Friday, July 14, 2006:

Who is God? Who is Satan?

God is good. Satan is bad. What we think is good and bad is evolving. Good is becoming better. Good is perfect.

What was God in the minds and hearts of the people at one time is now Satan. What was God to them is now not good enough. It is recognized that the people's hearts were not enlightened enough to adequately express the heart of God.

Jesus has done the best job so far in describing God. Any description that come that makes God plainer and clearer will be in the spirit of Jesus, will build upon what Jesus began, his foundation. Jesus wants this. Jesus gave himself to this for our sakes, for righteousness' sake. He went on ahead to prepare the way and a place and so that the Holy Spirit would come with the truth we need. Jesus won't be exceeded. He will be joined.

The wrathful emotions of righteous indignation welling up in human kind at the time was not understood in the greater light of Jesus who had not yet come with that truth. Wrath had not been overcome. What wrath that the most righteous at the time were unable to overcome was attributed to God. Jesus though raised the standard to save us from our caving into wrath.

This is why the God of the Old Testament is at once the same God as the God of the New Testament while being different. God didn't change. People's perceptions have changed.

This is all a matter of semantics. It is all a matter of context. Make no mistake about it. Moses and Jesus get along excellently in heaven.

God and Satan are on the same spectrum within a certain context and are not on the same spectrum within another context. In the relative sense, they are on the same spectrum. In the absolute, they are not. This is the only way Jesus could speak of the lesser of sinners, as he did regarding Pontius Pilate, and also speak of the perfect goodness of God, who judges no one.

Reconcile these things, for they are the truth.

The way things are includes punishment. God corrects with words to protect those who hear and heed from the merciless punishers, the fallen ones, who will rue the day.

Nevertheless, pray that all see the light even in the darkest hell, turn, repent, and atone. To do so is to follow the golden rule. Not to do so is hypocrisy.

Tom Usher

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