. . . Bush and his neocons want them, where the neocons can attack with greater plausible deniability, not that the absence of such fabricated plausibility will stop them.

Even Colin Powell is reported to have expressed doubts about such nuclear intentions of the Iraqi's before the State of the Union Address and his own ridiculous presentation to the United Nations, in which he showed computer graphics of imagined mobile labs.

It was the same thing Rumsfeld did concerning the supposed caves in Tora Bora, Afghanistan. Rumsfeld's Pentagon, remember, created computer graphics that were shown on national TV showing elaborate underground installations way beyond the resources of al Qaeda to construct in Tora Bora. Now they have spread the lie that Iran has such underground facilities that would be the envy of even the US. They have based that on Hezbollah's small tunneling in Lebanon. Well, the Vietnamese had tunnels too, but they weren't on a par with what the US constructed and constructs. Just because the US has done it or does it doesn't mean everyone else has or can. It takes resources to do these things. Those resources have to be diverted away from other things. Most nations refuse to waste their few resources trying to compete with the covetousness and paranoia of the US oligarchy. The Soviet Union tried mightily, but it was spent under the table. The Chinese are gaining financial abilities, but they still have a huge population living in abject poverty that they want to pull up. Iran has spent on weapons, no doubt. They have some underground facilities, but there is no way that they are as elaborate as the neocons want to conjure up in the minds of the general American population. They are just trying to drum up baseless fear as they did concerning Iraq.

Powell's State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research, along with the Department of Energy, was stating in the National Intelligence Estimate that it believed that the aluminum tubes were for conventional military purposes, as turned out to be the case, as the US military couldn't hide after the invasion. Their assessment had all along been that the aluminum tubes were "poorly suited for use in gas centrifuges to be used for uranium enrichment." That just makes the choice of the word "suitable" by Bush even more transparently designed to deceive American voters.

Also, the International Atomic Energy Agency had reported that the tubes were "not directly suitable" for centrifuges. Powell though refused to tell the truth to the American people. He hedged some here and there but mostly touted the party line then quit the administration after one term in office.

Bush is a conman, a confidence man, one who swindles victims (the whole world) via the tricks and games he plays on them. He must repent, as must we all.

The official position of the US intelligence community against the case for war against Iraq

The State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research was also saying that it believed Saddam Hussein would not attack the US in some terrorist type attack. It was the consensus, the unanimous position, of all the intelligence agencies. In other words, everyone was telling the president that Saddam Hussein did not pose an immediate, clear and present, imminent, or other danger or threat to the US proper. Therefore, Bush took the nation to war against Iraq for reasons he had before 9-11. 9-11 was simply a pretext.

Bush decided to cover his hands in the blood of every single person who has died or been maimed on both sides. As of the date of this writing, he remains unrepentant. How can he escape damnation?

Bush was hearing and seeing this, but he was not going to allow that side of the debate to leak from his White House since he had long prior decided as he said, "F—k Saddam. We're taking him out."

Don't just look at Bush though. Senior Executive Intelligence Briefs were written daily intelligence briefs that went to hundreds of people in the administration and to the intelligence committees of the US Congress.[42] Who spoke out? Who was and is culpable? Who's now echoing the administration's saber rattling against Iran and others? Who's on whose side? Who's on God's side and whose side is God on? You better think!

White House lie-coordination

The White House Iraq Group, formed in August 2002, was the propaganda-management group chaired by Karl Rove. That group included Nicholas Calio (legislative liaison and assistant to the president), Stephen Hadley (deputy national security advisor), Karen Hughes (advisor to the president), I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby (office of the vice president chief of staff), Mary Matalin (senior advisor to the vice president), Condoleezza Rice (national security advisor), and James Wilkinson (White House deputy director of communications).

These people sat around conjuring up ways to deliberately spread knowing lies worldwide. They saw to it that flat out fabrications were used by senior Bush-43 administration officials when on TV and in official speeches and presentations given by the president, vice president, secretaries of state and defense, and others. All the conservatives know this, but they turn a blind eye as accomplices to the gigantic crime.

