. . . reprehensible conservative Republicans. The worst offenders in the 2004 presidential election for instance may have been the conservative Republicans in Ohio just as the worst in 2000 were in Florida.

The following is another of the damning stories I've heard, as of this entry, about Republicans shamelessly defrauding the common citizens of the nation out of their democratic right to choose their officials in free and fair elections. Clint Curtis is a Florida software programmer and whistleblower. He testified to the Democrats of the US House Judiciary Committee that concerning the 2000 federal election, Republican, Florida representative Tom Feeney asked the company Clint was working for, Yang Enterprises, to come up with a virus that would allow the virus user to alter the electoral results in the infected computerized voting machine without detection and that that code itself be undetectable were the machine code to be later overviewed. Feeney went on to become the Florida speaker of the House of Representatives.

Clint passed a polygraph test administered to him by the former chief polygraph operator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

In response to Feeney's request to Clint's employer, Yang Enterprises, Clint earnestly wrote a paper thinking that his insights were to be used to show how easy it would be to defeat the security on voting machines so that new legislation could be developed to prevent such election fraud. After reviewing Clint's work, his employer explained to Clint that Clint wasn't comprehending. He wasn't comprehending that the Republicans didn't want anything so better election security laws could be developed and passed. The Republicans wanted a real virus to use to steal the election nationally, statewide, and locally.[47]

This information must be coupled with the 2004 voting-machine problems in New Mexico and Ohio, which put Bush-43 back into the White House despite clear indications from polling that John Kerry had won, just as Al Gore had won four years earlier. The fraud has been aimed directly against the most defenseless: Poor minorities. Of course all Democrats have been defrauded at least indirectly.

Even if the voting machines had worked flawlessly in 2004, the Republicans still rigged the election via challenging the voter registration of the Black people serving in the US military overseas who submit absentee ballots. The Republicans colluded together at the top to send mailing pieces to all the Black military-service personnel with those pieces marked "Do Not Forward." Thus, the mail was returned to the Republicans and used as evidence that the Black voters were no longer legally registered voters. Then, when there absentee ballots came in, they were not counted and those Black voters were not notified. Also, it is likely that they still think they are registered for the 2006 election, which they are not unless they have re-registered or otherwise had their registration reinstated.

Naturally, it is up to the Democratic Party and other political parties to pursue making sure that the registrations are reinstated and that such challenges by the Republicans in the future are themselves anticipated and challenged.

Also, this was a criminal conspiracy by the Republican Party at the national and state levels to defraud a group of its voting rights based upon race. It is illegal racial discrimination. Rather than pursue criminal charges, the Republican controlled US Justice Department ignored the Civil Rights Commission, and George W. Bush fired the commissioner who called for an investigation.[48] Its all dirty tricks.

The competitive system, in which the capitalists thrive as they pollute the planet, must be replaced with a system of cooperation in which New Orleans would not have happened.

Souls valued in dollars

Look, in parts of the Deep South and elsewhere, blacks are still viewed as less valuable than whites. The same spirit still exists that prevailed during the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (1932–1972), conducted in Tuskegee, Alabama. As late as 1972, black men were denied syphilis treatment with the knowledge and consent of the government even though penicillin was an already proven treatment. Those men were uninformed of their disease and where treated as guinea pigs.

There is a long history of experimentation on Blacks in the South and elsewhere. It goes back deep into the slave era. James Marion Sims regularly performed extreme experimental surgeries on Blacks without anesthesia, against their will, and even though there wasn't anything particularly wrong with the subjects. Sims went on to head the American Medical Association.

Blacks were also subjected to forced sterilization during the big eugenics movement in the US. There were also many radical brain surgeries done on institutionalized Black youths for alleged behavioral reasons.

Now, don't fall for the notion that because the Tuskegee experiments stopped in 1972 that somehow the spirit that carried them out died with the experiments.

Just as with torture showing up, the move to conduct experiments on prisoners is showing up again too. There were many experiments done on prisoners against their will and without their knowledge, including giving them LSD for mind-control tests. Prisoners were subjected to all sorts of dangerous and debilitating experiments.

