. . . doing another. They know that the hypocrisy extends from within.

The US is not bringing forth real bounty

The United States has the largest domestic gap between rich and poor. American workers work more hours on average than the vast majority of workers in other wealthy countries. There is bounty in the United States, but only if the term "bounty" is used in the churlish sense.

Real bounty is not the product of polluting souls with marketing methods that drumbeat distorted and contrived perceptions into people's minds. Real bounty is not the product of self-polluting thoughts, words, and deeds coming out of hearts, short-sighted, at the expense of posterity. Real bounty is not the product of stripping the fat of the land, making crops lacking in nutrition, devoid of God's diversity. It is not sending toxic waste throughout the ground, water, and air. It is not the product of plundering the resources of the planet. Real bounty is not the product of military and economic imperialism and colonialism that commandeers resources under threat of arms and outright wars of aggression. Real bounty does not come under the guise of self-defense, safety, and security of people made less safe, less secure. It does not come by way of shipping people overseas where due process is even weaker than it is in the US with the reprehensible USA Patriot Act, if that's possible. Real bounty does not come by way of the use of concentration camps scattered around the world where torture was the open practice but has now been moved even deeper out of sight.

The conservative Republicans are turning a blind eye to what is being done in their name. They are buying into the false safety and security and bravado that are making everyone less safe and less secure. The US is ailing and the cure is going to be extremely painful. So far, this nation has been unwilling to overcome the disease of selfishness and unwilling to work with the healer or the healing process. It has wanted to fight to hold onto its diseased condition. The fever will have to be right at the edge of death to burn out the sickness. Unfortunately, awareness has historically lagged events and has been followed by reversion.

Do not be lulled by the notion that the US was not engaged in wholesale torture prior to the so-called War on Terrorism. Torture is not something that suddenly started up again after centuries of being quashed. It has been a constant reality for those in other nations to undergo torture and death at the hands of US operatives. There have always been people in high places in the US who have condoned torture for the sake of economic-market dominance and for other selfish reasons. There have always been those who have viewed people not Americans as inherently inferior and vastly expendable for the sake of the comfort of the upper class in America. It has always been the dirty not-so-secret secret. It had mostly been ignored rather than truly secret.

The whole world is learning about these things.

US troops are taught to look down upon the Iraqis as inferior. They are encouraged to become numb to the fact that they are taking innocent human lives. They are encouraged to refer to them as Rag Heads, Sand N gg rs, Camel Jockeys, and Hajji, etc. This is the same thing that happened in Vietnam where everyone was a Gook. It is the same as with the Germans being Krauts, Italians being Dagos, Latin Americans of mixed Spanish descent being Spics, Jews being Kikes, the French being Frogs, and the Chinese being Chinks or Slop Heads. The list goes on. It is what the Nazis did to the Jews and others to make them easier to exterminate. They were made to be viewed as subhuman, as animals for the slaughter regardless of the individuals spiritual level of enlightenment or potential and regardless of the golden rule.

Duping recruits with lies

US military personnel were lured in by glitzy military-service promotional ads showing high-tech weapons as "cool" toys (crass materialism). They were told a bunch of lies about honor, duty, country, liberty, freedom, and democracy. They were told a bunch of lies about how the military would take good care of them as veterans. They were told a bunch of lies that Iraq was part of the 9-11 attacks (Arabs and Muslims in general), that Iraq had direct links to al Qaeda.

On Meet the Press[71] and other shows, Cheney lied through his teeth about Mohamed Atta being in Prague, Czech Republic, meeting with Iraqi representatives. The FBI knew Atta was in Florida at the time, and Cheney knew that. Nevertheless, Cheney kept repeating and repeating the lie. That's his method. It was Hitler's method, and it worked on the German people. Cheney is a pathological liar, as are all neocons. His knowing lies have gotten innocent people killed and he knew they would. It doesn't matter what larger policy considerations he thinks he can conjure up in his mind, there is no excuse for what he's done.

