. . . the terrorists, they adapt. The neocon gangsters have adapted and somewhat patiently have waited for their moment openly to shoot for the Global Empire.

They use to call such people megalomaniacs. It was reverse psychology. Call others megalomaniacs while planning yourself to take over the world and to set up a dynasty.

Don't kid yourself. The endgame is not democracy. It's imperial and dynastic. The Antichrist is bloodline oriented.

False Republic

Some president can be timed such that he or she will be in office when things get just bad enough that he or she and the inner circle declare a complete end to democracy with the duped people going along with it for safety and security and their own selfish holdings in the Empire. That can happen regardless of whether or not the people temporarily sweep the Republicans out of office in a backlash. When they do, they'll breathe easier, congratulate themselves, drop their mundane guard, and be stabbed in the back again. This pattern repeats in any false republic.

"Republic" means "of the people." It is supposed to be government of the people. A false republic is a trick of the elite. Where any class having private advantage make the rules, there you will find falsehood. To be truly "of the people," it cannot be of the elite.

George W. Bush is not a man of, or for, the people. He's not a populist. He doesn't head up a republic. He is an elitist in the worst sense of the word.

He is part of the anti-republic network of evil that is the plague of humanity. Everywhere there is fighting, it is there.

All the major corporations, all the subsidiaries, their entire supply chain, and their governments are willingly sucked in for the gain of expropriation and exploitation off death, destruction, pollution, and all the rest of the bad. All are complicit. All are accomplices in horrendous and horrific suffering of the guilty and innocent alike. All are accomplices in the worst kinds of crimes against God. The media that turn a blind eye are accomplices in those crimes. It is all incestuous.

Don't rationalize about small business

Don't rationalize this away by saying that the middle-sized and small-sized businesses are not complicit. Everywhere there is selfishness, there is complicity. The top and bottom in the world of selfishness are simply a reflection of each other.

The current establishment will fall

With very few exceptions, every place I ever worked where I was given any decision-making authority and asked to manage others, I ended up fighting higher management and ownership over worker safety and health issues and environmental issues and other issues. I was terminated and terminated and terminated for refusing to remove safety guards from equipment, for blowing the whistle on having pregnant immigrants using chemicals that cause birth defects, for refusing to do illegal toxic dumping, and the list goes on and on. These were small, middle, and large businesses and corporations. I fought against senior-level management calling all workers "scum" and all blacks "n gg rs." And I was ignored when I suggested profit-sharing, employee ownership, democracy in the workplace, etc.

I fought the same mentalities in the universities I attended and was downgraded continually for it. Whenever I regurgitated the party line, I regularly received the highest grade in the class. Whenever I wrote the truth, I was severely downgraded.

My worst downgrading came when I wrote that it was wrong that the Palestinians were forced out of their homes and pushed off their ancestral lands for the sake of creating the current state of Israel. I received a score of zero. The powers that be were attempting to condition me with punishment for thinking out of line. This is the way the entire selfish system perpetuates itself. God's plan is to raise up those souls who breakthrough.

I don't relate these things to toot my own horn. I made countless mistakes in my life. I say them rather to expose the incompatibility of capitalism with Christianity that necessarily includes giving and sharing and cooperating. That's what matters.

Naively, I tried to encourage anti-selfishness within capitalism. It is impossible: New wine, old wineskin. It won't hold it. Now the real approach is crystal clear and is outlined in this work: Real Christianity: New wineskin for the new wine. It will hold it. Peacefully, with perseverance, displace capitalism with Christianity.

Bring forth the new establishment

God's plan is to conflate souls in the ideal. Reality is the result of our core emotions. Our feelings end up translated into our environment. The collective environment is the result of aggregate feelings. Wars, death, destruction reflect the core of those who bring those things forth. They felt those things into reality. Selfish, greedy emotions are resulting in more powerful storms obvious to all. It is a sign for all, a warning. Humanity is abusing the hospitality of the earth. The opposite emotions can manifest the opposite. Peace, life, creation, and calm and patient earth, come out of from that kind of heart.

The current establishment is incompatible with the proper core emotions to sustain humanity and the earth. The core emotions must change to what will bring forth the new establishment conducive to sustainability, and better, all the way to the ideal.

