. . . Fox is not partisan and is fair, objective, and balanced while claiming that Moyers was not.

As for the Fox News motto of "fair and balanced," they lie, blatantly. It's their philosophy, remember. Lying is right according to them. Lie for the Empire. Lie for greed. After all, according to them, the underclass is stupid. It will always fall for the lies of the rich. This is the philosophy of the Pharisees Jesus exposed.

This is not an endorsement of all of Bill Moyers' views. He is a traditional patriot.

We, however, know that the US Constitution and the people are not synonymous. The US Constitution was born in, and is sustained by, violence and coercion. It didn't come from real people. It came from the false. We disagree, for instance, with Max Weber's assertion that the government has a monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force. We disagree that any human entity has a right, let alone a monopoly, to use violence. Violence is false, a mistake, deception, faithless.

Overthrowing evil

We oppose human beings violently overthrowing the US Constitution. We oppose deliberately looking for times and places to cause civil disobedience or to undertake passive resistance (of anything but temptation to cause harm) as the means to the end that is the kingdom of heaven. Jesus didn't use those tactics or advocate them. He couldn't help but disobey the civil authorities in terms of their edicts that contradicted the spirit and letter of the law those authorities were sworn to uphold. He could only follow the highest law from which all the so-called lesser laws are held out to derive.

We are for actively bringing in the kingdom by the constant example of doing the work of the Good Samaritan. Try as they might, the Calvinists can't outlaw being the Good Samaritan. They have been trying to say that anyone aiding an illegal alien or undocumented immigrant even lying half-dead by the side of the road in the US would be committing a felony. Any such law would not stand the test of constitutionality (free exercise of religious duty to aid others). That means being the Good Samaritan is always legal, even mundanely. The religious faith of the real Christian requires the Christian to render aid. This is not to say that those who practice non-violent civil disobedience and passive resistance are not doing the lesser evil. The greater evil has historically belonged to those against whom such tactics have been aimed.

The Pentagon and Hollywood, continued

The power elite want to control the message. They want to change people's perceptions. They want to overwrite truth. They want the error of the Vietnam War to appear as the decision not to wipe out all the Vietnamese rather than appear to lose. They want to kill public media. They want everything privatized so that they can control it for the sake of the superrich getting even richer and to hell with everyone else. They want to lure the youth into hell. They put out bait. Then the trap is sprung.

The demons were angels who were themselves lured and fell for the bait and now work for evil's sake baiting others. They do it for the temporary rewards of falsehood.

If all of this has been known, why did the US youth culture turn from antiwar to buying into Top Gun, which was a recruiting film for the US Navy? Why did they buy into HBO's Band of Brothers, which was a pure propaganda film? It was scripted with the US Army and the Army's public relations firm, Manning, Selvage & Lee (MS&L), owned by the huge French advertising, marketing, public relations, transnational corporation Publicis Groupe. MS&L was also instrumental in developing the 2004 false US documentary entitled Voices of Iraq, which continued to put forth, among other falsehoods, the unsubstantiated claim that Saddam Hussein had funded al Qaeda.

In addition to Top Gun and Band of Brothers, the following movies received free military equipment use, military cooperation, base use, script change orders, etc., all to make the military look good for recruiting (fool the youth by hiding the truth that war is hell, literally), to stimulate budget increases, to psych out potential adversaries, to boost morale, to further the military-industrial-complex profits, and on and on:

A Few Good Men, Air Force One, Apollo 13, Black Hawk Down, From Here to Eternity, G.I. Jane, Pearl Harbor, Stripes, The Great Santini, The Green Berets, The Hunt for Red October, The Jackal, The Right Stuff, The Tuskegee Airmen, Top Gun, and Tora Tora! Tora!

It is diabolical to manipulate impressionable minds to slaughter.

Heartbreak Ridge received Military aid up front, but Clint Eastwood failed to remove a war-crime scene, so the military withdrew support. From Here to Eternity was made before the extreme sanitization efforts took effect.