The US military service personnel were lied to that Iraq had current, dangerous, huge stockpiles of all kinds of weapons of mass destruction that the Iraqis could use on Americans or give to terrorists to use on Americans. This doesn't mean there are zero hidden weapons in Iraq. It means that the US lied when it said it had proof positive.

They were also lied to that the Iraqis would greet them as liberators.

The service personnel are brainwashed into the knee-jerk reaction of following orders. That is drilled into them so much that when it becomes a choice between following the law or following orders, nearly a hundred percent will follow orders every time.

Once they got to Iraq though, the truth, hidden from them by their video games, started coming out. Nearly all of the soldiers feel then though that it is too late to turn back or to stop. They think they are locked in. They think they must kill the innocent even though they know it is sheer evil. They fear what will happen to them if they stop. They have been made to fear what will happen. The military psychologists and experience have taught the Pentagon to depend upon this selfish reaction from the indoctrinated service personnel, especially now those raised on so much violence in media and in video games, etcetera.

Mixed signals from society and the military rips souls in half

In addition to giving them mixed signals to dehumanize their enemies even while they think they are being sent to fight for the Bill of Rights, civil rights, human rights, freedom of religion, etc., the military instructs the troops to use religion against the people. Anything that offends the religious sensibilities of the people is a weapon.

Not the way to Muslim hearts

The military, under the system set up by known Satanists, such as retired US Army lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino and others, uses Satan's pentagram in interrogation rooms where they attempt to force the Muslims knowingly to pray to Satan. (This of course is an admission by the US military that it knows Allah is not Satan. They know this, because they know they are closer to Satan than are the Muslims.)

The military and other US government and contracted interrogators have allegedly used females to strip in front of the Muslim men and to make the Muslims touch the women's sexual parts and that the women have likewise fondled the men. We are told that the Qur'an is ripped and kicked around[72] and pages have been flushed down toilets in front of prisoners. We know much worse than these things have been done all to break the spirits and souls of people. These acts are all exactly consistent with US training.

We of course are not Muslims. Islam is not the right path to God. We want Muslims to convert to real Christianity. Such treatment though is not the way to people's hearts or minds. Of course, the US military doesn't care about Christianity or about Muslims hearts or minds.

Do not be lulled by the words of the current conservative leadership. All they are doing is redefining in their minds what constitutes torture so that they may say they are against it when in reality what the common person views as torture will go right on occurring. Those leaders do not care to understand that freedom comes from addressing fairly the grievances in the world rather than enforcing dominance for the sake of the rich.

US concentration camps

Their concentration camps with a few exceptions are designed to be hidden from the American people.[73] They had to have some known prisoner of war camps else the people would have concluded that the US was taking no prisoners for one of two reasons: Either they weren't catching anyone or they were killing them all.

Real bounty does not come by way of US Camp X-Ray in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where many of the inmates have been imprisoned for many years without any charges having been filed against them.

One detainee (prisoner), Saddiq Ahmad Turkistani, is known to have been anti-Taliban, anti-al Qaeda, pro-US, and even plotted to assassinate bin Laden. Nevertheless, the US has kept him imprisoned for many years. Do they imprison people for being Taliban and al Qaeda and they also imprison people for being against those groups?

The Pentagon has charged a handful of prisoners. This they hope will deflect negative criticism concerning the lack of due process. Also, when criticism picked up steam, they transferred prisoners back to their home countries. Years after the invasion of Baghdad, thousands of Iraqis in prisons run by the United States in Iraq have still not been tried.

US, a nation that maintains torturers in the highest offices

Real bounty does not come by way of torture used by the US at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and in other prisons and camps around the world. It only makes foes more wrathful.

