Monday, July 24, 2006:

Some people are very fortunate, blessed, in the right sense, for the right reason. I say right sense, because there are those who are rich and think they are blessed even though they are getting their reward here and now.

The people I'm referring to who are blessed in the right sense are those who are kind, loving, compassionate, faithful to God, and therefore the memory and spirit of Jesus, and also are placed by the Holy Spirit in less stressful (healthier) environments.

True health is first spiritual but can, given the right circumstances, profoundly improve what is commonly thought of as physical health. Jesus had great spiritual health, and even thought he was placed under enough physical stress to kill his body, to remove the breath of physical life, he was restored to physical life and health and then ascended, if you will believe it.

We are to believe that this is possible for all human kind. In fact, it is. It is the resurrection of the just.

We are not all though placed in spiritually and physically less stressful circumstances. Some very good and saintly people find themselves extremely persecuted by those with evil hearts. Stressful circumstances or environments is not a sure sign of a sinning heart. This is why Jesus told us that we can fall in among thorn bushes and also that the prophets were persecuted long before us. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people, but only for a while. In the end, the good will be separated from evil's reach and willful power.

Does this mean that we are to simply be content with our circumstances? It depends, is the answer. Jesus separated himself out from the people when he would go into the desert and mountains alone. Out there, he communed with God's natural creation reasonably free of the artificial stressors of his fellow human beings. I say "reasonably," because even though Jesus would commune with God alone, his humanity, his humaneness, was straightening, strengthening, clarifying, etcetera. We don't know everything that went through his mind. We don't know the intensity and duration of his various emotions. We can be sure though that they were deep and profound and both detached and attached at the same time—detached from traditional falsehoods perpetrated by humans and attached to God and the real spirit of human kind as intended by God. He was doing what he told us to do: Asking, seeking, and knocking.

Even though Jesus would go out to be separated from all the lies of human beings and to become necessarily closer to the Holy Spirit, he would go right into the heart of the stressors' universe. Therefore, we are correct to conclude that we too may separate and attach and come and go for the same purposes as best we may be given to come to perceive them.

It is obviously beneficial to be placed in the less stressful, contrived, environments from time to time and for long times, even to abode there as a rule and only visit the center of the stressors' universe.

We see that the stressors (people in this sense) work to break the souls of others by heaping upon those others the stresses of the contrived culture and society. This is the spirit of Satan at work, by definition. They subject souls to the opposite of God's natural and free environment. Whereas Jesus would go into the desert, free to roam as the Holy Spirit would move his soul, the stressors confine souls and subject them to all sorts of sadistic, sensory assaults.

Well, living in close proximity with others who are of that same sadistic streak is an unhealthy environment. It is not conducive to gaining the answers, the truth.

Now, once Jesus was fortified with the Holy Spirit, of course he could endure the stress of death and be fully restored, and beyond, all the way to incorruptible spirit manifesting at God's will in the flesh. It is what Jesus came to show us.

Stress causes errors by the unfortified. Stress cause the break down of the flesh regardless of the spirit until one reaches the current level of Jesus. Jesus first had to go through what he endured in faith to reach that state where he would then go back to the highest heaven to be next to God as in one in the spirit.

So, we need to get away from the self-centered, sadistic ones, who go about taking out their frustrations by assaulting others knowingly and in ignorance. We need a place where we may have breathers from the low-level and mid-level and sometimes high-level tribulations caused by demonically possessed, unthinking, fellow human beings.

Jesus went out into the wilderness. He was free to live there. It is against the law now to do that in many places. Also, Jesus's task was to leave, to go on ahead, to make a place in heaven for the many others who would and will follow his teachings and emulate to the best of their abilities his life's example. We are faced with being here and not leaving until our appointed times. It is with all of this in mind that we seek to conflate with communes of like-spirited and like-minded siblings. We know that those souls will not deliberately stress one another and will actually seek to reduce stresses even while working to bring forth the real abundance for the sake of the many.

It is that environment that is most in line with separation and attachment in their right senses. It is consistent with Jesus.

The first thing then will be to relocate out of the city even while having a presents in the city or cities.


Right now, we are in the city, close to the international airport with all its jet noise pollution, next to a freeway, with all its semi tractor-trailer noise, and near the center road where all the rowdies race their motorcycles and street dragsters and thump their subwoofers with loud hip-hop, rap sounds.

They don't understand that the frequencies, the sound and other vibrations, are contributing to their demise.

We live in an apartment building where there are some very good-hearted people. There are people who want to and do help others in need. There are people who work constantly not to cave into temptations. There are people who wouldn't harm a fly and are very considerate of concerning not disturbing the peace.

However, there is much door slamming, stair stomping, horn honking in the parking lot, etcetera, by those who are either oblivious or passively or aggressively sadistic. The door slamming is not the slam of the occasional argument. Some people never come or go without slamming. There have also been tenets who don't understand or don't care that loud music and video games and the like is conducive to ill-health.

We understand why God has had us here for a time. It has made us better able to equate and relate.

Tom Usher

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