The same spirit of the imperial president exists today that was merely slowed down out in the open for awhile with the ouster of Richard Nixon in the 1970's. Spirits don't die when coercion stops them in ignorance. They just seek other avenues and wait for and work to create opportunities to raise their ugly heads again and again. The only house that isn't hospitable to the evil spirits is the one in which all the souls are softhearted and have realized that humans trying to coerce humans doesn't result in peace. We must overcome violent chastening. We must overcome the reason such chastening exists: Evil.

Charges of gross criminal negligence and incompetence abound concerning Katrina. There were people who were obviously working extremely hard, giving it their all to rescue people and to help survivors and the displaced. However, there just wasn't a mustering or sense of urgency from the highest levels of government befitting either the magnitude or urgency of the situation. The reason for that is hardheartedness that comes of selfishness drummed into those who come to rule mundanely, drummed into them by the bad pattern of behavior their ancestors created. It is a conscious attitude, though hidden from the general public, of smug superiority, the notion of the greater relative value of lives that are more self-centeredly competitive in line with superrich capitalists. It places zero value on the life of Christ.

In real Christianity, the more one is earnestly unselfish, the more that one signifies with Jesus. Jesus won't acknowledge the selfish to God. He said so. Now that you've heard it, either you believe him or you don't signify.

Those at the mundane top are emotionally distant from the plight of the lower class. Contrary to the teachings of Jesus concerning the Good Samaritan, the poor people of New Orleans and elsewhere were not treated as the neighbors of the rich and powerful. They were not loved as those rich and powerful one's love themselves. The rich and powerful didn't feel themselves suffering with the people. Their hearts don't bleed for the underprivileged and exploited. They create the underprivileged and exploited. The hearts of the rich and powerful only bleed when they lose their worldly private wealth and power.

This is why people are starving by the millions. The satanic spirit is starving them. This is why people are shot and blown up. This is why the images of maimed and dead women, children, soldiers, and others are censored by the media, the propaganda arm of the expropriators, exploiters, polluters, wolves in sheep's clothing.

Real logic

They put forth that what they are doing is reasonable, rational, logical, justified, condoned by God, etc., if they even profess belief in God. They say they value others correctly.

As explained elsewhere in this work, divine logic starts with wholeness, health for the all. It states that syllogisms, not just their conclusions, are subject to the whole. The hypocrites take logic one syllogism at a time.

The whole is the real. The real is the ideal. Peace is the ideal. Love is the ideal. That which is not the ideal is false. It is not one. It is fractured, divided, and will not remain standing. It will fall down.

Our task is in becoming real. Our task is to overcome being false that is selfish.

The false is, among other things, private wealth. It's selfish. That's why Jesus had no private wealth in the capitalistic sense. That's why his disciples lived in common. It's the way it was when God gave us the earth to live on. It's the way it was before the liars selfishly twisted the truth, some more knowingly than others, still utterly ignorant of the absolute, divine.

This is where what is called abstract reasoning really isn't abstract at all. Jesus was the genius of geniuses by being there, existing in that ideal place. He's there now waiting for others to catch on and be accordingly.

He's there waiting for souls to hear the truth that value is not measured in mammon. Human lives are not valued in dollars. Souls are valued in righteousness. Financial net worth is worthless in heaven. Such worth is temporal only. It is a reward here and now that precludes the fruit of righteousness that is coming to many others. The rich have received the fleeting reward of the selfish.

Even after all the criticisms of the way Katrina was handled, people were still evicted from hotel and motel rooms when only about half the temporary housing needed was ready for the people displaced by the hurricane. As we know, there were some eleven thousand trailers near Hope, Arkansas while people were being evicted.

Even if those trailers were not going to end up being used to house the Katrina displaced, at least they could have been distributed to the poor and needy in general. It is all such a waste all the way around.

It was reported that the homes were damaged, because they are not on any kind of pads to keep them from warping. The basic instructions for moving, storing, and setting up mobile homes are common information with every major manufacturer. There is no way that the government wasn't told that the way they were handling the units was going to ruin them.