Donald Rumsfeld said that Abu Ghraib tortures and abuses happened on the nightshift by some renegade soldiers. That's a whitewash. The nightshift could not possibly hide what was going on from the day shift or swing shift. I've done shift work. You always walk into how the previous shift leaves things. Those prisoners and the facility were not cleaned up at the end of the nightshift sufficiently to cover all the wrong-doing that was going on. The injuries sustained by the prisoners, the deaths, could not be covered up. Every time higher-ranking members of the military came through on unannounced inspections those higher-ups could not possibly have missed the obvious results of wrong-doing. Everyone knows that intelligence officers were coming through to instruct the detention personnel on how to handle prisoners for purposes of extracting information from prisoners and to do other things to affect the prisoners psychologically to impact upon the will of others in the outside population. The photographs are textbook CIA-torture techniques taught through the military to those who did the actual torture, and Donald Rumsfeld knows it full well. He ordered the torture increased.

When it was suggested in a memo that the stress position of standing be four hours, Rumsfeld wrote on the memo, "I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is standing limited to four hours?" Does he do it with a bag over his head and his arms extended and while not allowed to adjust his weight or otherwise move about, etc., and while all the other psychological and physical tortures have been applied and are being applied around him? No. If he doesn't repent, he's going to regret it. Hell is a zone of negative consequences sufficient to turn the guilty. I do not judge Donald Rumsfeld. I say to him and to everyone, authorize no torture that ye be not tortured.

Abu Ghraib

As of the time of this writing concerning the Abu Ghraib tortures, the military reports are still running exactly contrary to the earliest news reports that the commanding general at Abu Ghraib, brigadier general Janis Karpinski, and others there said that the CIA, high-ranking military intelligence officers, and private contractors, such as CACI International[74] and Titan Corporation,[75] had all represented extensive pressure on the general and trained and encouraged the guards at Abu Ghraib to do what they did. Yet, the official reports nearly exonerate everyone above the low-level guards. Some officers are apparently receiving symbolic slaps on the wrist.

No more mainstream investigative journalism

Regardless, the details of the investigations have been deliberately kept out of headline news. The mainstream news is not going after corruption. The muckrakers are not doing their jobs. Mainstream media in the US are embarrassed by its government, which it had cozied up to in recent decades. They hate the association people make in their minds that the government and news media have been in a semi-secret, understood, unethical collaboration. Many more people than before now realize that news media are not truly the fourth estate as once portrayed. They are not as independent as once considered by the general public. They are not the campaigners against governmental abuse that they were once assumed to be and some once were. They knowingly turn a blind eye for fear of reprisals from the wealthy they see as being capable of smashing the presses so to speak thereby stealing the livelihood of the journalists, editors, publishers, support staff, and others. Where are the fearless? Where is the spirit?

They are slow, very slow, to put these truths on mainstream news. They have been duplicitous in hiding it. It has been, and most of it remains, a huge cover-up.

Returning combat veterans are speaking out though just as they did during the Vietnam War; however, they haven't been heard generally. That's because the rich capitalists who control the media don't want the war machine (the war-profit making machine) to stop. Wait until more troops come home. Then the chickens will come home to roost.

Media were embedded with the US military operation invading Baghdad. Much of US media, the vast majority of media, were doing a major job of US-flag waving leading up to that invasion. They were working hard to engender pride. They were being nostalgic for the heyday of World War II propaganda they have so envied. It backfired as it had to.

The world of communication has changed too much since World War II for the old-line mainstream news to have maintained the nearly complete monopoly it once had. The conservatives have nevertheless purchased a large share of the control of traditional news media in an attempt to gain such control.

The end of the Internet frontier

The greedy want though to turn the Internet into a cable television type service where only the content the cable company or telephone company wants to supply to the subscriber will come through to that subscriber. This would effectively eliminate every subscriber's ability to surf the now fairly open Worldwide Web. The company would control all access to all content at every turn of the subscriber. The cable and telephone companies want to make money on every thing the subscriber would do on the Internet. There would be no more low, flat, monthly rate, go anywhere you want, do anything you want, service for all. They would start out with the tiered services the way the cable companies now supply to cable TV subscribers. This would mean that the poor would not be able to have the access that the rich can afford. This furthers class separation. The rich will get to go faster and into more and more areas made off limits to the poor since the rich will be able to pay the toll and entrance and exit fees.