Fake news, continued

The George W. Bush administration is expert in such misuse of the news media. They have been exposed for paying pseudo-news talk-show types tax dollars to plug administration political views. They have produced with tax dollars and disseminated to many TV news outlets administration agency propaganda videos that have been played in news programs without citing the source of the video clips, leaving viewers thinking that the clips were produced by news investigators or journalists rather than video producers and writers under contract with the administration.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006: The Bush administration has paid reporters to appear on Radio and TV Marti, the US government's anti-Castro media beamed at Cuba.

The US military has also paid for articles to be placed in Iraqi newspapers to appear as if those articles were written by Iraqi or other independent journalists, which they were not. It is all fake news.

All the assertions leading up to the war such as the yellowcake, the mobile weapons labs, the al Qaeda 9-11 attack linkages, the harboring al Qaeda members that Donald Rumsfeld had said was "bulletproof," the promise that the US would be greeted as liberators showered in flowers, etc., were manipulation and connivance.

Far from liberators

Instead of being greeted as liberators, the Iraqis mistrusted the US from the very start with good reason. Rather than protecting the nation, the US deliberately allowed rampant looting. Also, many dozens of highly educated people such as university professors, medical doctors and teachers, research scientist, archaeologist, etc., were assassinated. This was deliberate neglect by the US.

The antiwar movement was right about what would happen

Don't say that no one said such things were going to happen. There were plenty of people predicting a disaster and quagmire. They were deliberately ignored and drowned out by devils.

Irreplaceable artifacts were looted and destroyed. Those artifacts include tablets that could have shed more and more light upon the roots of Judeo-Christianity. After all, Abraham came from Ur in Iraq.

The Bush-people want to destroy continuity, because continuity has implications beyond what they want the people to care about.

Regardless of whether or not the Iraqi's are Christian-spirit family, there were people with talents and capabilities, gifts from God, needed by the people, who were killed simply because shortsighted, incompetent, people run America.

Innocent ones, little children, have been severely harmed, losing limbs, eyes, hearing, parents and other relatives, all under the terrible and wicked policies and practices of George W. Bush and his US militarists with their pre-World War I, nationalistic, imperialistic, mentalities.

Do not support violent troops

A Zogby International poll of US troops in Iraq as late as February, 2006, indicated that eighty-five percent still believed at that time that the US mission in Iraq was "to retaliate for Saddam's role in the 9-11 attacks." Think about that. It is straight out of Fox News's playbook. Get the people to believe a lie, and be sure emphatically to avoid setting the facts straight after the lie is exposed.

The troops that the neocons are saying must be supported, meaning they must be supported in their mission, don't know what their mission is. Their real mission is to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone and everything else. We cannot support that mission or the troops in carrying it out. We support peace, not violence.

We understand how they, the troops, have been duped. The fake news, the lies, the Machiavellians, have twisted their minds and hearts. We sympathize, to a degree. Of course, we want troop members to learn and turn, to repent and atone. We support them wholeheartedly in that and all things consistent with it.

The Pentagon and Hollywood

Those troops bought into the violent pro-military video games and the pro-military propaganda movies. They bought into the asinine idea that "might makes right." They bought into the lie that it is cool to use hi-tech weapons to murder people. They were brainwashed by all the lies put out by the hawks.

Why did they buy into the Rambo series of movies, which excused the soldier for being the instrument of wrath, the abomination of desolation, as if each soldier had had no choice? Why did they buy into amnesia? The US fought that war in Vietnam on a side of expropriation and exploitation that serve always in taking away the voice of the needy.

The US murders the spirit of the Good Samaritan.

Oh, I don't mean that the Communists were the epitome of the Good Samaritan. There were plenty of brutal Communists. Large-c Communism hasn't been practiced yet without violence and coercion. Capitalism is sin, but large-c Communism so far has been sin too, just of another color.

The US had installed puppet, wealthy-class dictators in South Vietnam. That deliberately took away the potential for the voices of the neediest. Capitalists fought hot and cold wars and covert actions against the Communists because the superrich power elite, the military-industrial complex, valued personal estates above fairness. It still does.

They are ferocious beasts living on theta waves: Predators.

Vietnam War revisionism

It is the worst species of revisionism to put forth that the only thing wrong with the Vietnam War was the antiwar movement. Walter Cronkite, the news anchor of the CBS Evening News from 1962-1981, was right when he announced that the Vietnam War could not be won.

