Christianity is an entire way of life, now and to come. It touches upon everything. In the final analysis, it really is everything.

Christianity Is an Entire Way of Life:

Real Christianity is not about going to a church building for traditional, liturgical reasons (rituals and ceremonies) only to leave the building and then violate the commandments. Real Christianity is to teach and do the commandments, bringing forth the good fruit, constantly. It is an entire way of life. It cannot be separated out in any way or to any degree.

God would rather have one poor, contrite, and respectful person giving and sharing all in confidence in God than every church building full of people going through worship services but who are rich, prideful, cocksure, and miserly.

God wants people who want abundance for the sake of giving and sharing not for the recompense of being loved but to ease the suffering of this world. He wants that to be the fulltime spirit of his people rather than their being on their knees and faces only to turn around to be selfish in any way.

Christianity Touches Upon Everything:

All things are connected through God. God created all things. Nothing exists without God. Everyone and everything owes all to God. God has the power over death. God is the eternal breath of life and can breathe it into whatever God wants. God can resurrect whomever God wishes to resurrect. Even Satan, the spirit essence of all evil, is completely dependant upon God and God's temporary indulgence for Satan's existence on this level (for the sake of our knowing separation and redemption). Satan won't admit it though. In addition, God can be anywhere. This is why God can make his voice heard even in hell (surrounded by evil). Though evil may surround, heaven can extinguish hell but not the other way around. Satan has no power over God, but God can lock up Satan forever. The all-encompassing aspect of God carries over into every aspect of existence.

This is why Jesus said it is important that none of the commandments be violated. Each lesser commandment hangs upon the greatest commandments. Keeping the greatest is keeping the least. Keeping the least in the true spirit is keeping also the greatest. All are within the same spirit of love. This is the state of heaven. It is the opposite of hell.

Hell is consistently full of sin that is knowingly breaking the commandments. When God's voice is heard there, the heavenly breaks through displacing hell at that time for those who hear him. That's what happens in this world when the spirit of God is really felt by anyone.

In the Final Analysis, Christianity Really Is Everything:

Even though God allows humans to make mistakes and sin, God is not corruptible by human sinning. Each thing affects the whole through affecting even its parts, but God is infinitely and absolutely perfect. This is why the highest heaven is completely shut to iniquity. That heaven and earth are separated. Evil from earth cannot invade it. Evil from this life can and does though carry forward for those who carry it with them into death of the flesh. This is why there are levels or mansions that befit the souls that are sent there.

The highest heaven would not be heaven with evil parts. That heaven is wholly righteous. It is the meaning of wholeness. It is the meaning of perfect health. There is no disease of selfishness or, therefore, death in the perfect. That is the goal set before each and all. It is the most real. Relative to it, everything else is darkness and falsehood. Anything turned in the direction of darkness is heading into unreality and will perish. Real Christianity is always turned in the direction of the goal of godliness. The narrow way is the path to that goal. This is why Christianity within this context is everything. All else is falsehood.

The "Real": Contextual language

The "real," as the word is meant within the revelation of Jesus, will survive eternally as the light. The false will die into darkness having consumed itself to death. Truth is real. Falsehood is unreal. This fleshy world is real to itself, but relative to heaven, it is unreal. It is weak. It is corruptible. It is falsehood in holding itself out as all there is to itself. In that state, it is devoid of the Holy Spirit. Once born into that spirit though, this flesh can be subject to all its power even unto incorruptibility. It is never testing, however, for that is unbelief. Therefore, the meaning of reality is dependent upon the realm of existence to which one is referring. It is dependent upon the direction in which one is heading: Darkness or light.

This is contextual language. This is the divine language. Do not confuse it with the standard human way of thinking about the meanings of the words. Manna (food) really did fall from the sky as ordered from heaven. It was a real miracle, but it was not simultaneously the real bread from heaven. Miracles and signs are real but the real message is in the good works done by Jesus. The manna was a foreshadowing. You see, God was providing food free of toil to those he had chosen to use in given his lesson. Walk in God's way and be worthy. Don't' walk in God's way, and be left more so on your own with less revealing from God: Suffer. Without a single miracle or sign, we should still believe that unselfishness is the only way to go.

Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. (John 20:29).

Language corrupted

The human language has been severely limited and corrupted through the ages. It is in a state of confusion. It is fractured. It is divided against itself due to having two antithetical streams of consciousness running through it. One is the divine truth and real Christianity. The other is its antithesis seeking to license iniquity and deny Christ. It seeks to avoid the implications of the truth of how we all ought to be and how it is in paradise.

Biblical meanings not archaic

The deliberate confusion is plainly there as seen by the ambiguity between the various connotations and synonyms of words. The words have had their meanings warped (pejorated) over time by those who have belittled and trodden down unselfish emotions. They have arrogantly elevated their reasoning above God, which arrogance has led to all manner of abominable corruptions. They have relegated the divine meanings of many words to what they call archaic, meaning they are saying that the Biblical meanings of words are no longer applicable.

If you try to apply traditional human standards, distorted connotations of words, in understanding the purely divine language, you will be forever confused about reality versus imagination. The false is the imagined in this context. Sin is imagined in this sense. The sinner is only imagining that he or she is not seen fulltime. Sin is a lie. It lies about what is good. It lies that war is right. This usage of the term "imagination" is said to be archaic that is no longer applicable. The mentality that has slowly lost the continuity of the meaning is the mentality that has sought to excuse itself from the spirit of the law of God. The claim is that it is out of fashion to understand that what is imagined is what is not real in the divine sense. It denies the perfection that is God relative to the absoluteness of which all things are mere human notions.

