. . . guarantee the free exercise of the inherent rights of the individual through strictly limiting the power of government.

The limited-government conservatives are being pushed out of conservatism by the Total Information Awareness conservatives, the new conservatives, the neocons, the total-government conservatives, where that government is the corrupt Big Brother.

These new conservatives claim that their interpretation of the US Constitution grants the president dictatorial power during times of war.

The folly of the new commandment not being the sole, declared constitution

Now you see the folly of not acknowledging the new commandment as the highest law of human kind. War is illegal under the new commandment. "Love" is a term in the new commandment. The definition of love in the new commandment is the summation of the words and deeds of Jesus Christ. The human race is to love one another as he showed loved to those who lived with him and followed him most closely. That would solve everything. That's the best government. That's the best law. It's infinitely better than the US Constitution and every other constitution or declaration.

Checks and balances cannot hold together that which is incompatible and irreconcilable. The message of Jesus, the perfect call for true unity, brings greater awareness of what is and what is not sin. Those who won't let go of the way of sin are divided from the real unity. They argue and strike out in falsehood, fear, and ignorance. It is a separation process so that truly like-minded unselfish souls will finally be able to live out from under the greedy, violent, and depraved. It offers each the greatest opportunity to turn to be saved from others and from self. Those who turn to the new commandment as the law of their hearts are saved. Those who don't are lost. If all turn, all are saved.

Neocon dictatorship

The neocons have not turned. They are astray. They are apostates. They are pushing for the presidency to have unlimited power during the length of the so-called Long War. This is the push for the dictatorship in the classic sense. It is exactly what happened with the Roman Republic that was turned into the Roman Empire with its devastating results. It is exactly what the Nazis did resulting in desolation. Godforsakenness will be the same result for America if it continues down that same path. God was not on the side of the dictatorial caesars. Their hearts were hardened. God was not on Hitler's side. His heart was hardened. God is not on the side of the Republicans or their leader while their hearts are hardened. God is for softening hearts. The hardhearted will suffer at the hands of that same spirit. The can pay now by repenting now before they have done more evil, or they can pay later after they have amassed more evil debt. How can they be worthy to escape damnation?

The reasons for enmity must be corrected. Enmity is caused by falsehood. Falsehood must be corrected. Selfish lust is falsehood and causes enmity. Vengeance too is selfish lust. Help everyone to gain the spirit of unity under the new commandment always. If everyone does this, there will be no falsehood.

Bombing violates the golden rule

Don't bomb anyone ever. Don't do to others what you ought not want done to you or to the innocent.

How can the neocon be true to the real meaning of the terms "republican" and "representational democracy"? How can they be brought to the truth concerning right governance?

Limited government or total government—whatever suits their greed at the time

The original principle of the American Conservative Union Foundation was "strictly limiting the power of government." There are two main reasons why that is their first stated principle. First, in 1964 when they formed, limited government was aimed at limiting the federal government's power over those of certain states where the powers that be wanted to retain and strengthen their power to exploit and disenfranchise people who refer to themselves as "people of color," meaning people of Black-African descent and indigenous descent (so-called Hispanics and American Indians) and Asian descent and Hebrew descent and Slavic descent and of non-Protestant persuasion and anyone who wasn't of, by, and for the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant aristocracy or extremely close to it. Second, the principle appeals to the libertarian-anarchical- leaning who hold that he who governs least, governs best. Therefore, it may serve as a half-truth cover.

On a mundane level, these types of concepts always lead to hypocrisy and paradox. They who are governed most by the new commandment are governed best. Whose will is it when one chooses to be governed by that? It is both God's will and the will of the one so choosing, since people simultaneously choose to fall and are not chosen to rise. This is no paradox, because the context or approach is simultaneously relative and absolute.

If you don't get it, you can certainly nevertheless trust in the new commandment, because you know you would rather have been with Jesus, drinking in his words and having his deeds rub off on you and being a part of the whole thing, rather than being with Julius Caesar, Hitler, or George W. Bush or Plato, Mohammed, or Moses or Socrates or Buddha.