The military saves the movie companies hundreds of millions of dollars and gives the movies access to real equipment (even aircraft carriers) that cannot otherwise be utilized. The movie makers though have to agree to accept every change that the Pentagon wants. Nothing that will hamper the Pentagon's image-propaganda will be allowed to stay in any film. In this way, Hollywood becomes a recruiting arm for the Pentagon. It becomes a propaganda machine deceiving the youth, leading them into literally becoming hypnotized demons. It does it all ultimately for the love of mammon and the sin that money buys, all of which Jesus preached against.

The following films would not cave into the military's censorship so apparently they didn't receive any aid from the Pentagon:

An Officer and a Gentleman, Apocalypse Now, Catch 22, Dr. Strangelove, Forrest Gump, Platoon, Sgt. Bilko, and Thirteen Days.

Is home hell or heaven?

There is a constant tug of nostalgia. It is a longing to return home. It is literally homesickness. The word "nostalgia" means "homesickness."

People want to belong. They grasp onto falsehood for comfort, for reassurance. The Pentagon and parts of Hollywood play off this lost and longing emotion. They lure people with an image of security and justness. They appeal on the basis of all sorts of correct emotions that their false master above endlessly twists for selfish, evil means and ends: Ravening wolf in sheep's clothing.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people at the beginning of the twenty-first century don't understand what home truly is. They want to go backwards but not all the way home, which is really all the way to the state of heaven for those who will accept it and act accordingly.

For the most part, people seek comfort in false traditions so that the answers and new feelings and thoughts that come out of honest seeking do not disturb them in their desired complacency. They seek comfort in a false past that they have been given to imagine was a time their minds were less confounded. They've forgotten how lost they were. They fight off being reminded. Unfortunately, they fight off the light.

That is where Jesus stopped. He didn't attempt to beat it into them, because the moment he would have attempted that is the moment he would have been in the dark and beating others into that darkness. So, his words and deeds of truth are sufficient. He finds all the findable. The souls sort themselves. There is nothing else that a child of God is to do.

Pentagon antichrist

The Pentagon and those in Hollywood who kowtow to the dark, worldly Empire teach all the opposite from Jesus. That makes them antichrist by definition. They put darkness for light.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness. (Isaiah 5:20).

See it for what it is. See them for who they are. If you are one of them, if you have been lured and taken the bait, convert. It is never too late if you will see the light.

The counterculture and antiestablishment movement

In recent history, we see the theme of a false nostalgia in the shortsighted conservative-traditionalist backlash (in the forms of the Reagan revolution and the current neocon insurgency) after the Nixon debacle and all the attending searching in the stream of consciousness that was, and remains, the counterculture and antiestablishment movement. As seen with the Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, many publicans, and other traditionalists of the worldly empire spirit going back to the liar from the beginning, Jesus was part of the counterculture and antiestablishment movement of his time. As the Pharisees and Sadducees and Hellenized Romans and others held sway over the mainstream culture of the day, Jesus saw himself as a counter to them and an opposing voice for love and peace, which are the truth and are God. Jesus was the voice of true home.

Christianity within, not the whole of, counterculture and antiestablishment

Together, the counterculture and antiestablishment movement constitute a set that holds Christianity while also holding other subsets which, unlike Christianity, are false paths. The whole set is a matter of point of view. God's and Satan's respective points of view diverge and are actually diametrically opposite. In the final analysis, regardless of all the seeming paradoxes, ambiguities, and the satanic use of the same terms God uses (but within a different context, from a different spirit), God and Satan don't see eye to eye. They don't have a meeting of the minds. In fact, the point at which they diverge is infinite. The difference is what matters, not the mundane, false overlap.

This is not merely an analogy concerning the human spirit. The story is not merely a mythical allegory. The names "God" and "Satan" stand for actual things. God is actually perfect. Satan is actually error-ridden. God is real life. Satan is death. Jesus is with God. The Pentagon is with Satan. All militancy is with Satan.

The spirit of Jesus really heals people, makes them whole and real (being the same things), by his connectedness with the real and living spirit who is God. The spirit of the Pentagon has never been able to do that and never will.

Once heaven is the culture and establishment here and now, there will be no counterculture or antiestablishment. Until heaven comes, one must be counterculture and antiestablishment. Until heaven and earth conflate, the culture and establishment are satanic, error-ridden, death.

This is not the same thing as being against the law and against order. Heaven is the law and is order, perfect law and perfect order.

