. . . punish Israel. Most people understand that hell comes from Satan. "High water," of course, alludes to the Great Flood of Noah's time, which The Bible says was the result of the iniquity and constant incorrigibility of the whole of humanity.


We are not to be against Israel in the racist sense. We are not to be against people of Hebrew extraction simply because they are of Hebrew extraction. That's racism, and its wrong. It is racist when any people or state practices segregation based solely upon ethnicity.

A new law passed by the Israeli parliament on 31 July 2003 bars family unification for Israelis who are married to Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law(1) explicitly discriminates against Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It also implicitly discriminates against Palestinian citizens of Israel, who constitute some 20% of the Israeli population, and against Palestinian residents of Jerusalem(2), for it is they who usually marry Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. As such, the law formally institutionalizes a form of racial discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality.[38]

That law applies solely to Palestinians. That's exactly the kind of treatment that many who quickly holler "anti-Semitism" deplored when laws were leveled against Jews simply for being ethnically Hebrew. It is a double standard. It says, do as we say and not as we do. It is the opposite of the golden rule. It is in direct violation of the commandment.

Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD." (Leviticus 19:18).

The Palestinians are the children of Abraham. They are the children of Adam (literally, proverbially), as are we all. Yet, the state of Israel forced its way into existence shoving people out of their homes and off the land. The Israelis take revenge against the Palestinians for the acts of the Nazis and others before them. They bear grudges against the children of their people. They do not love the Palestinians as they love themselves. The LORD sees what Israel is doing and hates it, even though God also sees the error of their, the Palestinian's, way.

Contrary to what the white supremacists, such as the Ku Klux Klan in the US assert, being Hebrew does not necessitate an irredeemable character. We are to advocate for all righteous people of Hebrew extraction. We are to advocate for righteous people regardless of ethnicity. We are to pray for the fallen to turn to become one with the Messiahship: To soften. We are not though to destroy men's lives for Israel or ourselves. To do so is to lose souls, not save them.

There are different kinds of support. Militarily supporting racism is a double error. It is not real support. It actually aids in further lowering of the souls of the racists.

False Christian churches are temptations to violence with their emphasis upon military, weapons, fighting, and killing in the name of Jesus. Jesus said to overcome such temptations. False Christian churches are temptations to greed with their emphasis upon so-called free-market capitalism and materialism, which is for getting more for self by taking at the expense of others. It is negative profit making off one's neighbors, which is far from loving one's neighbors (humanity). It is the incentive of selfishness, exactly the opposite of what Jesus calls for. False Christian churches are temptations to sexual depravity with their emphasis upon the other two lusts: Bloodlust and material and monetary lust. Also the sexual lust leads likewise back into the bloodlust and monetary lust. It is a vicious circle on the same spectrum of disorder and disunity. Undisciplined desires of the flesh make the world comfortable for evil in general.

Real Christians are not anti-Semitic. In fact, real Christians are the spiritual brothers and sisters of the real Jews, making us one.

Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. (Genesis 49:9-10).

When Shiloh comes, the scepter shall depart from Judah, the name sake of Judaism or the Jews, and the lawgiver shall depart from between his feet. What does it mean? Shiloh was where the Ark of the Covenant (built in the time of Moses long after Jacob), was kept. During a war with the Philistines which Israel was losing, the Israelis brought out the ark from Shiloh so they, the Israelis, would win the war. However, the Philistines still prevailed and took the ark. This is related in 1 Samuel 4 of The Bible. However, handling the ark resulted in severe consequences for the Philistines. It finally ended up back in Jewish hands. After the Babylonian invasion of Israel, however, the ark disappeared and has not been returned to the Hebrews to date.

[It may be disconcerting to you that there are, what many may consider inappropriate, parenthetical departures from the main subject matter in given sections of this work. However, it is critical at times to dispense in a timely manner with certain anticipated false criticisms so readers may move forward with a greater depth of understanding. Having too many unanswered questions can be a greater distraction than so-called parenthetical digressions. Therefore, within the subject of the Office of Special Plans set up by US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, I have dealt directly with neoconservatism and false, dangerous Zionism versus real Zionism (the peace) that is real Christianity.]