This is the teaching of Jesus Christ to his Apostles. He handed it to them. Some grasped it better than others. Their predispositions, preconceptions, prior training, conditioning, and remaining impressionability filtered their reception, colored their views, and influenced their messages and deeds.

Reveal the truth

Why do I reveal all of this so openly? Won't the enemy use it? The enemy is already using it. It is already aware that manipulating feelings to the core, results in a changed reality. The enemy is keeping it a secret so that it will be, they falsely imagine, their exclusive tool.

The reason it is right to reveal this is because in the final analysis, God raises up the righteous and merciful, those who do not wish to expropriate or exploit in selfishness but rather wish to bring forth the bounty in the spirit of cooperation in direct opposition to competition. It is this suppressed truth that will bring down evil. Evil knows it and does what it can to continue suppressing it.

Telling the truth to the people, as Jesus did, that they can with enough of the right kind of love, call upon God to make things happen, is exactly what will cause sons and daughters to prophesy and old men to dream dreams and young men to see visions. (Joel 2:28).

Ignoring the warning

Even though they have been warned, the evil go right on stealing the inheritance of all. They still network their entire chain of supply. They still bully, bribe, intimidate, imprison, murder, condition and condition and condition, and send out their hypnotic suggestions to their followers.

Breaking the spell

The mesmerists know that once subjects know the suggestions are evil (harmful), many will reject the suggestions even on the subconscious level. The spell is broken. This is why Jesus revealed to the masses what sin is (selfishness) so that they could overcome the spell of the enemy of righteousness.

Look, things keep getting generally worse even as they get better in areas. What used to be thought of as bad is claimed to be harmless by today's lower standards. The children's cartoons and other shows seem sick and depraved next to earlier times, even though those earlier times were full of terrible violence. Children are doing much worse crime at a much earlier age and showing little to no remorse. This is the continual breakdown in the general culture, even though the culture wasn't whole or healthy before. The reason today's children are screwed up is because the preceding generation was, and is, screwed up. You don't think that insanity comes from purity do you?

The generation that almost saw the light

The prior generation (the hippy generation) almost saw the light. It was looking for peace. It was asking for peace. Even toy weapons and things military disappeared from the toy stores. Many looked outside mainstream so-called Christianity, since they knew it was wrong by its fruit. They looked to Hinduism and Buddhism, etc.

Many turned a little later to Jesus, but unfortunately got sucked into garbage interpretations full of nationalism and patriotism, confusing evil with godliness.

Time to see the light

Now the time has come for people to turn to the real message of Jesus that is serving God and not capitalism or false nationalism (flesh over the Holy Spirit) or attendant patriotism.

God and country are not the same thing, far from it. Jesus made that clear. We are not supposed to be citizens of America or any other current nation-state. We are not supposed to be citizens of the current world. We are supposed to be citizens of heaven that will be conflated with earth as a result. The United States is not heaven. It is built upon fossil fuels and wars and is aiming for worse. The living style is a huge liability for the entire planet. That's not godly. Anyone who says it is, is a liar badmouthing God. It's mammon: Worldly private gain; the false god that cannot be served while being righteous serving the real God. The more capitalistic you are, the more you're selling your soul. That's how it is.

You see, the righteous spirit, God through and in Jesus, calls you to wake up out of the trance and spell of selfishness. The more a soul awakens, the more that soul conflates with the spirit that is God. That ruins the selfish, opposites spirit's world. That spirit of selfishness fights to regain control. It attacks the awaken spirit with all the suggestions it has developed through the ages. It attacked Jesus.

This is why The Bible contains the imagery of the serpent waiting to devour the child of God as soon as possible, even as it is coming forth from the womb. When it couldn't do that, it still sought to kill the messenger later. It killed the flesh but only on the illusory level. However, it wasn't able to kill the message. When it couldn't kill the message, it still sought to control it by co-opting it and twisting it.

That tactic, of course, was told to us by Jesus as stated right in the text the evil conjures have continually attempted to usurp. By Jesus's telling us, we are kept awake out of the spell and trance.

We continue to know that unselfishness and cooperation are right and selfishness and competition for the sake of selfishness are wrong. We continue on the path to become completely awake despite the efforts of the evil spellbinders to frighten us. We continue the transformation and regeneration process into the spirit of righteousness no matter what assaults evil heaps upon us.

