Tuesday, July 18, 2006:

The US and Israel are driving a wedge between the Sunni and Shia in the Middle East region. They are busy lining up the Sunni nations' leadership against the Shia nations.

Of course, the distinctions now are becoming much more complex. There are people in Gaza (Philistia) who support Hamas even though those people are not ordinarily supporters of the Islamic Brotherhood out of Egypt. Also, there are many in Lebanon who support Hezbollah even though those Lebanese are not necessarily Shia or even religious, per se.

People's loose confederations, started in the style of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," are becoming tighter confederations and even federations for the sake of gaining greater organizational strength.

Primarily, the US and Israel are looking for, creating, and using events as a pretense for attacking Syria and Iran, unless they will come to heel without violence. They have been successful in throwing enough fear into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan (all Sunni) that the US and Israel are insane enough to attack the entire region in an all-out war to achieve US/Israeli neocon aims. Those Sunni regimes fear the Islamic fundamentalism, symbolized and stimulated by the likes of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, gaining strength in their own nations enough to overthrow the secular dictatorship in Egypt and the monarchies in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. They are being torn apart by US/Israel pre-planned and coordinated policies being carried out under various pretexts.

They wouldn't mind much seeing Iran undergo a regime change out from under Islamic clerics. They don't want Hezbollah stirring up the conflict in Palestine, because they don't want Palestinian refugees attempting to stream into their countries. They want Palestinians remaining in Gaza and the West Bank also because they don't want Israel to take those lands for their total colonization. Israel would completely settle the areas and their population would increase proportionately along with their economic clout, etc. That would make Israel that much more of a regional threat and power. Israel is already feared, because it has hundreds of nuclear weapons and would use them indiscriminately to insure its survival. The Arabs know that.

It has been suggested that the Israelis used a nuclear bunker-buster on Lebanon in 2006 to test it.

They realize the endgame for US capitalists is total control of the market in all the nations of region. They know they are at the mercy of a the deliberately fickle Empire. The US plans on purpose to appear erratic and capricious to throw others off stride, to destabilize them enough to conquer and control even though it appears chaotic. It isn't all perfectly choreographed. It just operates within a certain range that is calculated to allow it all to continue. It will backfire. They have already badly, fatally, miscalculated. It's just a matter of time before their house falls down on them.

Naturally, Russia and China are watching carefully and playing their cards close to their vests. Japan and the EU are betting for now on the side of the US in this match.

As for assigning blame, as in who started the violence, we are not for Islam or false Judaism. They are both wrong—always have been. They are both violent. Both will disappear.

What is obvious is that the mainstream corporate media in the US is deliberately subjective. The reporting is masked editorializing for the sake of the neocon/false-Zionist line. That media belongs to the power elite and spins out US half-truths, lies, and exaggerations. One must do what one must to keep the capitalist empire going strong in order to make huge advertising and subscription profits after all. That's what's important, certainly not the truth.

When the US mainstream media talk about Israel versus Palestine and Lebanon, etc., the media invariably couch any particular negative occurrences as having their beginning with the non-Hebrews. The causal chain that implicates Israel is nearly always ignored.

If Muslims take Israeli soldiers captive, the fact that Israel holds countless numbers of Arabs and others captive without due process is deliberately overlooked. The fact that Israel has been acting toward the Palestinians as the white South African regime did toward the indigenous Blacks in South Africa during the reprehensible apartheid years is left out of the considerations.

The life of an innocent child is priceless regardless of whether the child is Arab or Hebrew or Anglo-Saxon or Chinese or Black South African. As my earthly father taught, God loves each as if there were no other.

There is a decided attempt to manage popular perceptions rather than giving the whole story. The authoritarian regimes that fear those calling for sharia law censor the news coverage they control that is coming out of Lebanon and Palestine and elsewhere.

Even India, a supposed democracy, placed a federal ban on all Arab newscasts and networks showing in India.[12] They did that to appease the neocons and because they fear further Muslim attacks in India, a justified fear but is censoring what Israel is doing in Gaza and Lebanon going to help? When the ban lifts may not be widely reported. We may miss it if it lifts at all.

Hamas and Hezbollah is wrong; however, so are the US and Israel, etc.

Evil seeks to cover over this whole truth.