Office of Special Plans, continued

Now, getting back specifically to the subject of the Office of Special Plans and the plan to redraw the boundaries of the Middle East, the neoconservatives are US terrorists seeking to bomb whomever stands in the way of their megalomaniacal scheme. They do this under the banner of false Christianity. They do this to force the world into letting the US and Israel move the boundaries of nations around in the selfish interest of the Anglo-American-Jewish Empire, the anti-democratic, antichrist, capitalist, global Empire, and for the sake of greater Israeli false-Zionist ambition.

The Office of Special Plans was under William Luti, a neoconservative and deputy undersecretary of defense in charge of Near East and South Asia affairs. Luti was rewarded for his deceptions by being taken in to the National Security Council at the White House.

The Office of Special Plans was directed by Abram N. Shulsky, also a neoconservative. The office was dedicated to the creation of disinformation (lies) so-called intelligence reports as a smoke screen for invading Iraq. The reports were just lies as talking points filtered through the theory of plausible deniability. Rumsfeld euphemistically calls this process of generating evil propaganda "perception management." I call it a theory, because they wrongly believe that they won't be caught if they work it just so.

God sees everything that Satan does. Only fools won't see that.

It has been reported that the payroll was unofficial. The office was not under congressional oversight. It was outside the usual intelligence community (Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency). Career professionals were pushed aside and forced out on a whim. The people staffing this office were mostly without intelligence experience. They were there for the express purpose of creating a false picture for going to war for the sake of churlish empire building. That was their task. That is what they did.

The raw intelligence they gleaned for talking points or sound bites for administration officials did not go through the usual thorough examination or evaluation process (called the vetting process) but found its way into the president's and vice president's and other top-ranking administration officials' public speeches to the American people for the purposes of leading the nation into belligerent attacks on other nations starting with Iraq.

The office also leaked to Israel. Larry Franklin worked out of that office. He pleaded guilty to giving secret information to Israel through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) about the US government's plans about Iran.

Presidents lie

The president knew that the materials coming to him were created that way. He also knew that the Central Intelligence Agency and regular Defense Intelligence Agency staff did not agree with the created picture painted by the Office of Special Plans. The director of the Central Intelligence Agency at the time, George J. Tenet, said that the CIA analysts were split in their views as to the interpretation of the data. It was cooked intelligence (falsified to make an impression). There is no doubt about it. The president's policy drove intelligence and not the other way around. The Office of Special Plans created a deliberately distorted picture of Iraq. The president knew it, wanted it, and called for it.

It does absolutely no good for George W. Bush to claim others are trying to rewrite history. He claims that everyone came to the same conclusion based upon the same intelligence. The so-called intelligence was supplied by Bush and his cronies. In addition, everyone didn't buy into even that phony intelligence. Millions of people said openly during the lead up to the invasion of Iraq that George W. Bush and his neocons were lying. It was obvious to them. They prophesied correctly. He can't talk his way out of it. He must repent; otherwise, how may he escape damnation?

Lie to invade Vietnam

John F. Kennedy lied when he said that the US couldn't compete using the dirty tricks of adversaries. Even as he was saying that, the US was attempting to assassinate Castro and to do other such covert activities around the world. Kennedy also put many thousands of troops into Vietnam claiming they were merely advisers.

To be fair here, it must be said that presidents don't have the kind of power people imagine they do. Kennedy, for instance, apparently did not authorize the CIA invasion of Cuba. The CIA went ahead with anyway. In addition, when Kennedy had cut a deal with the Soviets that they would back off if the US pulled its missiles from Turkey, the Pentagon and CIA ignored Kennedy's order to pull the missiles from Turkey. He later forced them to do it after he was caught off guard by the Soviets who complained to him that he hadn't kept to the US side of the deal.

Also Kennedy was in the process of defusing the CIA of its more roguish aspects and has been reported as actually drawing down the number of US covert operatives and military "advisors" from Vietnam before he was so brutally assassinated. [39]

What does this mean? It means that this kind of power, this dark power, is the power of those who back one. Kennedy didn't have power in his own right. He had become wildly popular with the compliant masses, the general public, but he didn't have his own loyal Praetorian Guard, so to speak. He wasn't some general with the strongest of loyalty amongst the whole body of some huge army he had commanded.