Therefore, snap out of the spellbinding of advertising, public relations, propaganda, consumerism, materialism, commercialism, militancy, sexual temptation, and all the rest. Be free and liberated into unselfish love in action (the spirit of oneness in service and friendship) that is the greatest enemy of capitalism, mammon (filthy lucre), war, and sexual confusion. Turn money into the realm of cooperation. Turn your weapons into the tools of feeding the flock of peace. Turn zeal to feeding the sexual appetite to the zeal of feeding the starving for righteousness' sake. Wake up, neighbor. Emote conflation. Separate yourself to the spirit of oneness.

Reverse the flow

Take the gain of evil, and turn it to the good. The more evil is redirected, the more the real bounty will come. Thy kingdom come. Thusly evil will be reversed out of existence. Transform the money. Transform the weapons. Transform yourself.

The very matter of the weapons before being transformed was once the tool of evil to issue forth death and destruction so evil could devour feeding its fat spirit. The same applies to money and to you. We are called to beat the weapons into tools to bring forth the good fruit only. The Christians laid their money at the Apostles feet, and it was transformed through their use into what helped sustain the community of the whole. Each person's heart was remade in the spirit of wholeness, peace, cooperation, and faith in God.

Don't fall for the spirit that confuses you trying to get you not to be enlisted in the cause of bringing forth the real kingdom on earth. Heaven and earth will marry. They will be conflated. The spirit of righteousness who is God will gather all the flesh and matter of creation unto itself as spirit manifest, that it is even now, not to the death and torment of the soul or righteousness but to the end of all suffering forever.

Therefore, see the corporations of Satan for what they are. Don't be deluded by their suggestions they spew to keep you under in a trance. Look at the weapons that are already aimed at you. Look at the weapons that they hope cover the entire spectrum of reality that are aimed at you. The evil spirit wants to convince and intimidate you and keep you convinced that what it is up to is right and good. Don't fall for it. Don't go to sleep about it. Keep a watch as Jesus said so that you will see the signs and be ready and not fall into temptation and be tricked into competition, wrath, and other unhealthy forms of lust.

And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. (Job 1:7).

What is the evil spirit doing? "Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil." (Matthew 4:1). What was the evil spirit using to tempt Jesus? Satan offered Jesus the Worldly Empire of selfishness. Everyone who falls for that temptation is falling down to worship evil and is not a friend of Jesus and is not a Christian.

Don't fall for the suggestions of the worldly rulers (the rulers of selfishness). Don't fall for their front, their sheep's clothing, their façade as angels of light. Inwardly, they are ravening wolves who pervert the word of God with their half-truths to keep you in their bloody, unrepentant, unatoning, apostate clutches and more deeply to integrate and spread Satan's Empire.

O full of all subtilty and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord? (Acts 13:10).

The worldly seek to twist Christianity.

For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. (Mark 13:22).

False prophets of the Pentagon

Was the Shock and Awe military bombing campaign of Baghdad by the US part of the signs and wonders of false prophets to seduce? Absolutely.

Look, the truth was revealed in the image behind the stage in the CENTCOM press briefing room at Camp As Sayliyah, Doha, Qatar. The image is the world in nothing but various shades of gray to black. That is the world that awaits the followers of the false Christs.

If you do not overcome those suggestions, your soul will die. Stop being pervertible. Stop being afraid for your flesh. Your soul transcends the flesh just as all spirit does. Trust in the spirit of righteousness who will save and redeem all the worthy.

The inmates are in charge

Look, this world has become a prison for the criminally insane in which the inmates are in charge. The only way out of the prison system is through good behavior. The entire prison can be transformed by repentant inmates. In addition, souls outlast the term in this prison. They are transferred as it were. Some are transferred to maximum security or other levels of hell while others are released into various levels of freedom that is heaven depending upon their good deeds and the real condition of their hearts. The innocent are born into this prison. The corruption process begins instantly even while the voice of righteousness continues speaking. The inmates vie for the hearts and souls of each other. The facility itself was once pristine in that there was no sin. At that time, it was not a prison. It was transformed into a prison as souls were cast out of heaven as they turned continually to selfishness.

Why does America forget?

America has elected the fox again and again to watch the chicken coop. Why? Why does the US seemingly suffer amnesia?