Can you see the experienced workers hauling and delivering the trailers to the storage sites just shaking their heads at the lack of common sense of those running things, spending all that time, material, labor, equipment, fuel, and the rest only to store those trailers incorrectly? Those workers wouldn't claim that they could run everything single-handedly, but they sure could have been listened to and should have been listened to about what they can do better than the ones running things and that's to properly set trailers so they don't immediately start losing their usefulness.

Real management, democracy in the workplace, employee ownership, the sooner the better

That's real management (listening to the one's who do the work) and applies even where there are 1) pure (majority-rule) and direct (voting on laws rather than just law makers) democracy or representational democracy and 2) full employee and equal employee ownership in, and of, the workplace. You don't get that kind of management with false capitalism where only some are equal owners at best. Of course, that democracy has to be extended (offered but not coerced) out to the whole of the world in order not to be hypocritical. It also has to be not-for-private-profit, to hoard, but rather deliberately to give and share.

Someone blew the whistle concerning the trailers meant for those displaced and made homeless by the greed that caused Katrina, and was ignored and given a hard time or even fired.

That's why real democracy in the workplace is better than capitalism. The whole would have listened even if through representatives. That's because the stakes would be for all within and without the organization and not just for the greedy at the top.

Had real democracy been in place going back further, the levees around New Orleans would have been built right. Going back further than that, the city as it was wouldn't have been there. More importantly, the hurricane wouldn't have come.

The longer we wait, the more serious the dark consequences will be that will work through before the world settles down. The dark time is coming and will happen, but this has to be said now for the sake of the future so that people will know God's way for us to rise above spirits low, or lacking, in ethics and scruples. It is Biblical. It is prophetic.

Making it against US law for Christians to help illegal immigrants

Of course there isn't just the racism against the poor Blacks of New Orleans. Look at the proposed legislation in the US House of Representatives concerning immigration. The bill, HR 4437, wants to require churches to check the immigration status of people before the churches may help the person. I must say that even if this law passes, there is no way that a religion can be forced to do it. It runs diametrically opposed to the Christian faith. If the US Constitution stands for freedom of religion as it claims, Christians are free under the mundane law to help anyone without first having verified immigration status or ever verifying immigration status for that matter.

Think of it this way. The church of Rome practices confession. Parishioners confess sins to the priest. It is said that confession is good for the soul. It is. The priests are duty bound never to disclose what is confessed. Now a person comes in off the street for confession and confesses to being an illegal immigrant. The conservative Republicans in the US House want to require the priest to be a law enforcement agent of the secular state by turning in the illegal immigrant. It can't be done. It can't be asked of the priests or any other clergy in any religion or denomination. No priest can do it.

I know I won't, and I say it openly. It would violate the higher law.

We support the statement of cardinal Roger Mahony of the church of Rome who instructed priests to defy any prohibitions on aiding illegal immigrants.

Now, once the immigrants get their rights and become middle-class, will they remember? That is the test. Or, will they forget, as many of the Blacks and Jews and other minorities seem to once they've arrived so to speak? Once upon a time in the US every Roman Catholic, every Italian, every Catholic Irishman, and all sorts of others, were allowed in only through the service entrance in the back if that. Remember!

We have a divided culture. It is a culture of evil: Greed, violence, depravity, fear, and falsehood that are all Godlessness. It is not a culture of righteousness: Giving and sharing, peace, wholesomeness, courage, and truth that are all love that is God. These two cultures are incompatible and will be separated forever.

Christianity is incompatible with the secular laws calling for being anti-Good Samaritan. We have a bunch of mostly Republicans and some Democrats in Congress claiming to be Christians who are passing antichrist bills.

The antichrist lies are exposed. They are all interconnected. Greedy Americans turn a blind eye.

Katrina and the invasion of Baghdad, Iraq, are the result of the same lies

Katrina is the result of greed, oil, air-pollution, greenhouse gases heating the weather system. The invasion of Baghdad is the result of greed, oil, that brings air-pollution, greenhouse gases heating the weather system, and Katrina.

Anyone who defends telling Richard Clarke "Wrong answer... Do it again," even after the countless times he, Mr. Clarke, had been over that territory, is just excusing the lies of the Bush-43 administration for the same reasons that that administration and all neoconservatives lie: Greed, lust.