He who is governed most by the antichrist is governed worst. The neocons aren't looking to Jesus. That is critical for all professing Christians and others to see. Look at the truth. Look at the deeds: Death. See it. Comprehend it. The neocons are antichrist, looking to the so-called War on Terrorism, the declaration of the end of which may be indefinitely postponed, as the situational-exception to the Constitutional limits on presidential power. They are headed toward turning the presidency of America into the office of the Antichrist. They are looking for emergencies as pretexts for their ungodly legal precepts. In their blindness, they rush toward unbridled corruption and the final abomination of desolation of this age.

We guarantee that neither George W. Bush nor any other person who is like-minded is capable of being the philosopher king of the planet. Yet, that is exactly what those behind Bush have been trying to position the people to accept. The people behind George W. Bush (and their next candidate for bringing in the worldly Empire), are out to get for self while the getting is good (they imagine). Their ideas are terrible. Anyone who is a big, noble liar (their own term) is diametrically opposed to the only idea that will save the world.

You want real safety and security in both body and soul? Don't worship money. Be rather devoted to, and adore, the real truth that is Jesus's real message. Be real.

Those who subscribe to this authoritarianism (yielding to absolute power to the president) are for exactly what the US propaganda machine railed against during World War II and the Cold War. They are for the president, during a concocted and undefined war, being above the legal oversight of any other branch of government. They are for making the president the dictator during times of national emergency claimed to be threats to national survival.

They will say that any comparisons with Nazi Germany or the Communist Soviet Union, etc., are to not understand that they, the neocons, are the "good guys." Where are their limits? They want to trust the president as supreme conqueror with a powerless legislature he could disband under pretext of sufficient circumstantial disintegration in his sole discretion. Then they imagine that there would not be assassinations and purges and all the rest that comes with blindly following the hardhearted. They want the world to believe that the political-socialization process has sufficiently inculcated in George W. Bush, or any other empire builder, the necessary conscience to refrain from crossing some undefined threshold of evil.

The US though is already engaged in evil acts. The Bible makes clear that wrath is evil, and the book is right.

Do you find paradox in The Bible? Do you wonder why God is said to be wrathful? There is a struggle for souls going on all the time, and that struggle is laid out right in the statements in The Bible. The revelation is unfolding. Everything written in The Bible is not of equal weight. The voices within argue over what is ultimately right. They heard the voice of God through varying degrees of willingness or ability to hear through their own selfishness. The spiritual wrath reflects the human condition on the earth. We suffer now and later under the standard by which we live. It is how we are shown the right spirit, the unselfish spirit, that ultimately results in no pain or suffering but rather their opposites—blessings.

The word to George W. Bush

George, you are not pleasing the LORD your God. What you are spreading and the way you are going about it is not the word or deed of God. You are making things worse. You are controlled by lust. Those around you are controlled by lust. Look at the excess that is around you constantly. You love the front-row-center seat. You love being first. You've missed the message of Jesus: Being last too. Serve the downtrodden first and always until there are no more downtrodden. Love your enemies. Hate the evil they do, but show mercy and compassion. If you reject this, you hate Jesus and God.

People have been praying for the president for different reasons. When people have said, "God bless the president of the United States," they all haven't been meaning the same thing. To pray for someone and to ask God to bless someone is to ask God to soften that one and to protect that one from temptation and offense. Those who pray to strengthen the wrath of the president are praying for hardening. Pharaoh was hardened, and he refused to emancipate the slaves the Jews. Look what happened. Look what hardheartedness has always brought. Those who ignore prophecy are doomed.

Nazi legal theories of the neocons

Carl Schmitt was a leading early Nazi legal theorist. Much of his philosophy has influenced today's American neocon authoritarians through their philosophical founder Leo Strauss. This philosophy has infected the nation and is duping those calling themselves conservative Christians. The Carl Schmitt/Leo Strauss philosophy is Platonic and not Christian. Anyone who adheres to it is not a Christian. Plato was not Christ.

All the neocon lawyers are marching in Satan's army. They are going to justify a nightmare rather than turning and softening their hearts to save their souls and the souls of others. With their unrepentant hardheartedness and lust, how will they escape tribulation and damnation? Thinking it's great while it lasts will never make up for the suffering of damnation. When one is damned, one always wishes one could go back not to repeat the fall to temptation to feed lust of any kind but to overcome. One always wishes one could have appreciated the suffering of everyone else to work to end it without harming a soul.