The Israeli Defense Force doesn't want US mainstream media showing the damage in Israel that is being inflicted by the Muslims. They fear that US Jewish public opinion will be affected. They fear that reality may sink in that Israel is becoming more and more vulnerable as the technological capabilities of the Muslims increase. They fear that the antiwar movement will spread and intensify to include even more American Jews speaking out, as it should.

The low road

This technological increase is one of the main reason Israel is targeting across-the-board. It is also one of the reasons in Iraq that the well-educated and those with scientific and engineering backgrounds have been deliberately targeted. The idea is to keep the opposition civilization from rising.

This is exactly backwards. The right way to deal with everyone is to appeal to all on higher ground. The current US and Israeli approach is to reduce everyone to lower-moral ground. This is why it is doomed to fail.

By taking this entire approach, the US and Israel are insular. They operate in denial. They deliberately fail to see the truth or to attempt to get at it. They fail to lead others to it. That is the most important failing. That is the reason they will both fall and be replaced yet again by a nation (spiritual nation) given the opportunity to bring forth the truth and real bounty for all.

That truth is literally God, who will otherwise remain occluded as is the case now.

The truth is that the false-Zionists' drive to create the state of Israel, a decidedly undemocratic state and no ally of real Christianity, reenergized militant Islam.

Why is it such a shock when Iran and Syria support Hezbollah and Hamas? The US supports Israel against the Palestinians.

Oh, the Israelis will point with glee at the remarks of Ahmadinejad concerning wiping Israel from the map. Exactly what that means is contextual and subject to change depending upon Israel's aggression.

"Israel must be wiped off the map" is not what Ahmadinejad said according to other translators. Others translated his words as, "The Imam [Khomeini] said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."

He was elected on a platform of using Iranian oil wealth to benefit the poor. Since taking office, he has visited 154 cities, many in remote provinces long neglected by top officials. He has shelled out funds for new marriage allowances for young couples, debt relief for farmers and low-cost loans for small businessmen.[13]

More important is the following:

In June 2006, Ayatollah Khamenei issued an official declaration stating that Iran agrees with the Arab countries on the issue of Palestine, meaning that it accepts the 2002 Arab League call for full normalization of relations with Israel in a two-state settlement in accord with the international consensus.[14]

According to the US, Israel had the right to defend itself. Well, everyone on a certain ignorant level has the right to be wrong. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. That's the law of God. Has anyone really the right to do otherwise? No.

Machiavellian foreign policy

Always remember that lying is the way of international relations among the princes of this dark world. Machiavellianism is their way. Hypocrisy is their path.

Israel and others just throw out claims without proof that Iran and Syria are behind the recent events as if Israel has only been responding to events constantly orchestrated by Arabs and Persians. Who orchestrated the creation of the current state of Israel in Palestine? The false Zionists is the answer. In the eyes of God, things have been disgusting there ever since.

It must be said that while most people on the far mundane left realize that nothing ever starts where the US or Israeli governments claim, neither Hamas nor Hezbollah have served the cause of peace by making incursions into Israel to kill and capture Israeli military personnel. The people of Gaza and the West Bank in general were enjoying a great deal of positive press in the US just below the top tier mainstream corporate press coverage. The longer the Israelis beat up on non-reacting Palestinians, the sooner the US left would be able to bring the neocon portion of Israel to its diplomatic knees in the US Congress despite the Jewish Lobby.

Greater Israel versus a resurgent Caliphate

That left cannot fight and win in the US Congress against a militant Greater Israel while there is a Caliphate also in the offing, also necessarily militant. The issue is one of Greater Israel versus the restoration of the Caliphate. Israel is lying to cover up its territorial ambitions, and the Muslims are lying about their desire to see Israel completely gone and the entire region completely dominated by a resurgent Islamic Empire. Since these are the real goals of the militant elite, the common people on both sides will suffer.

Some of the aftermath of July-August, 2006, in Lebanon: US/Israel, continued

After destroying the nation's infrastructure, after ninety percent of their victims were civilians, after some thirty percent were children, after bombing hospitals and ambulances and roads and bridges needed for evacuation and emergency rescue, after bombing the UN camp, after targeting the power grid and water treatment facilities, after illegally using white phosphorus shells against personnel in Lebanon, Israel has littered Lebanon with unexploded bombs of all sizes, most of them cluster bombs from the US. Some forty percent were duds that still posed a great danger to civilians and especially children. Many children and others have been injured and killed in just the few weeks since the end of major hostilities in August, 2006. Israel still must supply Lebanon with maps of buried land mines left over from the Israeli occupation over an eighteen year span.