Traditions of men, not God

Remember that the traditionalists seek to return to places far short of that home, state, condition, realm, and sovereignty. Their traditions are of men and not God.

From Satan's perspective, which is by definition the incorrect perspective, the current status quo of humanity is right. He has it upside down. He overthrew God in his, Satan's, mind. He didn't like the restraints of righteousness. He desired to be selfish, so he lusted in the wrong direction and regretfully became a selfish drunk, addict, and insatiable glutton concerning all manner of temptations he authorized himself. This is what is meant by the fat spirit, the spirit of fatness.

Now, all the traditions that have built up and that don't go all the way to heaven have within them seeds of this perspective of Satan that inevitably leads to the regrettable harvest.

So, how did the shortsightedness manifest out of the conservative-traditionalist backlash after the Nixon debacle and all the attending searching in the stream of consciousness that was, and remains, the counterculture and antiestablishment movement? It manifested in the resurgence of the insurgency of Satan that is the cultural dominance of selfishness. It manifested in the misdirection of minds away from the focus (the single vision) that is righteousness. It manifested throughout the culture as a direct result of the emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds of those who were and remain enemies to Christ. Everything and anything that facilitates the worldly way is part of it. In addition to all the Hollywood military-industrial complex handouts and cooperation leading the youth astray and into the hands of Satan, we see many, many examples of the false piper.

After Nixon was exposed for his and the nation's confusion regarding law and order and safety and national security, after the peace movement had rightly been led toward the pacifist message that could have led all the way to the new commandment (the real law) had there not been attending fatness in the form of intoxication in selfish pursuits such as drug abuse and sexual promiscuity and other libertinism, after Nixon and many of his detractors had all proven wrong, rather than seek and knock with greater enthusiasm (salty flavor), most of the seekers grew tired of vigilance. Those who had hated the seeking all along hatched schemes to make future seeking all the harder. The cultural of the military-industrial complex crept in again.

Martial arts

Fighting as a method for settling disputes kept roaring with a vengeance from outside the counterculture message of peace and love. Those who had never been a part of the movement or who forsook it brought us the current culture. Pro-war, martial arts, cop and other movies, dealt with violence as the means to defeat the even darker mentality. Oriental martial arts were particularly chosen for the link to supposed spirituality. Of course, everything exists within a spiritual context. However, martial arts were an exploit of the search by many within the counterculture movement for an answer to what they saw as the hypocrisy and lack of fulfillment in mainstream American Christianity. Many within the counterculture looked to the East and especially Eastern mysticism for answers. The Buddhist connection with martial arts was especially used as an exploit to lure the antiestablishment crowd back into the fold of the military-industrial complex.

The culture was turned to continue serving the message of evil that violence can be glorious and heroic. It served to sanitize the entrance to hell and desensitize minds to the descent to early steps leading to the place where the foot slides and the fall becomes a free fall into utter darkness. It proselytized to the young. It tempted the young. It aided in the fall of the young. Demons did it—unclean spirits.

Where are the body bags?

In 1983, many youths at the end of their teen years where swept up by Reaganism,[43] brought to them by their parents, many of whom sat out the counterculture. When I asked one such teen why he was in the ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps), he told me, "You had your war. Now it's our turn." I knew he was too young to remember the nightly news images of body bags. He hadn't heard the mounting body counts. He hadn't heard about the lies and distortions that took the US into Vietnam. I knew he had been brainwashed by the cultural twisting of the neocon Reaganites who wanted youths duped as canon fodder so they, the elite, could make more money.

Now, here we are in the Iraq War with all the youth coming home deliberately hidden from view by the mainstream media so that the terrible nightmare that youth has gone through and is going through is not told to the rest of society. All the predictable symptoms of trauma are being covered over. All the body bags are being hidden. Flag-draped coffins are kept off TV. All the cripples are hidden. I say cripples, because political correctness plays into the hands of the militarists in this case. The numbers of dead and maimed on all sides both in the military and not, are deliberately missing. The images of destruction are missing. It is all on purpose so that the youth at home who have not yet come of age or who have not yet made up their minds may be lured by the evil tempters who are the military recruiters and their bosses. They make the publicans of old look like saints.