John Yoo, Viet Dinh, Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Michael Chertoff, and others are the neocon's legal vanguard of the tens of thousands of neocon lawyers work for bring in the worldly Empire via legal sleight of hand revolution.

What is Chertoff still doing in power? He is a racist, a zealot, a militant, false-Zionist terrorist. This is not judging or condemning him but rather discerning his fruit. It is said as a warning, sounding the alarm to him, and to all others. He has systematically made the already poor lives of the blacks of New Orleans even worse. He has been one of those behind the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act, both of which are designed to torture Arabs and other non-Jews and non-Anglo-Saxons primarily. What are any of these people still doing in power? Why does anyone follow them anywhere? They follow, because they are of the same evil spirit. They don't remove them. They don't hold them to account as being responsible for horrendous evil acts. That is not to say that we believe they should be hanged or that they should serve hard labor. They should repent in earnest, uncoerced, moved only by conscience or they will face Satan in hell when they die in the flesh.

The Federalist Society, with the financial backing of neoconservative foundations, is cultivating a huge crop of fascist lawyers.

Nazi lawyer Schmitt found legislatures messy at best and incapable of fulfilling the will of the people. Of course, a house divided, which is the case with coercively underpinned legislative bodies, will not stand. Nevertheless, the stream of consciousness in which Schmitt and the current batch of neocons who have surfaced and are scrambling to seize authoritarian power, will result in horrendous errors since it is built upon trust in a fractured soul of the antichrist. Hitler will rise again but will be much more powerful.

He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? (Matthew 16:2-3).

If the office of the presidency obtains this power, it will be used against political enemies and peaceful dissidents, just as Hitler used the Enabling Act in Germany that gave him dictatorial power and allowed him to outlaw all opposition political parties. How long would it take before the bloodbath? How long would it take before the coup d'état?

These things arise when antichrists are heading things. The president claims to be a Christian. Then let him act like one. If the majority of voters in the US are truly Christian, then why is the US bringing forth so much antichrist results? It is hypocrisy.

Only the enemy (antichrist) tortures anyone, ever

Cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment of detainees is never permissible. If the president of the United States or anyone else is for torturing people under any circumstances, he or she is being a devil. What is more, detainees wouldn't exist if human beings would all repent together. If there were no lust to do wrong, no one would be harmed and there would be no detainees.

Crossing one's fingers behind one's back comes from Satan.

We must rule out all torturing of the soul to gain information or to punish. Sensory deprivation and attacks, stress positions, humiliation, phobia stimulation, sleep deprivation, food and drink deprivation, physical pain, isolation, along with all other techniques not enumerated here but that harm people must be ruled out. They are not options anywhere, anytime.

If you will remember, we mentioned that Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, as with the vast majority of Muslims, is upset at how the Palestinians have been, and continue to be, treated. He knows the history and believes that the European powers and Americans have historically abused the entire region over oil and that the Hebrews have engrained themselves in that on-going process on the side of the Americans in particular. Who can doubt it? It is obvious.

There are always two or more sides to every story of course. One can always cite mitigating factors and rationalize all sorts of on-going and historical abuses. Nevertheless, Ahmadinejad knows how the language of the laws is constantly played with, everyone always out for selfish interests. That is what the neocon lawyers have been hired to do by the rich and powerful. That is what the neocon policy-makers are setting up for the capitalist Empire.

What worldly leader is a straight talker? What worldly leader walks the narrow way? I know of none.


Ahmadinejad also challenges the European powers, most notably Germany, with responsibility for providing a homeland for the Hebrews if in fact the Germans take responsibility for the holocaust of World War II. Ahmadinejad states that he doubts that the holocaust was as bad as publicized. He claims that he mistrusts the reporters. He says he doubts if what happened rises to the level where it should be referred to as a holocaust. Some people would say that he is entitled to his opinion. Others imprison people for doubting that holocaust. No one but God knows how many souls were killed in Nazi concentration camps. There is no doubt that many were killed. The question is one of sympathy and whether anyone may do evil under the cover of sympathy from others.

The false Zionists do evil to the Palestinians and other Arabs, etc., while playing upon the sympathy people have for what Hebrews and others experienced at the hands of Nazis.