Israel did some seven to eight billion dollars worth of destruction in Lebanon. They also caused a huge oil spill that they are preventing being cleaned up. They are a threat in the area.

Now, Israel didn't wipe out the Lebanese. Therefore, unless they, the Lebanese and Israelis, can come to terms and agree, there will be more war.

Were the Lebanese being iniquitous on a Biblical scale before the Israelis attack? No. Far from it. The Israelis cannot even use Old Testament standards to rationalize their recent actions. Was Hezbollah justified in what it did in retaliation for what the false Zionists have been doing to Muslims in Palestine and elsewhere, including Lebanon, for many decades now? No.

Greater Israel and the Caliphate versus the Kingdom of God

Neither side will prevail with its current mentality. The days of prevailing by beating down the opposition are coming to an end. The day of the showdown between the lie of war and the truth of peace is fast approaching. The time of the notion of the just war is going to come to a close.

Israel is going to end up being severely punished for its covetousness in the West Bank and really for its whole false-Zionist expedition into Palestine. They went with the wrong motives. Their intentions were selfish, evil. They suckered many well-meaning Hebrews. They forced others. God knows the whole history and has not forgotten. Often beaten down by misguided self-styled Christians, the false-Zionists have turned to beating others for the sake of the illusion of power and control.

If one innocent life is lost or harmed that would otherwise have not been lost or harmed, the ones whose hostile actions (regardless of whether or not those actions are seen by them to be in direct or indirect retaliation or self-defense) resulting in that lost or harm are responsible and accountable in the eyes of truth. There is no excuse.

The Israelis are obviously doing what amounts to a scorch-earth approach via precise targeting of everything the general population, the civilians, the children, need to simply live from day to day. This approach is intended to make the price too high for the supposed enemy. It is intended to inflict sufficient, unlimited terror, upon the people while avoiding the charge of carpet bombing that would otherwise be leveled against them by world public opinion.

It must be remembered that the Israelis brought this upon themselves when they decided to engage in Deir Yassin-massacre-type activities designed in 1948 to do whatever the false Zionists thought would make room on the land for Zionist hegemony in Palestine and to hell with the Palestinians who were already there living peaceful even with the early Hebrew settlers.

What liberals?

George W. Bush continues to say that the root cause of the problem between Lebanon and Israel is Hezbollah, the Shia militants in Lebanon. Only eight people in the entire US Congress, all of them in the House, refused to support Israeli current military assault on Lebanon.

Conservatives never properly identify the root cause of any problem. The root cause of the problem is the spirit of George W. Bush. It is lust for evil, which is selfishness: Greed, violence, depravity—all iniquity.

The truth is that Hezbollah wouldn't exist were it not for false-Zionist, racist, nationalist, imperialist, colonialist, ambitions. The truth is that had Jews moved into the area of Palestine with the intent of supporting the development of a region full of lovingkindness, the Muslims would not have taken offense. The surge in militancy within Islam is a direct reaction to false Zionism that created the current state of Israel via extreme terrorism. The founding fathers of Israel clearly and plainly were terrorists. It isn't complicated.

Mohammed's militant teachings leaves the door open to Muslims to falsely believe that God will side with them.

The Hebrews are putting their faith in their own willpower and ability to manage perceptions within America and work the supposed mutual-beneficial geopolitical agenda.

Now, we know that the Israeli approach is to use every pretext to inflict as much pain in general as possible (collective punishment for the acts of the unrepresentative few) and just short of crossing the line that would turn American public opinion heavily against them.

Sanitized news about Israel

The only way that that turn hasn't already occurred is because of the deliberately sanitized and unbalanced coverage by US corporate news. It is psychological warfare aimed at the American audience and voters. It is designed to keep the focus off the killing by Israel and the US of innocent lives, for which there is no excuse before God.

The Muslims have many valid points that are deliberately ignored and never covered. Those points are suppressed, censored, to keep the American people uninformed, ignorant, and compliant to the evil aims of the worldly, necessarily antichrist, Empire.