It is bad enough now that the poor can't even afford the current dial-up fees. In the future, access to sites and content would be that much more out of reach. Even for those with money to burn would find it more difficult to do the freewheeling Internet surfing and research that is commonplace now. Of course, this is the inevitable outcome of capitalism: Monopoly. This is what privatization is all about: Greed and not sharing, as in equal access. The opposite mentality that is the sharing mentality is the one that is allowing the more open Internet that exists as of the time of this entry.

Capitalism closes down expression. The little church websites and political websites and the independent and alternative news sites and all the little bloggers and family-type sites and the rest will just be shut out, because they won't be able to afford to pay to be found or even connected. You will only be able to get what the wire or cable provider will allow on the line. If they don't like your small religion or fringe ideology or music or what have you, it won't be made available. The movement against this consolidation of huge corporate control is called "Internet neutrality."

Concerning net neutrality, the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE) would remove all oversight of the Internet backbone. The companies that want sole control didn't build the Internet backbone. Even still, they want the power to block any content that they feel, in their sole discretion, is against their interest. These are the same companies that turned over millions of private phone records they had to the NDI and without a court order or warrant. This is a means of silencing dissenters.

It is a political reward to AT&T and Verizon Communications and others who will not only continue to plan along with the rising tide of Republican fascism but will serve to further it immensely by suppressing all voices that ravening wolves (Godless-capitalist fascists) seek to murder and devour.

Also local cable franchises that are now subject to local oversight would be made national franchises so that local governments could not require community services from cable providers.[76]

Of course, it would also eliminate public access television, which so many local communities depend upon to air locally produced programs. The same capitalists who hate PBS (the Public Broadcasting Service) and the BBC, hate public access TV. Dissident voices gain access to the ears of the community as in a public square without having to rent public space from the rich.

Just because the US Congress may pass a law in favor of Internet neutrality doesn't mean that the telecoms (telecommunications companies) won't be back again to try to get their way. Greed is persistent.

The telecoms, cable and satellite providers, and other corporations don't care that their position is a privilege granted to them by the people under a democracy and that those people can properly require of those companies that they perform under certain guidelines, such as net neutrality in the case of the telecoms and such as providing access and facilities for the common people to put on their own programs so independent voices will be heard who would otherwise not be heard at all in a laissez-faire economy.

Democracy and capitalism clash heads

The object is that a properly functioning democracy (something that doesn't now exist in the US) is not possible when the people cannot speak to and be heard by each other via mass media. A properly functioning democracy is not possible when the only voices heard are censored through huge corporations with huge vested interests in promoting only their views. Their desire is to eliminate all voices that don't agree with their agenda for the people. The people in a democracy have the right to require that common people be granted a voice through the same communications medium now granted and licensed by the people to the huge provider corporations. The people have the right to keep those corporations from regulating everything the people may hear or see, etc.

The huge telecoms though complain that they don't have one hundred percent control over a resource with such power to manipulate people's perceptions by feeding them only what the superrich want the people to know. They complain in secret that they can't charge their likewise huge content-provider competition more for using large swatches of bandwidth. It is a grab for market share that would hurt the grassroots the most. They don't care about that. Social responsibility is low on their agenda.

The US telecoms plan to raise rates across-the-board if they won't be allowed to harm their competition by charging huge bandwidth users more. The people though would rather pay more to have a level playing field in terms of net access to put on their own audio and video with the same downloading speed and near quality as the huge corporations without having to become one of those mega-corporations to do it.

The real Christian position is that no organization should want to obtain for any selfish reasons; however, since all sin, no one has the right to coerce because no one knows where to draw the line on punishment and coercion. If they try, they automatically fall into hypocrisy. We can only appeal to others to change from wanting more for self when they already have in excess and there are so many without who would have enough if everyone would share and share alike.

Internet neutrality is an illusion

Internet neutrality though already is an illusion in some respects. Google serves up searches based upon algorithms. Their programs slant results toward whatever they seek to promote. One might think that this applies only to ...continues... Click next page number below.

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