Well, for one, amnesia is built into the flesh. That's why we have written history. It is built in for both good and bad reasons. The good is that people don't continue suffering once they are forgiven. The bad is so evil can continue testing humanity.

Secondly, one doesn't forget what one never knew. Most Americans don't read searching for the meaning of life. Most don't read much regardless. Mostly, they watch TV and such. When they do read, it's usually trash. Because of this, those who read for truth can be under the false impression that everyone forgets or ignores the lessons.

Many avoid the lessons, because it yokes them. They want to be selfish. They are conditioned for it. They are habitual and need their fixes. It is painful for them to behave.

Still able to pretend: Reagan

For instance, the Iran-Iraq War came at a time when the conservative Republicans could depend upon the people feeling some relief after the terrible time culminating in conservative Republican, Richard Nixon. They thought it was behind them, so they forgot about it. They wanted to forget about their own bad personal experiences. They wanted to pamper themselves with material goods and personal services and the exercise of their egos by showing off through their most conspicuous consumption. They pretended the nation had outgrown evil tendencies and could just move on or forward without vigilance. Well, you get what you pay for, and they paid for what they are getting.

They didn't set up a watch. They didn't heed those who independently watched and then warned: The real prophets. They moved on pretending that there were reasons to feel good about what they are (unrepentant; in denial). They moved on as the Cold War supposedly ended and the peace dividend was to rain bounty upon the whole world.

They overlooked Iran-Contra in the spirit of not wanting to believe that any grandfatherly figure could possibly be a child molester. Well, Ronald Reagan molested the entire planet with his accomplices in crime. George H. W. Bush was involved in these dealings and pardoned those who could testify against him. The power of the president to pardon others to cover up his own wrongdoing is nothing short of satanic. President Gerald Ford was appointed by president Nixon. Ford was not elected to either the presidency or the vice presidency. Then Ford pardoned Nixon for Nixon's known wrong-doing. Then Bush-41 pardoned the Reagan crew for its wrong-doing.

Then we had the slant-drilling of Iraq by Kuwait. Many people don't know this, but Kuwait was stealing Iraqi oil by drilling at a slant from Kuwait to under Iraq to get the oil. Saddam Hussein found out, was furious, and wanted to invade and take part of Kuwait, all of which had been a part of Iraq before the European powers arbitrarily decided otherwise for political advantage. The slant-drilling was in addition to Kuwait's demanding payment of fourteen billion dollars loaned to Iraq for its war with Iran. Kuwait was also keeping oil production high so Iraq's oil profits were lower, making it more of a strain for Iraq to repay Kuwait. Plus, Kuwait wouldn't address Saddam Hussein's grievances, including about the slant-drilling, stealing oil from under Iraq. The Bush -41 administration was encouraging the Kuwaitis in this. The Bush people had long-term designs on Iraqi oil. They needed the pretext for the partial invasion—the oil regions. The Bush-41 administration said clearly to Saddam that they (the US government) had no interest in interfering. Saddam though took the whole of Kuwait (it is a very small country). That's when George H. W. Bush made his famous statement that Saddam's "invasion shall not stand."

America back to being duped and liking it

The Americans were duped by the neocons that finally the US was standing on principle and would come to the rescue of the little guy. Disinformation was pumped out about atrocities being committed by Iraqis, not that the facts of the invasion weren't bad enough. However, coming to the rescue of the little guy had nothing to do with it. That was what Paul Wolfowitz wanted the people to think though. He wanted the masses to think of it as Kennedyesque where America would "pay any price and bear any burden" to be free from the totalitarianism of Stalinism and Maoism or anything else that threatened freedom.

Bush-43 got a lot of American public support not because Americans were worried about the price of gas but because lots of Americans hate people who torture others and Saddam was painted as one who did that. He was painted as Hilteresque.

Now what? What are they going to do now that the whole world knows that the US tortures and has been all along? Are they just going to wait for the effects of amnesia? Are they just going to wait for the people to once again falsely imagine that their fellow Americans, the neocons, aren't capable of such things anymore, that they have modernized passed such behavior?

Look at the situation. Many Americans have suddenly found out that there are a whole lot of other Americans that they would really be willing to go to war against because they torture people. Many Americans have found out and are ...continues... Click next page number below.

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