It is very difficult to know the correct numbers concerning just about any highly controversial historical event. That's inherent in controversy. Those on either side will tend to exaggerate to make their side appear either less guilty or more victimized or whatever will improve their cause in the light of historical acceptance. We cannot hook up a lie detector to every person who ever stated some statistic regarding a catastrophe. Even if we could, we would still need to ascertain the degree to which the person had legitimate reason for putting forth some figure. The person may believe his or her incorrect figure. Nevertheless, even if all the catastrophes in history took only half of the number of persons alleged, crime remains. Murdering one rather than two does not excuse murder.

Of course, the plan for a Jewish homeland in the Palestine area was laid out long before the existence of any Nazi concentration camps for Jews or Romany, etc. However, there is no doubt that there are Hebrews and false Jews who ask for greater leeway in wrong-doing by playing off people's sympathies for those who were murdered by the Nazis.

Now, Ahmadinejad and others who agree with him, and there are tens if not hundreds of millions of them in the world, say that those now constituting the Palestinians should not have to share the area with the Hebrews and that the Hebrews should have to move to Germany where the Germans should atone. That those of the Germans who were responsible should atone is good; however, the answer is not for Hebrews to have to leave Palestine but rather for nationalism to be replaced throughout the world by the new commandment of Jesus Christ.

The truth is that it would be impossible for everyone to return to the spot on the planet from which our ancestors first migrated. No one should expect it or be asking for it. Six-plus billion cannot live on the same spot of ground that two originally inhabited. We all branch from the exact same couple. If we tell anyone to leave to go home, we are hypocrites if we are unwilling to do the same. What kind of Good Samaritan would put that on his neighbor anyway?

The point though that the false Zionists are hypocritical about the Nazis and their own treatment of the Palestinians is completely valid and ought to work upon their consciences to the point where they do a complete about face in their treatment of their neighbors. That's the lesson of Jesus Christ. That's going home spiritually to heaven here on the face of the earth. That's what we all need to do in the here and now.

When Ahmadinejad is quoted as saying that Israel should be wiped off the map, it can be taken in more than one way. The false Zionists only want people to think in military terms. It works to their covetous advantage.

It can also be taken as meaning wiped from the map in the same fashion it was created by the colonial powers of Europe and America simply by redrawing the map as they, the colonial powers, saw fit when Israel was created.

In that way, he means reverse the decision and not destroy Israel militarily.

Both sides are playing word games. Iran is not against Israel being destroyed militarily. They hate Israel for what Israel has done and is doing. Israel hates Iran too, because Iran sides with the Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims and others against Israel, of course.

Iran would destroy Israel rather than being itself destroyed by Israel. Regardless, in the final analysis, he is Muslim and believes in the martyrdom of militant Muslims.

Islamic theocracy: Sharia law

Ahmadinejad is for a global theocracy under sharia (Islamic law). The world's leaders have failed to dialogue with him about the specifics. The mainstream media don't take it up in earnest either since they are owned by the capitalist corporations that are tied to the profits of the war-machine. Therefore, the general population has scant detail and scant sway.

How far does Ahmadinejad wish to take sharia law? What does he really think it is? He believes that the world would be better off under that law and order.

Does what we know give any human being the right to destroy Iran now in a preemptive way? No.

Deliberately avoiding dialogue

Such strikes are forwarded by leaders who deliberately avoid the full debate. They are deceptive, greedy, cowards. They manipulate the willingly gullible. They all enjoy the spoils of war gained by their artificially uninformed knee-jerk attitudes and reactions. They must be in a hurry. They must avoid the full debate. They must move on after their dastardly deeds. They must get the world to move on, always move on. Otherwise, the people may become wise.

What is called the holocaust was a pretext for the creation of Israel. The abused abuse. The genuine and proper sympathy and mercy of others is a powerful cover for falsehood.

The truth is that the waning British Empire was racist throughout the entire time that the false Zionists were hatching their plans to takeover Palestine. The world is paying for that.

The Anglo-American Empire is using Israel just as Israel is using the Empire. Super nationalistic, false Zionists, especially within the American-neoconservative movement, plan for Israel to rise to the Empire.

Are the Germans going to offer those in the state of Israel land in Germany for them to create a sovereign nation-state? Would those Hebrews and self-styled Jews accept such an offer? Ahmadinejad knows. Therefore, what is his position? Is he so upset by the developments in Palestine and elsewhere that ...continues... Click next page number below.

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