We repudiate that culture, the dominant culture of today, the culture of militarism, materialism (both anti-spiritual and economic), mammon worship, and sexual promiscuity. Had the world turned to the light rather than the dark message of militarism and false safety and false national security, the world would have been that much closer to heaven by now.

Too sophisticated to be duped?

If you doubt that the government uses culture in ways that are too subtle for you to discern and be duped, perhaps you should be made aware of the history of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). It was a huge CIA front from 1950-1966 for promoting culture {the arts and (ostensible) intellectual debate} the Nazis and especially the Stalinists in the Soviet Union didn't like. They were headquartered in Paris, France. The CIA deliberately promoted leftist but anti-Communist arts. CIA covert funds were channeled through different fronts such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Guggenheim Foundation. This was all part of the culture war for cultural dominance aimed at the self-styled sophisticates, highbrows, city slickers supposedly too slick to be taken in. They were taken in, in droves. The arts have great power over the minds of people.

When the program was leaked, the Johnson administration publicly disassociated itself.

Of course, such funding continues through tax deductions for the superrich and other means.

Now, the arts and debate sound to be something that Americans can get behind to support. It depends upon the ultimate goal. That's how the means are judged. The ends do justify the means. The ends were not completely open, honest, direct debate arriving at the absolute truth. Therefore, the means were dishonest also.

This does not excuse Stalinism of course. The way to confront any ideology is openly, honestly, and directly. Jesus did that the best way possible to have the absolute truth be the result of his actions.

The CIA's approach was cowardly as was Stalin's. This is the point. The dichotomy between the CIA and the KGB was false.

Capitalism fears Christianity

We need a forum where Christianity may speak to all comers. Then the truth will be out there for each soul to choose or reject. Capitalism is afraid of that forum. It knows it would lose.

We make ourselves the spirit we choose

We are our culture. We make it. It reflects us. It makes us if we choose it. It is humanity tempting to evil or it is repulsive depending upon whether one listens to and follows the spirit of darkness or the spirit of light—the essence of evil or the essence of righteousness. Many see this as a paradox.

They see that we make our reality by what we make most conscious. Therefore, they conclude, reality has no absolute or essential right or wrong. They don't understand that the spirit exists and is alive beyond the biology of science, beyond the flesh.

Marxism's mistake

When Karl Marx (1818–1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820–1895) wrote, "Life is not determined by consciousness, but consciousness by life," they were trapped by the material world. They hated the hierarchical church so much that sucked up to the corrupt ruling, upper class down through the ages, culminating in the capitalist class that supplanted the nobility and aristocracy, that Marx and Engels rejected the message of Jesus Christ that was also opposed to that sucking up but was also a clearer voice for the right direction than were the voices of Marx and Engels who wanted more credit than belongs to them. They picked a side in a false dichotomy. They picked material over spirit. They picked matter over mind rather than the spirit of righteousness over matter.

So, the youth are taken in, as are the old and ostensibly sophisticated, by all sides on the same false plane of consciousness: Capitalism, Communism, Islam, etc. What are the young militarists going to do about it now? Are they going to insist upon being honored for their mistaken sacrifice? They were warned by Jesus not to join the military. They were warned not to follow the bloodthirsty and vengeful. They did though. They refused to listen. Now will they want to be glorified? Will they expect a ticker-tape parade with unanimous accolades? How long do they imagine it will take before people start spitting in their faces? The only appropriate response to those who fell to militarism is pity but no honor. Honor belongs to God and Jesus.

Honor what?

Honor the fallen violent soldier. No. He or she died for your freedom. Wrong. It is all falsehood. It is a lie. They were duped by the liar from the beginning. Have sympathy for them in their ignorance, being taken in by the slippery ones. That's the golden rule.

Honor the fallen martyrs of peace. Yes. They died for your freedom. Yes. That's the truth. They saw through the lies and live with God.

War isn't what God wanted. It isn't what God asked for. Mercy is what God still asks for.

Do not support violent troops, continued

Do I support the troops? I absolutely do not support the troops in anyway that the neocons mean by the term "support." To support them in any way that is intended by the neocons is to be complicit in murder and the total deception of those troops. What I support is for the troops to wake up and refuse to fight. I support their decision to go to the brig rather than ...continues... Click next page number below.

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