Many people mistrust the conservatives completely. For them, if a powerful conservative says it, it has to be false. Well, its always rendered in the spirit of half-truth at best, which isn't good at all.

They have come to this belief because of the conservative track record of lying on such huge issues (the big lie and the so-called noble lie). They further base it upon the conservative's permanent focus on amassing as much wealth and power for themselves as possible even by taking the nation to war for profits, which is historically documented. America has fought for business markets many times. That fact is not even seriously contested by the conservatives. The conservative business people say of course America has fought to open markets. Markets mean profits, and America is about making money.

Of course, there is the Downing Street Memo of July 23, 2002, which contains the minutes of a highest-level meeting of the British government. It is the most famous now of some eight memos leaked as of the date of this writing describing the British government's outlook on the US Bush-43 administration's rush to war with Iraq. That memo will be well known in the US and the world by the time this work is published.

The memo shows that the British government knew that George W. Bush had decided to invade Baghdad before George W. Bush had evidence meeting international legal requirements for war. It also shows the British government's duplicitous and conspiratorial attitudes that they translated into actions.

The British head of their Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Richard Dearlove, had visited the US and reported to the British government that concerning the US and the Bush-43 administration, "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

The memo states that British foreign secretary at the time, Jack Straw, held that the case for military action was "thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbours, and his WMD [weapons of mass destruction] capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran." Jack Straw also reported that George W. Bush had already decided to go to war.

Straw was sacked by Blair in May, 2006, for stating that a military strike on Iran would be "inconceivable" and that the Bush-43 administration's plan to use bunker-busting, tactical, nuclear weapons on Iran was "nuts." Straw wants a life after the Blair government. Of course, Bush-43 has claimed that the plan to use such weapons is "wild speculation."

However, the US military was supposedly planning to conduct weapons tests in Nevada for just such purposes. As of June 2, 2006, the military was to have blown off a seven hundred ton chemical bomb to calibrate computer programs to model the earth-shaking effect. That way, they could estimate the size of nuclear bombs needed to shake underground installations causing those installation to cave in. They were to use the data to plan the production of earth-penetrating mini-nukes for tactical strikes against underground, hardened targets. However, the test was indefinitely postponed due to protests about nuclear contaminated dust from earlier tests being thrown up into the atmosphere as high as ten thousand feet and spread downwind.

The Downing Street Memo contradicts George W. Bush's own claims that he had not decided to go to war until after Colin Powell's presentation to the UN Security Council. Of course, we all knew at the time that George W. Bush was pressured even by Colin Powell into making the case to the UN for appearances sake to defuse justified criticism at the time that he, George W. Bush, was hell-bent for war against Saddam Hussein regardless of any other considerations. After all, Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush believed, had threatened to have George's father assassinated. Also, by invading Iraq and completely taking over, George W. Bush could control (cover-up or destroy) the story and evidence that his own father's administration had illegally and immorally supplied Saddam with the very chemical weapons used against the Kurds, Iranians, and possibly others and had otherwise aided and abetted Saddam Hussein in his extremely brutal regime for the selfish sake of incorrectly termed US interests.

The US merchants of death, hypocritical weapons suppliers to Saddam Hussein

It is well established that under both the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations, the US covertly and illegally supplied Iraq with chemical, biological, radiological weapons, and missile assistance.[49] In many cases, the US insured that Iraq received materials, equipment, technology, and training. Much of that was routed through other nations (Chile, Italy, England, South Africa, Germany, etc.) using all sorts of laundering tactics of the CIA through shell and front organizations (called cut-outs) to skirt US and international law.

(This is no exoneration of Democratic administrations. Democrat presidents too have supplied other governments with weapons knowing that those weapons would be, or were being, used against innocent civilians.)

Andreas Zumach, writing in the German newspaper Die Tageszetung, on or about December 17, 2002, began exposing the incriminating aspects of the full Iraq Weapons Declaration report delivered by Iraq to the UN Security Council three months before the second US invasion of Iraq that began on March 19-20, 2003. Scores of international corporations with the complicity of numerous governments, including the US, illegally supplied Iraq with chemical, biological, nuclear, and missile weapons material, equipment, and training. The US Republican conservatives censored it all with ...continues... Click next page number below.

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