Winning would not have been destroying Hanoi, the capital of North Vietnam at the time and still capital of the unified Vietnam, with a nuclear bomb ten or a hundred times more powerful than the US dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Winning would not have been any form of wholesale slaughter advocated by the hawks.

That would have been the outcome of an unrestrained spoiled brat throwing a violent temper tantrum because other people were unwilling passively to submit to being treated as dispensable toys in a misguided child's power game. That would have been losing all the way around, as it has been since the beginning of the rebellion against God.

The same truth has been unfolding in Iraq, just as predicted by the prophets who spoke clearly and plainly on the subject well before the US attacked. The pattern of truth cannot be broken. War does not work. Force does not work. Competition does not work. Selfishness does not work. Those things have always been shortsighted. That's basic to the message of Jesus.

The Vietnamese people did not see the US as the US militarists saw themselves. US policy and practices in Vietnam served to confirm many of the things the Communists had been teaching for decades about the inherent unfairness and invidious discrimination in capitalism. Capitalism engenders hostile reactions, not that those hostile reactions are proper, but because capitalism is fundamentally and fatally flawed. It is inherent injustice.

Controlling the message

The conservatives hated Walter Cronkite, just as they hated Edward R. Murrow before him. Murrow had reported war-as-hell more so than anyone before and in a way that debunked the tin soldier, noble warrior, sanitized warfare of nursery stories. He did that rather cautiously. Murrow's greatest moment though was when at CBS Corporation in 1954 he stood up to archconservative-Republican senator Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy had been fabricating much of the Red Scare (anti-Communism) and had been instrumental in Hollywood black listing and other censorship by the capitalist power elite. To the nation's credit, the nation did not completely fall for the obfuscation and half-truths and even wholesale lies of McCarthy.

The ultraconservatives didn't bring down Murrow. Murrow though exposed the ultraconservatives' champion on the merits.

The ultraconservatives never openly went after Walter Cronkite, loved as a father figure of honesty and sincerity ("the most trusted man in America") by the majority of Americans. They did though hate Cronkite. They saw him as being in the tradition of a long line of journalists going back through the muckrakers who exposed the sins of unbridled capitalism.

Under Cronkite, CBS News showed in graphic detail the horrible civil-rights abuses against the Blacks, especially in the South. They showed the environmental problems. They showed the deep poverty still in the country. They covered in detail the horrors of the Vietnam War. They didn't mince words about Nixon and the Watergate cover-up. They showed the student unrest from the students' side. They weren't afraid to show unarmed civilians being machine gunned by the dozens on the steps of churches in Latin America by rightwing, military, police states supported by the US government. The conservatives also hated the coverage of equal rights movement.

The ultraconservatives really hated Eric Sevareid doing editorials on the CBS Evening News until 1977. Sevareid's editorials were arguably the pinnacle of American liberal-leaning television. He had a long run with CBS Corporation and CBS was dominant at the time. He was telling the truth to the American people each evening around dinnertime.

Of course, CBS Corporation didn't have the vision to spin off its News division into a twenty-four hour news service. That lack of vision cost it dearly as CNN and others showed up on the scene. The CBS Evening News no longer had the corporate financial backing to do the kind of research and fact-checking that it once had been able to do under Cronkite. That was the plan of the corporatists who wanted to emasculate CBS News for its heresy or anti-orthodoxy concerning the military-industrial complex.

As for Cronkite's retiring from CBS, the corporatists at CBS Corporation treated Walter Cronkite in a shabby manner, summarily pushing him out apparently six months early rather than celebrating him. They failed to do any build up. They failed to give him a huge send off. They failed to do primetime retrospectives. They failed to have a formal transitioning to the new anchor. They also failed to replace him with Roger Mudd, who seemed perfectly groomed and best suited for the handoff. As a result, CBS News quickly sank to the bottom of the major networks.

Killing public media

The conservatives brought much heat against Morrow and others, but the ire of the conservatives really turned against Bill Moyers.

The spirit of privatization is rebellion against God

A little background: As I mentioned elsewhere in this work, the neoconservatives have undertaken a violent global revolution to privatize literally everything. Privatize means steal. The inheritance of the earth belongs to all God's creatures. Human beings are supposed to be the most enlightened beings of the flesh and spirit on earth. We are supposed to be the stewards, shepherds, vineyardists, arborists, and the like of the earth all for the sake of righteousness. We are supposed to share everything fairly and justly with all of God's creation. The capitalists are dead set against this rule by God. They are prepared to kill and die to take more then their share. Privatizing is the spirit of rebellion against God. It is apostasy. It is evil. It is the satanic spirit: Selfish.

