. . . state sponsorship of al Qaeda and not found any real linkages to Iraq. Iran plays a little, as does Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, Yemen.'— Richard A. Clarke

Career professionals, such as Richard A. Clarke, former US terrorism czar, who served under four presidents, were sidestepped intentionally in favor of inexperienced, ulterior-motive, neoconservative, think-tank appointees, because the career professionals would not have conjured up the impression of linkages the president and his top henchmen were demanding for their public pretext for war. When Richard Clarke submitted a report that there was no evidence in the government's possession that al Qaeda had been sponsored by Iraq, the report came back with the message "Wrong answer... Do it again."

Now any child knows what that means. An incredulous child may baulk, but the reality of what is being asked would not be lost on him or her. They were flat out telling Richard Clarke to lie for them. He was told to lie consistent with the entire picture of the president's directives and handling of the entire matter to give the president public, political cover for taking the nation to war. There is no other way to take it. They knew that the supporting evidence for any such lie would never be scrutinized in public, because they could always claim national security, executive privilege, separation of powers, etc, deeply classify all such evidence, make up more evidence to support their position, and generally wear down the investigators who would be pressed to look the other way because the nation supposedly would not be able to withstand having another president resign in disgrace.

Richard Clarke wasn't the only one to expose George W. Bush's preexisting plan to invade Iraq at his first opportunity of any pretext for plausible deniability. Paul O'Neill, Bush's treasury secretary during the beginning of Bush's first term in office wrote after resigning that from the very first National Security Council meeting of the president, the desire and plan to invade Iraq were very clear.

We have Bush's own primary-campaign-debate statement that he'd invade.

We have his campaign biographer's statements to that effect.

We have the meeting of Condoleezza Rice and certain senators where Bush said he was going to take out the Iraqi leader.

We have Misters Clarke and O'Neill respectively testifying to George's preexisting desire and aggressive search for bolstering his pretext.

We have the Bush-43 administration attempting to get Mr. Clarke to fabricate intelligence.

We have the Bush-Blair memo that Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera. Now that doesn't speak directly to Bush's having already planned to invade Iraq at his first pretext, but it speaks to his overall temperament, disposition, and personality about where he draws lines concerning the use of violence and death and destruction, etc. We know that there is not what people would call hard evidence in the public eye concerning the Al Jazeera bombings. I will have more to say about Al Jazeera and the bombings elsewhere in this work. But let me say here that even though former US Army general Tommy Franks, in charge of the US invasion of Afghanistan against the Taliban and al Qaeda, stated in writing that Al Jazeera in Kabul, Afghanistan "had repeatedly been the location of significant al-Qaida activity," that was not an admission of deliberate targetting. It was though to say at the very least that even if the US had targetted Al Jazeera, why cry over it? Well, Al Jazeera was in Afghanistan covering the Muslim world and the Taliban certainly was in charge of that Muslim-led nation at the time. Leaving it there might leave the impression that Al Jazeera had been acting as a deliberate mouthpiece for the Taliban. Al Jazeera however should be viewed in the larger context. Al Jazeera has been viewed by many Muslim nations as being too open so much so that it has been kicked out of a number of Islamic states and its staff threatened with death. Truly, the US military, with its intelligence gathering and filtering and analysis capabilities, knew full well that Al Jazeera was acting in the same capacity that CNN (Cable News Network) and many other networks act. The truth is that the US was having a very hypocritical reaction to Al Jazeera's making known the other side of the story. They were spoiling some of the US military propaganda efforts.

The US government under the Bush-43 administration deflects criticisms (such as alleged deliberate bombing of Al Jazeera) by using two approaches simultaneously. Firstly, it denies outright and ridicules the mentality that would even question the administrations motives. Secondly, if pressed, they add that even if they were to have done, or were to do, whatever is alleged or later shown, there would be or was justification. It is duplicitous on its face. Now, if they were to deny the allegation and not add ridicule of the questioning that would be straighter. Also, if they were to then admit the error of their ways when evidence shows up rather than attempting to obfuscate by offering up justification that they were right to have done what they had previously denied that would also be straighter. Rather than do those things, they walk through the crooked gate and down the wide path to hell.