Don't forget. The leadership will do whatever it wants regardless of any laws on the books so long as the people will follow them, choose them. The leadership will interpret its power however enough of the people are willing to allow them to interpret it. They take this as the meaning of being right. For these people, power is right even if fleeting and counter-productive.

Manipulating public opinion via one-sided reporting

Israel says that it is defending itself against Hezbollah that crossed into Israel on July 12, 2006, killed some three to seven (depending upon whose reporting) Israeli soldiers, wounded eight, and took two captives to trade for prisoners being held by Israel. Whether or not Hezbollah entered Israel to capture the two soldiers is still disputed as of Thursday, August 10, 2006. Many Arab news sources claimed the Israelis entered Lebanon. That wasn't reported in the US mainstream. Concerning Gaza, Israel says its actions are a direct result of Palestinians crossing into Israel June 25, 2006, killing two Israeli soldiers, and taking one captive or hostage.

The mainstream US media dutifully report the Israeli version as fact. If the Israeli's say the events started when they did, that's that. The media also dutifully fail to report the Muslim response to the Israeli characterizations of events. A truly fair and balanced report would make a good-faith effort to report both sides in-depth in such life and death matters.

It is ridiculous to assert that causality began on the dates cited above. The Hezbollah Lebanese have had on-going skirmishes with Israel over the years and months leading up to July 12, 2006. The reasons for those skirmishes run a wide range of issues. Those issues have varying degrees of support within the wider population. Some people in Lebanon would be completely satisfied if Israel would just go back to the 1967 borders. Others will not rest until Israel is destroyed (vengeance). Their cause gains when Israel does things such as attack Lebanon as it just did in an attempt, among other things, to make Lebanon inhospitable for the likes of Hezbollah's ideology.

When one is seeing only red (the worst anger), one is not seeing.

Also, it is telling that Israel had the attack plan all laid out and had even shown presentations to Washington and others in the West over a year before the Israeli attack. It isn't so much surprising that Israel had a plan to attack Lebanon. Militaries around the world have plans that run the spectrum from the smallest engagement to total world war on all sides. It isn't surprising that Israel showed the West. It is telling. They showed the West for a number of reasons. They were feeling out the West for its reaction and it was coordinating with the West. Of course, the coordination goes much deeper with some than with others. The coordination with the false-Zionists neocons in the US and its Pentagon is as deep as the Israelis go with anyone outside Israel. They received the response they wanted. The US and Israel would use the next available pretext with Lebanon to use Lebanon as the gambit for the larger war for the Middle East. It would test things all the way around and adjust, even as it weakened Hezbollah in whatever way such an attack would do so. It would test weapons on both sides, tactics, supply lines, communications, public opinion, etc. The list is as long as the imagination is deep and warped.

Resolution 242

Lebanon has wanted Shebaa farms back (north of the Golan Heights). Syria has wanted the Golan Heights back. The Palestinians have been waiting for UN Resolution 242 to be adhered to, meaning Israel would pull completely back to the 1949 Armistice Line.

The Knesset Education Committee has decided by a majority vote that the pre-Six-Day-War border, or the Green Line, no longer exists.[15]

This means that children of Israel are to be taught formally that Resolution 242 is not the law of the land of Israel.

Jimmy Carter on Israel in 2007

Former US president Jimmy Carter said the following:

Well, the Israelis invaded Lebanon in '82, and they stayed there for 18 years. You have to remember that the Camp David accords made some very substantial demands on Israel. That is, Israel agreed to withdraw its political and military forces from the West Bank and Gaza. And it agreed for the Palestinians to have full autonomy, and so forth. [Former Prime Minister Menachem] Begin also agreed at Camp David to forgo the building of further settlements. Those agreements have obviously not been honored.

[The only way forward in the Middle East is] based on United Nations Resolution 242, which Begin accepted without question, every word of it: that is, the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by force and the pledge to withdraw from occupied territories. That's still the basis of all the agreements — Camp David, Oslo, the so-called road map.[16]

The false Zionists are doing everything they can to discredit Carter. Currently (Sunday, January 28, 2007), the latest ploy to shine the light everywhere but at themselves is to criticize a passage in his book which reads as follows:

It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel.

(The brutality of the false Zionists (who have stolen the Palestinians land and done so many other dastardly deeds) makes those false Zionists at the very least ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below.

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