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Thursday, July 20, 2006:

Slothful and wicked versus energetic, kind, and compassionate

By having been given the truth, regardless of how deplorable life has been, one is obligated to do what one can to magnify that truth for the sake of the many.

What prevents many people from doing what will magnify? When we have truth, but don't magnify it, what are we lacking? We are lacking more of the truth. We have some light, but short ourselves.

We see pitfalls that don't really exist. We see risk. We fear. We fear being exposed and ridicule for our history of shortcomings. We fear feeling the same selfish feelings that have kept us from acting, magnifying, all along. We fear the pain of persecution. We don't feel up to the task. We think we are unworthy, and others will be sure to work on such feelings. We fear making mistakes, errors. After all, we are to speak about God who is perfect and we are to do what we can to lead in that direction. How can we claim that if we make any mistakes?

We fear of judging others by standards that will be used against us in ways we don't understand and cannot see will expose our hypocrisy. This is more of feeling inadequate and unworthy.

We have not reconciled the Holy Spirit being all or nothing and relative all at the same time.

The pitfalls aren't really there. There is no risk when one magnifies the truth, the light. God values his stumbling, loving children. What proper parent hates children just because they are born first rolling, and sitting, and crawling before toddling and falling and toddling, learning walking, and then even running?

The Apostles were not yet perfect, but they acted. We now have more light than we would otherwise have had had they not acted, mistakes, arguments, debates, and all. They acted. They persevered. Jesus didn't fail to open the door to them. God and Jesus knew their hearts, shortcomings, idiosyncrasies, character flaws they were working to overcome.

Misery loves company

We fall into the pit of our imaginations stimulated by other misled souls. They test and tempt, because as my earthly mother taught, "misery loves company." Well, yes, sin loves company. Sin loves sin. It will do whatever it can to get others to join it. If that includes planting the seeds of fear in the minds of people about the risks of speaking and doing truth, sin will do that.

Evil will conjure up thoughts of being exposed and ridicule for a history of shortcomings. Step into the light, and your flaws will show. Well, where will it get you to remain in the dark pretending you haven't earned your stripes, lashes, scars, punishment, for having gone into that darkness in the first place?

You'll be persecuted. It will be painful. You'll be sorry. You'll fail. You'll breakdown. You won't make it. On and on the voices go to keep back the light. You can't. You aren't Jesus. You aren't one of the disciples. You're nothing.

Are these the things Jesus said to his followers? He prepared them to face the wolves.

You don't have Jesus here and now though. The Holy Spirit isn't working all the miracles now.

Don't listen to those ideas. Those ideas are deception. They are designed to keep souls in the dark.

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