Growing sheep's clothing

As of April, 2006, the neocons have made a tactical shift in their war of words. They are admitting tactical errors in Iraq but insisting that history will judge them strategically correct. They seek to postpone the negative consequences by now sowing seeds that will never germinate. Their actions are painfully selfishly motivated. They are wrong both tactically and strategically forever.

The victor makes the record. It is inevitable that truth wins. Jesus has already been here. There is a final outcome. There is a final destination.

This is not to say that people are not mundanely allowed to offer up their rationale for having taken the actions they took. What they are not divinely entitled to do is to be knowingly deceptive in the face of open, honest, direct inquiry and comment.

Even confessing to at first lying and then openly stating that they employed the noble-lie rationale is less deceptive, provided such a revelation wasn't a pre-planned tactic and hence disingenuous. They would in effect be saying that we didn't think the citizenry could handle the truth at the time or they would be saying that they (the government) couldn't allow non-citizens to know the government's motives for the sake of the citizenry. Now, this is the age-old debate of about what, where, when, why, and how to be more candid. We have seen it time and again employed by ruler after ruler.

There is relative candidness, and there is absolute candidness. Absolute is perfect. That state is possible where there is absolute reciprocal trustworthiness, meaning pure motives and, therefore, pure actions and results. We are to be striving toward that goal. Those who do not want to strive in that direction wish to retain a cover going into the future for their planned wrong-doing. They also fear retribution where there ought to be forgiveness, since all have sinned as Jesus showed.

Illusory civil and human rights

The Bush-43 administration claims to be pro-freedom of the press, pro-democracy, pro-liberty, pro-human rights, etc.; however, they are anti-Al Jazeera, bombing them and seeing to it that one of their cameramen is imprisoned. They hated Taysir Allouni, Al Jazeera's first correspondent in Afghanistan, who is now imprisoned in Spain convicted on the vague charge that he supported al Qaeda. He had interviewed Osama bin Laden at one point. Al Qaeda carried out the 3-11 (March 11, 2004) Madrid train station terrorist bombings. Allouni was swept up in the aftermath without real proof.

The Bush-43 administration has also expressed disdain for recent democratic outcomes in Palestine, Bolivia, Venezuela, Haiti, and elsewhere, which anti-democracy is the apparent motive of the historical conservative-Republican movement.

People talk about having a smoking gun. Well, all wars are a smoking gun. There are, of course, pieces of evidence that are less circumstantial then others.

We have the case of the Bush-Blair memo that Bush wanted to paint planes with the blue color of the UN and fly them over central Iraq in the hope that Iraq would fire on them so Bush would have more pretext for war. That memo also states that both Bush and Blair were planning to go ahead with the invasion of Iraq regardless of the lack of any UN resolutions authorizing invasion and regardless of the outcome of UN weapons inspections.

The real United Nations

The UN is supposed to be a real-liberal device to facilitate nations to be Good Samaritan nations.

We see clearly that the Bush-43 administration's power-politics attitude toward the United Nations is very similar to its attitude toward the US Congress in terms of presidential power and authority over the mundane law. This is evident in the statements of the Bush-43 administration's neoconservative, antichrist, ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton,[44] who said the following:

There is no United Nations. There is an international community that occasionally can be led by the only real power left in the world and that's the United States when it suits our interests and when we can get others to go along…. This kind of mindless creation of the United Nations as something different from what's in the United State's interest to do isn't going to sell here or anywhere else…. The United States makes the United Nations work when it wants it to work. And that is exactly the way it should be because the only question, the only question, for the United States is what's in our national interest. And if you don't like that, I'm sorry, but that is the fact.

Real Christianity has it from God that it is in every nation's interest to hold the interest of every other nation and all the nations as of the utmost importance. This is called the golden rule. If John Bolton doesn't like that, I'm sorry for his soul, but that is the fact.

What else do we have that shows the unrepentant heart of conservatism?