He had some people around him he could trust, his brother Bobby for instance; but, he didn't have too many others. They were just a hand full at best and up against an ingrained elite from the oligarchy that hadn't want him as president in the first place. He was up against the Yale graduates.

The same thing applies to every president to some degree, especially the more liberal.

We have to remember that presidents deliberately act on unsubstantiated information. Before the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, president Lyndon Baines Johnson lied about the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. He claimed the American people with certainty that the North Vietnamese had attempted to attack a US ship August 2, 1964. However, squadron commander James Stockdale was flying right over the area at the time. He wrote:

I had the best seat in the house to watch that event, and our destroyers were just shooting at phantom targets – there were no [North Vietnamese] PT boats there. There was nothing but black water and American firepower.

James Stockdale ran for vice president in 1992 on the Reform Party ticket with Ross Perot.

The US though had been engaged in covert military operations in and against North Vietnam before that. Johnson's indignation would have been disingenuous even if North Vietnam had attacked first. The fact is the US was itching to go to war in Vietnam.

Official whitewash of Bush-43 lies

Concerning this ad hoc political group, the Office of Special Plans, constituted to fabricate a sense of imminentness and urgency concerning Iraq, the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction issued its report, March 31, 2005, on the failure of US intelligence leading up to the complete invasion of Iraq. The report is dishonest about the Office of Special Plans. The report does not cover the political takeover of intelligence. That report is 618 pages. In doing a search of that report, "Office of Special Plans" does not come up. Why not?

This report speaks of the intelligence community as if what came out of the secret Office of Special Plans, initially termed a Pentagon cell, came un-manipulated and directly out of that intelligence community. It did not. The Office of Special Plans was kept out of the view of the so-called intelligence community. Had the Office of Special Plans never existed and had the president gone solely on the advice coming directly out of the traditional intelligence community, the president could not have taken the US to war, unless he managed without any hint of congressional acquiescence. He would have then had to take America to war over the huge protestations of the vast majority of the American people. The people would have long ago demanded George W. Bush's resignation or impeachment and removal from office for high crimes.

The only thing that happened is a blatant attempt at obfuscation: Taking the blood hounds off the trail and shifting the focus to those known not to be responsible.

Up until November 1, 2005, the Democratic Party had done little. They were giving the appearance of acquiescing. They left open speculation that there might be too much Democratic dirt under the carpet with Republican dirt for them to brave exposure. Then they moved for a closed-door session of the US Senate over the issue of investigating whether the Bush-43 administration took the country to war based upon knowingly phonied-up intelligence. They claimed that their intent was to focus upon Douglas J. Feith and the Office of Special Plans. What has happened?

March 2006 call for censuring (rebuking) the president

Senator Russ Feingold introduced a motion of censure. He wanted it as a matter of public record that the Republicans refused to rebuke George W. Bush, one of their own, for reaching for the imperial presidency. John Dean testified. Dean had been Nixon's White House counsel. Dean correctly pointed out that the neocons will grab all the power the US Congress will concede. He correctly pointed out that this has been their long-running plan. (We heard it all along coming from Dick Cheney and others how the presidency was too weakened after Watergate, etc.) I paraphrase Dean's testimony here, since Dean was cut off from fleshing out the observations. The Republicans in power now do not want the public associating the Nixon abuses with the Bush excesses, although the comparisons are inescapable for any thinking person.

