They were told that they could take the land from those who severely defiled it. They were told that they could keep the land. Even though these acts were selfish, they were told that this relative selfishness would be overlooked provided the people kept to a certain minimum standard. Well, they didn't keep to it, as was prophesied by their leader, Moses, and they still aren't living up to even the provisions of that old, voided contract. Not only that, but the standard has gone way up since then, per Jesus. Now what do you think is going to happen?

Who warned them about the error of their ways before the land was taken from them? Each time the people failed to listen, they suffered the gravest of consequences that they brought down upon themselves. Now, here is this group, which represents the views of many more, repeating all the same old errors that caused hot coals to be heaped upon the heads of the people. When will they learn that their militant and covetous, un-giving and un-sharing spirit spells downfall?

They have not come to realize that the whole planet is holy: The whole of creation is holy. Yet, each human soul is worth more than all the dirt of the earth. This may sound like a contradiction, but it is not.

Forms of Zionism

Zionism has many connotations. One is the political, secular, definitely nationalistic form. This is a highly conservative form. Much of the state organization of Israel is run along that line. Those of that brand of Zionism have pushed those with a more liberal (giving, sharing, and peaceful) leaning off to the margins.

Another form of Zionism is the religious form of those who have maintained all the pre-Jesus doctrines and traditions of the old Jewish religion and tacked on many new, borrowed, and apologetic traditions. These are the old-school conservative Fundamentalists who break down into various sects. They see the current State of Israel in purely Old Testament Biblical terms. Many of them have a huge stake in the nationalistic Israel.

A small minority is split off and is still deliberately of the diaspora (Jewish dispersion outside Israel), because they believe it was improper that the current incarnation of the state was formed for such political, secular, and nationalistic reasons. They view it with a sense of foreboding.

Yet another form is a diluted form sharing with varying degrees the views of all the foregoing. It maintains selected pre-Jesus doctrines and traditions of the old Jewish religion. However, in general this group is not rabid about the Zionism that is akin to nationalism.

These groups are variously known outside Israel as Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and Reformed Judaism. Within Israel, the terms are different but cover essentially the same tenets. Many in Israel and of the diaspora are purely non-practicing or secular.

Those currently known as Rabbinic Jews are of the pharisaic tradition. They are of the vine and root of those same Pharisees who murdered Jesus. They reject Jesus now, just as did those who murdered him. They reject Jesus for the same reasons Jesus explained in the Gospel message that the Pharisees of his day rejected him. When most people say Judaism, they are referring in general to those whose religious lineage stems from the pharisaic traditions that Jesus showed were hypocritical.

The above is far from exhaustive. There are numerous sub-sects and offshoots. Some have returned to tenets of the Sadducees who were in competition with the Pharisees at the time of Jesus.

Real Zionism

Finally, there are the true Zionists who are the real Jews who are the Christians. Contrary to popular traditional beliefs, Christianity is not a wholly new religion. It is the real Judaism with a new name. It is not nor has it ever been pharisaic. True Zionists are in the spirit and believe the New Covenant (New Testament) message. They do not put the geographical before the spiritual. Zion is peace. It is the ideal. It is perfect. It is historically associated with the name-place that is now the physical city of Jerusalem, because the teachings of Melchizedek were of God Most High. However, those teachings are not about a purely physical place, for in reality, the place where God is in the heart is Holy ground. If Jesus goes to hell to save the souls there, his love of our Father goes with him. Wherever that love is, is Holy ground. Even when one believes that God's love is everywhere if we will only open our hearts everywhere, in that context, everywhere is Holy ground. That is why Jesus said that we would worship not just on a central, physical mountain but rather in the spirit, which is as the wind he said. It goes everywhere. There is even the cosmic wind. There are winds beyond that also. Therefore, for the real Christian, Zion is in the heart. Peace is in the heart. It is the core emotional desire, inextricable from love and truth.

Now, many Christians think of this third-temple stone-building concept incorrectly on account of Jesus having been at the Herod temple and having said things about it. They are not looking at the entire context of what Jesus said. Jesus was dedicated in the Herod temple and he visited there as a boy (bar mitzvah). He taught in the temple. He cleansed the temple. He also called the temple his Father's house. However, he also said that the people would no longer worship there. That is what he told to the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well. He said that the Herod temple would be torn down completely, which it was. Even the bit of the Western Wall or Wailing Wall, a piece of the retaining wall of the outer court-yard, is not a part of the temple building, per se. Jesus reiterated that our Father wants mercy and not sacrifices. Those are but a few of the reasons that the stone temple planned by the antichrists of the Hebrews, especially with their daily sacrifices, is just an attempt to obfuscate Jesus's new-commandment, messianic teaching and example. It will not work.