We have the hiring of Nazi scientists and all the evidence of the disgusting experiments performed on have-not Americans that the elitist Americans believed were worth less purely by virtue of their being have-nots (just as Jesus was a have-not). They think of human beings within lower economic strata as being commodities wealthy capitalists can expend. Of course the British and Canadians and others engaged in horrific experiments as well and shared the evil findings with their allies and death-squad leaders around the planet who would fight for capitalism and their own private gain in that evil system.

We have the Wolfowitz Doctrine and the Project for the New American Century and all the neocon statements and writings before Bush took office and during his administration.

We have the Office of Special Plans under neocon Donald Rumsfeld that churned out less than half-truths (intended deception of the American people; deliberately leaving out facts necessary for the whole truth to be out in public; the so-called noble lie).

We have the Downing Street Memo, which is now supported by the testimony of Carne Ross, a former British Foreign Office official, whom Democracy Now has paraphrased as saying that at no time did the British government believe that Iraq's WMD capability actually pose a threat to British interests and that any threat by Saddam Hussein had been "effectively contained."[45]

We have the Yellowcake Forgery.

We have the lies about the weapons of mass destruction, the al Qaeda links, the aluminum tubes for the supposed nuclear-weapons program, the mobile weapons labs, the Iraqi unmanned aerial vehicles, and the chemical- and biological-weapons stockpiles.[46]

We have the disinformation leaks to The New York Times.

We have the false link of Iraq with 9-11.

We have the weakest of links, at best, between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda.

The only thing they have ever come up with is that Abu Musab al Zarqawi had reportedly been treated in a Baghdad hospital after the US war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and that he was in Kurdish-controlled Northern Iraq for many months before the US invasion in March of 2003. Zarqawi is said to have been a rival of al Qaeda and bin Laden at the time. No proof was ever shown that Saddam Hussein had ever even known that Zarqawi was treated in Baghdad. Certainly Saddam and bin Laden were on different sides ideologically. Zarqawi had the same complaints against a Saddam-type regime as did bin Laden. Saddam was never a Salafi jihadist.

We have the lie that the US military would be greeted as liberators by the Iraqis.

We have the falsehood that there would not be much, if any, internecine warfare in Iraq.

We have the statements of George W. Bush to Tony Blair and US televangelist Pat Robertson (vindicated about it) that there would be few if any US casualties.

We have the hunt for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda and the Taliban, who for sure provided the safe haven for bin Laden and al Qaeda, all but disappearing for the new and seemingly undivided attention paid to securing Iraq's oil reserves under US domination.

We have the outing of the identity of Valerie Plame in retaliation for her husband's public criticism concerning the Yellowcake Forgery.

We have George Tenet having testified to the US Congress that the intelligence analysts at the Central Intelligence Agency were pretty much split down the middle concerning the so-called evidence that the Office of Special Plans was pumping out.

We have the statements of highly seasoned career intelligence officers saying how they were pushed aside in favor of policy wonks and yes men brought in cold. These career officers were kept out of the loop, because they didn't subscribe to the neocon agenda.

We have whistleblowers from the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Defense. These whistleblowers had uncovered deep-seated pathologies within the US Empire and have been systematically censored by the wrong-doers.

We have the continued deceptive statement that the members of the US Congress saw the same intelligence when that intelligence was deliberately fabricated and embellished and full of half-truths, all the result of the planning of the administration at the insistence of George W. Bush and his neocon circle reaching well beyond official government. Bush continues to lie that the rest of the industrialized so-called leading democracies had the same intelligence. British intelligence showed that they believed that Iraq was behind a number of other countries in having WMD stockpiles and production capabilities. Bush and his people fed the US Congress with fabricated, embellished, half-truth intelligence. They fed the journalists that same intelligence to feed to the general population. They tried to feed the British that intelligence. They undoubtedly offered it up to the other powers. They certainly paraded it in front of the United Nations.

The conservatives' notions of American exceptionalism and military and technological prowess and the political-socialization indoctrination they push will not protect them from a reign of terror against them of their own making. They must repent. They must change their core values from lust to giving and sharing before it is too late for their souls.