  1. The FISA was set up, because the then president (Nixon) had been engaged in illegally spying on people for political reasons under the guise of national security. There is no way of knowing whether or not the current president has not been doing the same thing. The idea behind FISA is the constitutional protection of the common citizen from the abuse of power by the executive. The president is given powers under the US Constitution but so are the people. The president is given the power especially in times of war to surveil the enemy. War has not been declared. The enemy has not been defined. The duration of the supposed war is undefined. The people have a right to guarantees that their private conversations, including with people in other countries, including in Arab and Islamic countries, including in Afghanistan and Pakistan, will not be listened in on without probable cause (reasonable suspicion) first having been established with a court of jurisdiction.
  2. The president has known full well that FISA was set up to protect the constitutional rights of US citizens. He has made a conscious decision. He has chosen between a philosophy of life that promotes US corporatism/capitalism versus any other choice (including love, peace, and truth). He has known that the office of the president had construed the meaning of national security in a way that rationalized all the abuses leveled against truth seekers and tellers. He has known that open discussion about the course of the nation was, is, and will be, stifled by such construing and abusing. He has known that the same effort was afoot long before the Nixon administration, in fact going back to the beginning of empire building. He has known that such construing and abusing will continue so long as there is a neoconservative or neoliberal corporate-capitalist, or any other being dead set against real Christianity, on the face of the planet.
  3. Those in the US Senate whom the president informed about warrantless spying were gagged from speaking out against the program. They were threatened with national security, meaning if they were to leak the existence of the program even to take legal exception within the Senate they would run the risk of the executive branch going after them for leaking so-called national-security secrets.
  4. Bush and his people want to take the nation back to the imperial presidency and beyond. They want to undo all the Church Committee work.
  5. Bush lied when he said that his administration was always obtaining court orders when, in fact, he had already had the NSA listening in on citizens. He plays fast and loose with the truth. He has his fingers crossed behind his back when he speaks. He gets court orders when he has to by law, and he interprets the law to say that he doesn't have to get any court orders. He's had the NSA create a database of billions of phone calls made by hundreds of millions of American citizens. Your phone records, if you are a customer of one of the huge phone-service providers that gave the NSA the information, are in the government's hands not necessarily for probable cause. Probable cause is a verbatim constitutional requirement in the US, despite general Michael Hayden's incorrect assertions to the contrary. Hayden had just finished as the NSA's director. He was subsequently confirmed as director of the CIA at the end of May, 2006. Also, when George W. Bush stands before the nation's cameras and says that the database involves searching solely for al Qaeda, he lies. They are searching for all terrorist possibilities and national security leaks under the broadest definitions conceivable to the point of ridiculous. They define potential terrorists as anyone who might attack to terrorize the US or its allies or any criminal activity by which a potential terrorist might profit. They define national security as anything they want to hide, including their own illegal activities. They are claiming, although they have not themselves connected it openly with this database, that criminal activity of all kinds is being used to support terrorism, and potential terrorism, both of which includes dissenting against the government's policies of neoliberal economics, etc. It is almost impossible to keep up with the flood of leaks happening on account of the movement of the Holy Spirit to reveal all the putre
    faction. Now it has leaked that they have been matching up the numbers of government workers who have phoned journalists and vice versa. Who leaked the illegal CIA black sites (illegal prisons)? Who leaked the illegal NSA snooping on purely domestic phone calls and Internet traffic? Well, who leaked Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA covert agent to the press? The unitary executive did.[40] The White House did with George W. Bush's blessing. After the leak was revealed, Bush claimed that he had "contempt and anger" for those who outed Plame's identity. They are listening to the content of conversations that the general population, the reasonable person, would say is not covered under the characterization Bush is asserting that being al Qaeda-linked. When a person communicates anything overseas that shows any sign of dissent regardless of the recipient, that sender is targeted domestically. That's been the case for many decades. When the target communicates solely within US borders, he or she is spied upon including listened to by computers and then directly by human ears if the computer flags them for trigger words within certain contexts. Then he asks people to trust him. His people, and he, ask the people to just trust the president in the face of the endless stream of lies that have come from him. Even as they defend the president, they claim he is honest. They tell such lies rationalizing away the dishonesty under the spirit of the liar from the beginning, the serpent/dragon, who concocted the noble-lie excuse that is a cover for endless defilement and has led billions of souls astray into utter darkness, pain, and suffering. Even as they defend him, you hear them and see them ignore the answers given them for why their course is wrong. They stuff their ears and hearts and repeat th
    e same falsehoods even though those falsehoods have already been confuted. They are confounded but don't have the sufficiently well-working consciences to admit it to themselves. They make those who brought the adulteress to Jesus look as saints, for those in Jesus's time were convicted by their consciences and dropped their stones and walked away to the man when Jesus confounded them with their hypocrisy. Today, the unrepentant Bush apologists lie about their opponent's positions and motives. They claim that ...continues... Click next page number below.

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