Everything would boil down to having to pay the troll to cross every bridge.

Now, we have the cable medium and satellite medium. Within these media, there is a limited spectrum or bandwidth. It rightly belongs to all the people. Collectively, they have the right to decide how it ought to be used (righteously). It all has to do with use of the commons. There isn't anything that doesn't come through the commons. There is the so-called private sector (the publicly traded corporations owned, operated, and controlled by, and for, the superrich) and there are the public media and then there is public access by various organizations of various forms both profit and nonprofit. The huge corporations hate the public media and public access. They seek to crush it and devour it so as to corner the market (monopolize) for private profit-oriented organizations only, again which the superrich control and from which they become richer while the rest are enslaved to them, literally.

Within the public media in the US, we currently have several entities of note.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors is responsible for governmental, non-military, international broadcasting. This is a propaganda arm of the US government. What goes out on the services run by this organization is not intended for domestic consumption. In fact, it is hoped that the domestic audience will not consume what is going out. The reason for that is because the domestic audience would discern that much of what is pumped out is deliberately false information or what is called disinformation. This is psyops. You see, psyops certainly does not have to come directly from the military. Its budget is larger than for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting yet you don't hear the conservatives complaining. In fact, they are probably profiting through contracts with the system, just as Halliburton doesn't complain about governmental expenditures for illegally occupying foreign nations.

You see, it isn't principle that the capitalists stand on. It's money. If the flow is to them, they're for it. That's all that matters. That's how they keep score. That's what they use to judge the right or wrong of everything—their net worth.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) handles the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR).

Here's the deal. Conservatives hate tax dollars being used for the general good. Hypocritically as always, they don't mind, and even advocate for, governmental expenditures on anything that will enhance their personal ability to amass more selfishly (some libertarians excluded). Since PBS was designed to be sure that public affairs programs would not be wiped out by commercial and entertainment programming, many conservatives hate PBS. They have been complaining about it since its inception under Democrat president Lyndon Johnson, who had had a desire to be the best domestic president ever, even to eclipse Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. If not for the huge Vietnam War mistake, Johnson would have had a great legacy relative to nearly all other presidents. Forget the guns. God is for all butter.

This is where Bill Moyers comes in for the conservative, laissez-faire capitalist hosing. Moyers was too liberal for the corporate media. Moyers was looking for real answers. He didn't want to just accept the orthodoxy of the power elite. In looking for the truth and seeking to get viewers to think, he gave space in his program for wide-ranging voices. Of course, the power elite cannot allow that. Unrestricted questions and answers at the grassroots leads to thoughts of sharing and cooperation. That's not capitalism. That's democracy. So they targeted Moyers.

Kenneth Tomlinson was appointed to the board of directors of the CPS by Bill Clinton. The board must have a certain number of Republicans on it even during a Democrat presidency and vice versa. George W. Bush elevated Tomlinson to chair the board. Tomlinson is a close associate of the infamous Karl Rove. He is a Fox News type neocon. His agenda, as with Rove and Bush, are to kill public media and access. To do that, he attacked them at their strength, meaning where they are most able to expose conservative abuses. That meant targeting Bill Moyers. PBS pulled funding for the program Now with Bill Moyers. They worked on that while creating new decidedly conservative platforms in the form of the Wall Street Journal's Paul Gigot's PBS show, Journal Editorial Report and a little earlier, Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered. Gigot has since moved to Fox News and Carlson to MSNBC.

The plan is ultimately to end all public funding and, hence, all public broadcasting. As a result of the attack, Moyers left PBS. However, Tomlinson shot himself in the foot in the process, since he use typical conservative corrupt practices to do it. This sticks out more here than elsewhere, because he did it in the well-financed territory of those who believe in the mission of public media for public interest programming and access. Tomlinson was forced out of his position at the CPB.

The public media are charged with being objective. Conservatives have been attacking it as partisan. Moyers aired both sides of many issues. Fox News does not. However, many conservatives will say ...continues... Click next page number below.

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