We have tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dead, wounded, and crippled people, both combatants and innocent, men, women, children, and babies.

We have the illegal military conscription under the Bush stop-loss policy. To get more enlistees, the administration has increased taking in high school dropouts, gang members, and white supremacists. Therefore, the vulnerable and poor are ending up on the frontlines being turned into mindless killing machines whose soul's will rebel against them or against society or both. The administration has deliberately maintained this so-called all-volunteer military (even though tens of thousands of those now serving at the front would not have reenlisted) to spare the wealthy class: The sons and daughters of those who started the war. The sons and daughters of the wealthy can afford to pay for the most expensive colleges while the poor are abused by the carnage of war. They are making up the deficit by rushing new weapons technology into production and by, as stated elsewhere in this work, giving instant citizenship applications to foreign mercenaries willing to join the US military.

We have the torture-condoning memos from the US Justice Department and military commanders in Iraq.

We have the vice president especially lobbying for very lax standards restricting torturing people and for no standards concerning the CIA.

We have the presidential signing statement that even though he signed the prohibitions he would not be bound by them.

We have the violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

We have the documented use of chemical weapons, incendiary weapons, on both combatants and noncombatants (civilians, including women and children).

We have the Abu Ghraib photos and videos and the evidence of systemic abuses, tortures, and murders throughout the prisoner-of-war system.

We have before that, the US military investigative file obtained by The New York Times on abuses at the CIA prison at the US Bagram Airbase, 27 miles north of Kabul, Afghanistan, where the same systematic and systemic tortures occurred to numerous people, none even proven to be terrorists.

We have the secret prisons and the illegal renditions. The list goes on and on. I will elaborate to some degree in this work on those subjects only touched upon above.

We have the indiscriminant shooting and killing of multiple prisoners because one US soldier was hit in the face with a stone during a prisoner protest over squalid conditions and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

We have the mutilating of dead bodies by US soldiers.

We have the proof of the sweeping of thousands of innocent civilians into prisons many of whom were held for over a year even though they were known to be innocent.

We have the US coup d'état against Aristide in Haiti.

We have the US failed coup d'état attempt against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

We have the Republican corporate scandals.

We have the Republican lobbying scandals.

We have the cover-up of black market nuclear weapons profiteering that could reach the highest levels within the Republican State Department or higher.

We have the awarding of illegal no-bid military contracts aimed to further the vice president through his closest friends and allies throughout the military-industrial complex.

We have the manufacturing of propaganda based entirely on fabrication, on image creation, on packaging, on repetition, on sound bites, on talking points used where they would go unchallenged by opposing larger truths versus the half-truths of the talking points.

It was, and is, the imagination and big lie of the serpent. It is bought and paid for by the greediest of the greedy. It is churned out by think tanks, public-relations companies, advertising agencies, and other such entities turned to the dark arts. It is temptation to selfishness that is lust for self that is the opposite of the zeal for pure righteousness. It is brainwashing in the spirit of Satan. It is idolatry with its oaths and pledges to the handiwork and percepts of humans and of alliance to other than the unity that is God and God alone.

We have the bizarre handling of hurricane Katrina.

As leaked video tapes clearly show, Bush-43 had been told that there was a strong possibility that the New Orleans levees would breach in hurricane Katrina. He lied about it.

Hurricane Katrina followed by dirty conservative political tricks

What is worst about Katrina is the racism and ideological profiling. New Orleans was a majority black, Democratic city. The people displaced by hurricane Katrina were denied voting rights in their home city of New Orleans. The conservative Republicans are taking terrible advantage of people already hard hit by Katrina. It is unconscionable. It fits the pattern of dirty tricks. It fits with the decades old unethical and illegal standard operating procedure by conservatives of denying voter registration to opposition voters and of purging opposition voters from registration rolls.

Widespread, systematic, conservative election fraud

Such methods of election fraud are still being practiced mainly by ...continues... Click next page number below.

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