Friday, July 14, 2006:

Knowledge is increasing. Posttraumatic stress disorder and global warming and global dimming (caused by chemtrails) are, for example, more and more becoming common knowledge.

Those on the leading edge of scientific investigation have known about these things for a long time relative to the general population. It is always the case. Right now, there are connections being made in wide-ranging fields by one or two people in each such field which connections eventually will become much more common knowledge. It's the established chronological pattern. It's obvious.

One form of knowledge directly connected to wisdom concerns how far and how well pattern recognition will be carried both in terms of understanding the past and in anticipating the future. This concerns ultimate cause and effect of negative actions and their negative consequences. This concerns the identification of what constitutes the negative stream of consciousness and action versus the positive.

We in the Real Liberal Christian Church suggest to you the following:

The dividing line is selfishness;

Selfishness is the negative force or spirit;

Fence sitting is selfish;

The ultimate positive outcome (the positive end) defines as positive the means of those who will arrive at that end;

Consistency (avoidance of hypocrisy) is required to that end; and,

The new commandment, understood by the words and deeds of Jesus, and in all its implications for the future, is the rule to realize (appreciate and achieve) that end.

Awareness obligates

It is becoming common knowledge that hardheartedness is the negative. Therefore, the excuse that people once had that they don't know any better is being reduced.

That facts and knowledge are being heightened worldwide that everyone is responsible to be this kind of thoughtful (this understanding of positive) and that everyone will be held to account in the end. This is happening even as stresses (pressures) are increasing.

In fact, the stressors, the wars, the global warming, etcetera, are what is driving the cerebral cortex to make these connections. The worse things become, the more stark the connections, the more inexcusable the negative behavior (selfishness).

Historically, traditionally, human kind has most often responded to stressors with reactions absent sufficient forethought as to the further, longest-term, negative consequences of the particular reactions. This pattern will continue increasing as global pressures mount but will increase for an ever-decreasing percentage of the total population when viewed in historical terms. This means that the awareness of the right and positive reaction that is unselfishness will be generally magnified on an ever-increasing scale as never before.

This is the Holy Spirit revealing more and more of the truth, the true reality, how things ought to be and how to bring that forth, how to manifest it. This is what Jesus came to do.

Ultimately, those who respond selfishly will be cutoff and separated away from those who respond unselfishly. This is justice. This is why it is easier for the camel to fit through the eye of the sowing needle than it is for a rich person to enter heaven, because the rich person is by virtue of his or her hoarded wealth showing him or herself to be inherently selfish.

Giving and sharing without recompense as the motivation are, in addition to avoiding the other manifestations of selfishness (evil), are the only things the rich can do to avoid being defined as selfish and being, thereby, marked for exclusion from the ultimate positive end that is the highest heaven.

The greater the unselfishness, the higher the heaven. The greater the selfishness, the lower the hell.

In everything we do, we must take all others into consideration. This is the spirit of God.

Once upon a time, people discovered oil in the ground. They experimented with it until they developed, among other things, a fuels for the internal combustion engine. Did they have the foresight to know that things would develop as they have to where that fuel is killing the planet? Some probably suspected that the greedy rush held in store some great evils. Most people though were blissfully ignorant.

What is the excuse today? Does any excuse hold as much sway as it did one hundred years ago? No. Sin is magnified when the excuse of ignorance becomes more and more transparent lying.

The same thrust holds true for all developments. The damage and harm done by selfishness is becoming more and more apparent worldwide. The cure, the opposite, that is unselfishness embedded completely in the message and exemplary life of Jesus Christ as with no other, is also becoming more and more apparent worldwide.

This acceleration is a sign that the day of reckoning is coming. How far off it is, only God in heaven knows. As Jesus said, even the Son of man in heaven doesn't know the exact hour. It is coming though.

So, who are those who, knowing full well the catastrophe of global warming and the fuel wars to come, still race around wasting fuel? Are they greater demons than the racers of just several decades ago? Yes.

This same revelatory reasoning applies to all behaviors. The more one knows, the greater is the obligation to act with consideration. The less one does this over time, as such knowledge increases, the more demonic and hardhearted is the individual and the greater evil awaits that one and the more that one is hereby warned for righteousness' sake.


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