However, the word "imagination" as used in The Bible is forever applicable. Without it, all are lost in terms of understanding the revelation and being saved. "He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their heart." (Luke 1:51). That's what Mary, the mother of Jesus, said about God to her cousin Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Of course, this does not mean that one does not imagine in the mundane sense. There are different connotations of the word "imagine." It is to say though that the words of truth from the Holy Spirit are never imagined. The real truth comes exclusively from God through the Holy Spirit. Everything that truly matters comes that way. If it isn't from the Holy Spirit, it is from vain imaginings. It won't last. It will be destroyed. It isn't worth building upon. It comes from human pride, which is an affront to God.

Very revealing about the confusion of the language in order to obfuscate evil and to lower people's resistance to evil temptation is using the name of God loosely or as a profanity. Doing this is the spirit that is attempting to distract hearts, minds, and souls from the consistent, fulltime, application of the first and great commandment and the second like it. It is not showing love for God. It is not loving love. It is hateful of all that is good. It comes out of the satanic spirit that seeks people to mock God. It is a grotesque imitation of people calling on the name of God in reverence. It is Satanism.

Oxymoron "free enterprise"

Another example concerns the concept of freedom. Real freedom is the liberty from evil that comes of doing God's will. The mundane current connotations of the words "free," "freedom," and "liberty" and how those connotations are prefixed to other words run contrary to the divine. Consider the oxymorons "free enterprise" and "free love." The current enterprises of the capitalistic economy create and operate in anything but divine (real) freedom. It is not divine fairness. Even on the most mundane level, the inherent unfairness is self-evident.


There are obstacles to the right of the people to use collective bargaining, which would not be necessary in the fully real Christian world and is not necessary in heaven. The huge Wal-Mart Company's anti-worker's rights efforts in Quebec, Canada, even as I write are a prime example. Also, the chief executive officer of Wal-Mart said about factories in Bangladesh that their wages (which are slave wages) are better than less. His compassion and conscience failed him in that statement, because under true justice, no one has less. It is always wrong to settle for the falsehood of the lesser of evils of fairer when completely fair is attainable. Allowing collective bargaining and paying higher then slave wages is not enough therefore, and no one should be placated with minimalist ends. They are false ends and no ultimate means. We must strive for the real: Perfection.

Even as Wal-Mart exploits people around the world, it pays its people in its retail stores less by virtue of its poor benefits. It also has been leaked that the company has planned a policy against retaining workers, because as those workers age, they cost the company more the company thinks. Everything is about profits for executives and shareholders. Those profits come by undercutting the competition. The way to undercut the competition is by, among other unethical means, underpaying labor, shortchanging workers on safety and other programs, not allowing them to unionize, and by buying from manufacturers and suppliers who are using anti-environmental methods and exploiting their workers also even including using child and slave labor. Sweatshops are not a thing of the past.

The conscience of the conservative is dog-eat-dog (ruthlessly acquisitive and competitive). It is not, never has been, and never will be compassionate for compassion is never ruthlessly acquisitive and competitive. Compassion is real liberalism. The currently self-styled conservatism has no part in it.

Eminent domain

False liberalism falls into this same pit. Concerning the issue of eminent domain, in the US Supreme Court case Kelo v. City of New London, justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote in her dissenting opinion, "nothing is to prevent the state from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping mall, or any farm with a factory." In this court case, the self-styled liberals were in the majority and decided to sanction at their level for the first time that the power of eminent domain may now be used to transfer private real estate to private commercial developers just because the government deems the developer's plan as being a higher and better use of the land. In times past, eminent domain was exclusively used ostensibly for public development such as roads and bridges and other publicly owned purposes. This goes to show that the false liberals are not about protecting the poorer and less powerful against rich developers getting richer at the expense of others. It is facilitating covetousness. Regardless of the relative wealth of those in this case who had their land taken, this case sets the Supreme Court precedent to push the poor around for the sake of increasing the real estate values of the rich and to generate tax revenue for the local governments from increased business within their tax domain. Usually the big real estate developers are granted tax breaks for creating the development in the area. Greed drives the system.

Of course, the entire system is riddled with hypocrisy. Those from whom the land was confiscated were not holding it in common in the furtherance of the new commandment. The self-styled liberals think they have done the greater good in that they believe that more people will benefit by the redevelopment than would otherwise be the case.

The truth is that neither position of the so-called conservatives or liberals is the correct position. Both are antichristian.

Oxymoron "free love"

Also concerning the example of the corruption of the word "free" is the oxymoronic "free love." Divine love is anything but a license to promiscuity: Libertinism. For those who marry, greater freedom lies in the truth of becoming one flesh and the sacredness of monogamous fidelity that if violated causes grave consequences.

Christianity truly is an entire way of life. It touches upon everything. Real Christianity is not about lip-service or just about worship services but rather bringing forth the good fruit, constantly. Everyone and everything owes all to God, fulltime in every aspect of existence. Don't be fooled into imagining that there are not different places awaiting souls. There are different levels so to speak (different mansions) waiting.

There are only two ways to go: Darkness or godliness. The real way to go is toward God. The other direction is false and will fail you.

Don't miss the true meanings of words in the revelation. Don't allow the deliberately distorted connotations of words to keep you from finding and keeping to the narrow way. Don't allow the divine meanings to be relegated to the notion of archaic or being no longer applicable. That misuse of the concept of archaic is darkness. Don't allow the satanic mentality to dominate. Don't let it trick you into mocking God by misusing God's name. It is a ploy to weaken you into being more susceptible to falling to temptation. Don't fall for the euphemisms of the culture of greed, violence, and other spirits of decay. There is nothing free about so-called free enterprise or free love.

Every aspect of life for the Christian is to be guided by the Holy Spirit of truth. In the final analysis, Christianity is everything that is real. It is true while everything else is false: Based upon a lie started by the original liar. That liar shuns the truth of the revelation. This is part of the very meaning of the revelation.

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