Saturday, July 08, 2006:

The US mainstream news on the elections in Mexico this week is transparently purchased by the satanic spirit.

The coverage has been scant concerning the illegalities and accusations of the Lopez Obrador campaign. At first, one had to visit international and alternative news sites to read about any of the accusations with any specifics.

Well, the conservatives engaged in illegal negative campaigning. It is against Mexican election law to engage in US style negative campaigning. The conservatives used Dick Morris, a Clinton-era negative-campaign artist, to aid them in their negative advertising against Obrador. Vincent Fox apparently broke Mexican law when he campaigned for the conservative, Felipe Calderon. It has been alleged that many polling places had insufficient numbers of ballots. It has also been alleged that ballot boxes full of ballots for Obrador were thrown in the dump in Mexico City. When actually ballots were checked (two thousand six hundred vote packets) during a re-tally of the nation's vote tally sheets, Calderon's supposed lead fell from four hundred thousand votes to some two hundred, forty-four thousand.

Now, on the exterior, things appeared on election day to run smoothly. However, the Mexican electoral system by not allowing for a verification of the vote via a ballot-by-ballot recount is designed to allow fraud in the tally via the tally sheets. Apparently, the system doesn't require a representative of each of the major parties be at each polling station to sign off on the tally sheet totals against the actual ballots cast. The ballot boxes are not handled securely.

Also, in a number of conservative locales, it was reported that more votes were counted than there were eligible voters. In locales where Obrador was popular, he received fewer votes than did lower ranking members of his party by a substantial percentage, even in his home state of Tabasco. In addition, in poor places, voters were not on the voter rolls even though they were registered. They were denied the vote.

There were supposedly over eight hundred thousand blank ballots coming from poor areas. It has also been reported that some seven hundred thousand votes were not counted from "missing precincts" in Obrador strongholds. This would mean that whole precincts were intentionally skipped over to favor the conservative.

In addition, the US government's International Republican Institute meddled in the election by providing training to the PAN (National Action Party) of Fox and Calderon.

Also, the company named ChoicePoint is involved. ChoicePoint is the same company that providing Jeb Bush in Florida with the names of tens of thousands of African-American voters denied the right to vote in the 2000 presidential election against Jeb's older brother, George W. Bush. ChoicePoint identified the black voter registrants as felons, which was deliberately false data used to scrub them from the voter rolls. Had their votes been included, Al Gore would have been elected by a wide margin in Florida and hence for the presidency of the US. ChoicePoint was paid to help the Republicans steal the highest office in the world for the sake of sheer greed.

According to investigative reporter Greg Palast, ChoicePoint at least objected when the State of Florida official told ChoicePoint not to bother with verifying the lists over ChoicePoint's objections that, that could result in thousands of black voters and others being denyied their right to vote. Greg Palast says that the felon list was some ninety-five percent incorrect.[9] That is very significant. There have been huge global repercussions, since Al Gore would never have executed a war against Iraq based upon a web of lies.

Well, ChoicePoint illegally obtained voter registration files on some sixty-five million Mexicans. They also obtained drivers license data on some six million in Mexico City. Remember, there are many Mexicans claiming that they were scrubbed from the voter rolls for this last Mexican election in July, 2006.

ChoicePoint has also obtained data on the people in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Naturally, ChoicePoint supplies the US intelligence agencies with all the data for a fee. The US Department of Homeland Security claims that, because of the negative publicity, it is no longer contracting with ChoicePoint.

What does the mainstream media do in the US? Well, since it is bought and paid for by huge, conservative, capitalist corporations, it lies about Obrador. It glosses over election-fraud allegations if it covers them at all. It declares the conservative the clear and fair winner. It calls Obrador disparaging terms and couches him in authoritarian clothes without any substantiating evidence. It is a brainwashing campaign that is becoming extremely transparent so that the capitalists (the goats of Satan) will be left with no excuse before the judgment of truth. They won't be able to plead ignorance with any credibility at all.

Now, we're not talking about every Ma and Pop operation in the world. We're talking about capitalists who play the game for monopoly.

Whom do you trust?

If the conservative won, why wouldn't he be quick to agree to a full vote-by-vote recount? Why would he want to assume the office of president under a cloud the way George W. Bush did twice? Everyone knows the selfish are the cheaters. Unselfish people don't cheat. They don't fear thorough recounts. They don't fear exposure, because there isn't anything to expose.

These reports are coming in unverified. If the allegations are reasonably accurate, a vote-by-vote recount would be minimal on the mundane level. At this point, the conservatives are simply standing on technicalities within the voting laws they put in place in anticipation of just such grievances being raised. They passed the law that would not allow for a vote-by-vote recount. Think about it. Why would anyone do that who wasn't planning ahead to get away with cheating?

Stealing and making it appear legitimate is the business of conservative capitalists whether some are too myopic to see it or not.

The divine issue though goes to the issue of cheating in general and the required separation of those who are anti-new commandment from those who are pro-new commandment. The antichrist system is inherently flawed and cannot be repaired. Real Christians will never find fair treatment within that system. All the poor of Mexico and the rest of the world must live the new commandment. They must pool their efforts simply and peacefully to displace evil competition and selfishness out of this world.

Apparently there is a lot of vote buying in Mexico. Each party is alleging that all parties buy votes. Many voters are expressing that they are coerced by employers to vote a certain way as well. They apparently prove that they vote a certain way by showing themselves voting via video phone.

This whole Mexico election situation makes one suspect the recent Peru election as well.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006:

The recount of only nine percent of the ballots was targeted for areas where the rightwing PAN is strongest. That is not where the bulk of the fraud against the left occurred. That's obvious. The choice of PAN precincts to recount is an obvious continuation of the attempt to steal the election.

Calderon illegally exceeded campaign-spending limits, and Diego Hildebrando Zavala, Calderon's brother-in-law, wrote the vote-counting software. Now it's bad mundane law that allows that.

Mexico Election 2006, continued

Friday, August 25, 2006:

The Mexico election commission refused to release the results of recounting nine percent of the ballots in the 2006 presidential election. What are they hiding and why? They are hiding that in precincts where Calderon was strongest, which is where the nine was recounted, only Calderon lost numbers in the recount. According to Obrador's people, Calderon lost some thirteen thousand votes in the recount. Now, if one starts looking at precincts were Obrador was strongest, where Calderon's side would have to commit the largest frauds in order to win in those precincts, the numbers would skyrocket for Obrador and against Calderon in a recount. They are hiding that Obrador won the election. They are hiding it, because they are conservatives: Greedy for retaining power, control, wealth, and the military and police to use violently against their opposition.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006:

Supplement: Mexico: They threw out tens of thousands of ballot on both sides and determined that there were irregularities in the number of ballots audited concerning some ninety thousand polling places, but they said there was no fraud.

At the very least, one would want a new election with tighter controls and official and formal monitoring by all sides at every polling station.

Oh well, the rich will cheat until they are overturned by the wrath of their own making that's coming.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006:

Well, the Mexican electoral court said there were irregularities. They said that Obrador's opposition did engage in illegal campaigning and that there were numerous broken seals on ballot packages. That is clear evidence of tampering. However, they ruled that those problems were insufficient cause for a full recount or a new election. They went ahead and named Felipe Calderon as the president. That's totally unethical. It is so reminiscent of the US election of 2000 in which the US Supreme Court refused to allow the vote recount to continue. As a reminder, those ballots were finally recounted in full, and Al Gore did win Florida and the national election.

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