The Real Temple is already standing

Jesus already raised up the new temple in three days. He is the stone they rejected. Nothing they can build with their hands can replace him or tear him down. God's real house is Jesus's house—all of it. When you glorify God with mercy, then, and only then, will you be in his house and his house will be in you.

Had the people turned in accordance with the message of Jesus, had their hearts not been too hard, the temple building, per se, would not have been crushed. It is important to note that it was prophesied that their hearts would not be sufficiently softened. It is how we have history as our teacher if we will but open our eyes and soften our hearts. We will not repeat the same mistakes if we will learn rather than having to experience the tribulations firsthand to that end.

These things are said not because the prophecy can be changed. It can't be changed. They are said so that people will see and heed now before it is too late. Many will. That's the prophecy. Those who live will be living proof of what they knew for sure before the tribulation.

It is also important here to note that buildings, per se, are not important to God for worshipping God. Rather than temple buildings, God wants mercy, a giving and sharing spirit, and proper, high emotion about the truth.

The buildings God is alright with are those that are consistent with the priorities of the new commandment. Those buildings are constructed heading toward the proper spirit. Any temples or church buildings constructed by and for lip service are actually disgusting to God. Do you see that?


Those professing to be Christians also need to understand that there are rabbis who say that the third temple will be built when their first messiah comes. This is a direct statement from their religious teachers that Jesus was not the Messiah. How can real Christians condone the building of a third temple under a messiah that is not the Messiah? Their first messiah will be the Antichrist and a false messiah. Yet, there are many ostensible Christian Fundamentalists and others who believe that these same false Jews are God's elect along with the followers of Jesus. They are not. Only Christians are God's elect. It doesn't matter what their ethnic background, only that they are real Christians. This is because of the whole truth of the peace (pacifism) of Jesus that the non-Christian Hebrews reject.

This is not to say that Jesus did not come to save the lost of Israel. He did. He focused on that. It was what he was supposed to do. Jesus was not though prideful about being a Hebrew. He was not bigoted. He knew and understood his pivotal role and the role of Israel. He knew he was also a light to other than Israel. He accepted non-Hebrew believers. He has made a place for them.

It is important to understand that the temple will require spiritual cleaning. The Son of man will have to do that. The temple will be ostensibly for the greater glory of God. However, until it is cleansed and the hearts of all the worshippers adequately softened as demonstrated by their fruits, the temple will be a place from which darkness shall emanate.

Unfortunately, many ostensible Christians and Jews for Jesus are conservatives. They have confused the political, secular, nationalistic Zionism with real Zionism (peace). They are touting terrorist leaders of that nationalistic, false Zionism as godsends. They are not godsends. They are false shepherds.


Why is nationalism considered bad in every state except Israel? Why do Jews advocate tolerance in the US but don't practice it in the false-Zionists state of Israel? Either nationalism is good or bad. What would the Zionists think if the Anglo-Saxon-Celts (a nation; family) in America decided to transfer all the Hebrews out of America? They would say it is unfair. Then why was it fair of those they support in Israel to do that to the Arabs in Palestine? It's hypocrisy.

False Evangelicals

An official in Ariel Sharon's[35] office said Ted Haggard told Ariel Sharon that George W. Bush told a group of (false-Christian reconstructionists/dominionists) evangelical leaders that the United States will support Israel "come hell or high water."[36] That of course means supporting the political, secular, nationalistic, false Zionism now running the State of Israel.

Ted Haggard is the head pastor of the fourteen-thousand-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of the US Air Force Academy, to which the New Life Church has an extremely strong affinity. He is also the president of the National Association of Evangelicals that, as of the time of this writing, claims seventy-nine denominations with thirty-million members.[37]

For those who don't understand the expression "come hell or high water," it means that Bush said, and Haggard agrees, that the US is to support Israel militarily against the devil or God whichever seeks to ...continues... Click next page number below.

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